WTH Jus happened ( hartz flea collar for cats)

1-22-2016 It was the night of the winter storm Jonah. I had gone out a couple days before and bought new flea collars jus in case there were any fleas in my carpet. BIG MISTAKE … Luckily I never put them on until I know i’m gonna be home , to be on safe side . With in a few hrs my little female cat spit up in the hall , I wiped her off told my son to watch her , but give her space . I went to get something to clean up floor . Within minutes she fell over into the wall and appeared to be having a seizure or something . Her body was in a ball and her head was limp . she appeared to not be breathing I quickly took collar off . threw it across floor , I carefully picked her up . So there I am snow storm , My son was hysterical and my young cat possibly dying… her head hung limp like she was dead . This all happened in jus a matter of minutes . I flipped her to her side and tried to put my hand roughly where her heart was and starting pushing , not hard and breathed in her nose a few times again NOT hard . She started breathing rapidly.. looked at me as if to ask WTH jus happened , and scurried to get on the floor . I looked at my son and said OMG , WTH jus happened ? He said Mom OMG you jus saved her . I quickly removed all the collars from other cats . I sat up all night kept an eye on her , kept water down , but pulled food up for the night . By the next morning she was acting back to normal , eating , drinking , running up n down cat tree . This has NEVER happened before only different thing was that damn collar . What a night is all I can say . NEVER EVER AGAIN , will I ever buy any of these products . Why the hell are the products still being sold ?

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  1. I had almost the same situation happen to my fur baby tonight, she didn’t stop breathing but she was barely breathing when we found her. It was so terrifying

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