Hartz Guinea Pig Food

My roommate and I both had guinea pigs. I normally bought oxbow products, however she purchased Hartz Guinea Pig food for them about two weeks ago on her way home from work. My guinea pig, Forto, had seizures two days ago and passed away. I originally thought it was neurological in nature, he had polydactyly (extra fingers and toes), and I thought that maybe he had another underlying genetic condition because of that. Now Nigel, her guinea pig is showing the same symptoms that Forto had 2 days ago, the only thing that has changed is their food. I feel like a fool, when we originally got them about a year ago, I researched what pet food to buy, but not what to avoid. Now we have one very sick guinea pig and one that passed away. I am so angry that this brand is even allowed on shelves after what I have read. I lost my fur baby because of their terrible product. What an evil company.

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