Hartz UltraGuard Pro

Do not buy this product. It is absolutely terrible. After reading the rest of the reviews on this site and others, I do not understand how this product is still on the market. If you have used this product, I would suggest bathing your cat and getting it all off immediately. Within minutes after putting it on both of my cats, they were twitching and having leg spasms. The medicine was only on for about a half hour, and it took 4 days before my cats were finally back to 100%. I am completely convinced that if I would not have washed it off, I would be adding to all of the stories people have written about this product killing their pet. In the days following giving them the medicine, my cats were unbelievably lethargic to the point that they barely moved. They also continued to have leg spasms and now have bald spots where the medicine was applied. I truly hope that this review can help someone else so that they do not have to go through this.

Help me figure out what happened to my kitten, PJ.

My family and I took in my cat, PJ from outside and he lived in my garage. My dad spotted a flea on him so we put a Hartz Ultra guard Flea Collar on him last night around 9pm. This cat was perfect. He was still small, peppy, he would talk back when you’d say his name. I got home from school and he wasn’t peppy and happy like he was. After a while my parents realized he had peed in the spot he was laying in so he was rushed to the vet. As they walked in the door, he died. The vet said it was from Pneumonia, but other than that he was in perfect health. The vet thinks that it died from that. Does anyone else have this happen or have any input, please, please contact me.

Hartz Chew n Clean

My dog Finley received two of these for Christmas. The packaging states it is a “Durable Chew Toy” but I can assure you there is nothing durable about it. It took my dog about 1 minute to chew one end off and then chewed that bit into two pieces of optimal size to choke him. Thankfully I was watching him at the time. The second pack is going back to the shop I bought it from and I will advise them to stop selling this product.

Dangerous Flea Medicines Killed my Cats

We recently lost our beautiful young cat, Blitzen, to poisoning from a Sergeant’s brand flea collar. He had escaped and run away for a week, and we were frantic to find him in the week leading up to Christmas. He came home Christmas Day, and we branded it a Christmas miracle. He was healthy and hungry as ever the first few days. Thinking we should treat him for fleas and ticks, seeing as how he was out and about in the woods, we bough a Sergeant’s brand flea collar for him, making sure to choose the right size for his weight. We assumed because it was being sold, it was safe.

Within a day, he had changed completely. A once noisy, active, affectionate, hungry cat was completely silent aside from a few occasional strange, pained cries. He stopped eating and drinking altogether. He hid from us. He began vomiting stomach acid because there was nothing in his stomach. We took him to the vet and were informed that he had been poisoned by his flea treatment. We took him home for a night to home-treat him, but the next morning he threw up all his medicine and had a seizure. We immediately hospitalized him, and the vets did everything they could, but he passed away a few short days later despite their best efforts.

We recently realized the death of our last cat, a beautiful Himalayan named Flannery, was caused by the same thing, though he had received flea drops instead. He showcased the same exact symptoms, but we attributed it to his previously diagnosed neurological issues. He also died a few short days after his flea treatment.

It’s horrible to know that you are the cause of their suffering. Thinking you’re doing something to help your pets and accidentally poisoning them because you assume all products being sold are safe.

Always, always, always check with your vet before applying any sort of flea and tick treatment to your pet. Make no assumptions.

Huckies story

About 3 years ago I used Hartz on our 4 little dogs (poodles and yorki-poos). At first we had no problems and it seemed to get rid of the fleas also. My oldest poodle was 7 at the time and she had one tiny cataract on one eye, my daughters’ male yorki-poo had had seizures a couple of times in the past, my little Huckleberry had had a lot of problems since birth but looked like he was finally better and was a little ball of energy, and our other little female was healthy and had no problems. Within 3 weeks after putting the Hartz drops on our dogs, 2 of them had serious problems and one of them died. My oldest poodle went from having the one cataract on one eye to being completely blind, my daughters male was playing outside in our yard and suddenly lost the use of his hind legs and my little Hucklyberry, who was such a sweet and silly little dog, I found dead. I had him in the pen outside and heard him doing a lot of barking and a little later when I went out to bring them all in, he was laying dead. I didnt not know about this website until a couple of weeks after I had put the product on them and beings it had been that long, I didnt think anything would happen. It seems as though most pets develop problems quickly after the drops are put on them. The drops seemed to only affect our dogs that had some sort of issue already. My little Huckie was my baby and I still miss him a lot. He was so full of life and was not even 2 years old yet. Thankfully, although my daughters dog does still have some weakness in his hind legs, he did eventually regain the use of them. If you have used these drops, keep an eye on your pet for weeks afterwards. Like I said, our problems didnt occur right off, they all happened within 2 to 3 weeks after using the drops.

My Poor Cat is Very Sick

I am so furious! I put this poisonous stuff on my 5 year old cat this morning and within half an hour I started noticing strange behavior but had no idea that it may have been the drops I had put on her. She keep twitching as if she was being squirted with water, kept moving from one spot to another as if finding a comfortable spot. I kept an eye on her and when I noticed her constant twitching like muscle spasms, runny diarrhea and clumps of fur falling, and uncontrollable pee’ing that I quickly got on the internet to see if these were side effects of the drops. The vet is closed being it’s New Years Eve. It wasn’t until I read all the horror stories that I quickly bathed her in Dawn Liquid Soap as suggested on some sites. I don’t know what else to do. I’m hoping in bathing her I was able to wash off all the drops but internally she will still need to get better. Although she is now eating you can tell that she is still not feeling well. Shame on Hartz for putting out this toxic product as if it’s safe for our loved cats/kittens. Disgusting company and I have now left several reviews on several sites detailing my disgust and warning people not to buy this crap.