Hartz burnt my poor cat!

This is HORRIBLE! My poor cat has terrible burns around her neck because a few days ago I put on a Hartz flea collar on her. The poor thing is seriously hurt. This is not acceptable, I had no idea this could have happen to her. I am shocked to see that this is happening to other people’s pets. WHAT IS HARTZ DOING ABOUT THIS?? My cat, Smores, is a very sweet and loving member of my family and I am mortified that I put this darn collar on her.

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  1. The Ultraguard Pro almost killed my cat Annie. I have washed her but think she having some kind of urinary trac problem. She has been sick even after I washed her and i’m taking her to the vet today.

  2. Hartz flea collar almost killed my cat. We caught it in time I called vet they told me to remove collar and bath cat with dawn dish soap. I recommend everyone stop using their products and do this and call your vet and look my petition up. On face book under michelle rhodes plummer and sign it to shut down hartz

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