Yet Another Victim In The War Against Hartz

My wife called me on Skype today and told me that our PRECIOUS Gus, a beautiful bluepoint Siamese had been going crazy on his new flea collar, which her sister had to remove. As I’m sure you all know, there was a chemical burn underneath. My wife was with me out of town over the weekend and her sister was at the house. Can you imagine if she had not been home? We just lost the other bluepoint about a month ago and my wife was completely devastated. Totally unacceptable in and of itself, and now I see these creeps have known about this for 15 years!!! And an EPA investigation! And a class- action lawsuit! Please know, everyone, that Hartz has a Wikipedia page and offices right in New Jersey, should be lots of upset people in the area to have a protest. It’s a “family”- owned business. And for all you Hartz creeps reading this, this isn’t somebody else this time, this is me.

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  1. Very person in this group has had problems with Hartz. It ranged from skin problems to death. I almost lost a kitten using a Hartz flea collar but after sitting with the kitten in my arms all night I was at my vet’s office when they opened the next morning. Luckily, my vet was able to save her. She is now a plump but wonderful cat. I think most of us have contacted Hartz and they deny all liability. I didn’t hear anything about a class action suit or you can be sure I would have been there or signed a petition. Here’s hoping your cat has no ill effects.

  2. Im still not over the trauma of basically killing my cat with Hartz products from 3 years ago!
    Flea collar and Hartz flea treatment.
    The poor thing acted “stoned” for about 3 days. Took her to the vet, who diagnosed here as being poisoned. Gave her IVs overnight etc etc. Then upon discharge, the vet assistants gave her another dose of Frontline or Advantage (whatever). After 3 days of slow onset paralysis, starting with her back limbs, she evetually died in my arms, when she could no longer breathe.
    One of the worst experiences of my life.
    Hartz should go out of business!!!!! It is criminal that so many pets have had problems with their products.

  3. I to almost killed my cat his name was church a blue russian my baby he was he never totally recovered and finally died christmas eve 2014 nit a day goes by I dont think of him

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