My poor dog

Just so you guys know, we purchased a Hartz flea collar for our 4 year old, 90 pound, Golden Retriever. She became very withdrawn, lethargic, wouldn’t eat, vomitting and shaking, her upper thigh was very swollen, she couldn’t walk, wouldn’t leave my bedroom and the list goes on. After getting the boys off to school today I laid down with her and smelled something awful. After going through all of her long hair I realized that the flea collar was causing a chemical burn all over her. Where the collar itself was she had brown/ green fluid running out of her skin, which was raw. This happened within just a couple days of her having it on.

It’s now been almost 6 hours since I removed it and she is back to her happy self, tail is wagging, she’s eating, went outside, all the swelling in her leg/hip has subsided, she’s walking.

when I googled reaction to flea collars I almost passed out from what I saw and many dogs without allergies have reacted, even died from them. Those Hartz flea collars in my opinion are garbage. I will never give her anything but oral flea and tick prevention.

Please be careful. I never even thought twice about that thing or put her behavior and the flea collar together. I just figured they were safe if they sold them everywhere. Never again. I’m positive that had I not noticed she would have died.

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