My cat Nidalee was a stray I picked up when he was a baby. He was doing so good the only problem was. Fleas. I have him flea bath and collars but nothing worked. Finally I went to Walmart to see what they had seeing as how I was there anyway. I saw the spray and bought it thinking maybe it’ll work. I sprayed it on him and after ward did exactly as the directions said. Followed by a regular bath. Not with flea soap. I didn’t wanna put to much medicine on him. A week went by and he started acting funny. He started twitching and legs got weak. In fear of losing my pet I took him in. She said it could very well be toxins and she decided to detox Nidalee. Another week went by and he was worse no walking. Couldn’t eat on his own nothing. He was in diapers cause he was so helpless. This morning at 6:18am I woke up almost instinctively and he started having seizures I tried my best to soothe him the best I could. He passed this morning. I’m so infuriated that this crap is still on the market. My cat. Nobody’s cat deserves to go like this. They need to take this stuff of the shelves. It’s posion

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  1. Im.sorry to hear about your furbaby. Approximately 5 weeks ago we lost our 2 year old cat to a hartz flea collar. He had it on for about 3 days when we found him laying in the litter box, vomiting. He was lathargic, wouldn’t eat, and was extremely weak. After looking into possibilities of what happened to him, we discovered that the flea collar we put on to protect him from fleas in fact poisoned our pour baby. Within a couple hours his breathing was shallow and he barely moved. Wrapped in a blanket I held him, Black Jack, while he took his last breath and died in my arms. I don’t understand how this stuff is still on the shelves after all the horror stories I have since read about. It breaks my heart that they can profit from a product that is literally killing animals.

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