Husky Eye Burns from Shampoo

Completely horrified by this. I bathed my husky this morning with Hartz “Groomer’s Best” Oatmeal shampoo. This was not a medicated or flea shampoo. I have used other shampoos on my dog with no problems and only used a Hartz product because we ran out of shampoo, the dogs were dirty and we were in a rush. I never expected it to hurt my dog! My husky was fed up and trying to leave the bath tub and I was trying to get some caked mud off his face. In the process I got some of this shampoo in his eyes. Once I realized I started flushing them with water. A half hour later, his eyes are huge and swollen with bloody tears and his eyeballs look clouded over. Clearly he is in pain. We are heading to the vet and completely floored that a pet shampoo has done so much damage.

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