WTH Jus happened ( hartz flea collar for cats)

1-22-2016 It was the night of the winter storm Jonah. I had gone out a couple days before and bought new flea collars jus in case there were any fleas in my carpet. BIG MISTAKE … Luckily I never put them on until I know i’m gonna be home , to be on safe side . With in a few hrs my little female cat spit up in the hall , I wiped her off told my son to watch her , but give her space . I went to get something to clean up floor . Within minutes she fell over into the wall and appeared to be having a seizure or something . Her body was in a ball and her head was limp . she appeared to not be breathing I quickly took collar off . threw it across floor , I carefully picked her up . So there I am snow storm , My son was hysterical and my young cat possibly dying… her head hung limp like she was dead . This all happened in jus a matter of minutes . I flipped her to her side and tried to put my hand roughly where her heart was and starting pushing , not hard and breathed in her nose a few times again NOT hard . She started breathing rapidly.. looked at me as if to ask WTH jus happened , and scurried to get on the floor . I looked at my son and said OMG , WTH jus happened ? He said Mom OMG you jus saved her . I quickly removed all the collars from other cats . I sat up all night kept an eye on her , kept water down , but pulled food up for the night . By the next morning she was acting back to normal , eating , drinking , running up n down cat tree . This has NEVER happened before only different thing was that damn collar . What a night is all I can say . NEVER EVER AGAIN , will I ever buy any of these products . Why the hell are the products still being sold ?


My cat Nidalee was a stray I picked up when he was a baby. He was doing so good the only problem was. Fleas. I have him flea bath and collars but nothing worked. Finally I went to Walmart to see what they had seeing as how I was there anyway. I saw the spray and bought it thinking maybe it’ll work. I sprayed it on him and after ward did exactly as the directions said. Followed by a regular bath. Not with flea soap. I didn’t wanna put to much medicine on him. A week went by and he started acting funny. He started twitching and legs got weak. In fear of losing my pet I took him in. She said it could very well be toxins and she decided to detox Nidalee. Another week went by and he was worse no walking. Couldn’t eat on his own nothing. He was in diapers cause he was so helpless. This morning at 6:18am I woke up almost instinctively and he started having seizures I tried my best to soothe him the best I could. He passed this morning. I’m so infuriated that this crap is still on the market. My cat. Nobody’s cat deserves to go like this. They need to take this stuff of the shelves. It’s posion

Hartz Guinea Pig Food

My roommate and I both had guinea pigs. I normally bought oxbow products, however she purchased Hartz Guinea Pig food for them about two weeks ago on her way home from work. My guinea pig, Forto, had seizures two days ago and passed away. I originally thought it was neurological in nature, he had polydactyly (extra fingers and toes), and I thought that maybe he had another underlying genetic condition because of that. Now Nigel, her guinea pig is showing the same symptoms that Forto had 2 days ago, the only thing that has changed is their food. I feel like a fool, when we originally got them about a year ago, I researched what pet food to buy, but not what to avoid. Now we have one very sick guinea pig and one that passed away. I am so angry that this brand is even allowed on shelves after what I have read. I lost my fur baby because of their terrible product. What an evil company.

Hartz burnt my poor cat!

This is HORRIBLE! My poor cat has terrible burns around her neck because a few days ago I put on a Hartz flea collar on her. The poor thing is seriously hurt. This is not acceptable, I had no idea this could have happen to her. I am shocked to see that this is happening to other people’s pets. WHAT IS HARTZ DOING ABOUT THIS?? My cat, Smores, is a very sweet and loving member of my family and I am mortified that I put this darn collar on her.

Yet Another Victim In The War Against Hartz

My wife called me on Skype today and told me that our PRECIOUS Gus, a beautiful bluepoint Siamese had been going crazy on his new flea collar, which her sister had to remove. As I’m sure you all know, there was a chemical burn underneath. My wife was with me out of town over the weekend and her sister was at the house. Can you imagine if she had not been home? We just lost the other bluepoint about a month ago and my wife was completely devastated. Totally unacceptable in and of itself, and now I see these creeps have known about this for 15 years!!! And an EPA investigation! And a class- action lawsuit! Please know, everyone, that Hartz has a Wikipedia page and offices right in New Jersey, should be lots of upset people in the area to have a protest. It’s a “family”- owned business. And for all you Hartz creeps reading this, this isn’t somebody else this time, this is me.

Husky Eye Burns from Shampoo

Completely horrified by this. I bathed my husky this morning with Hartz “Groomer’s Best” Oatmeal shampoo. This was not a medicated or flea shampoo. I have used other shampoos on my dog with no problems and only used a Hartz product because we ran out of shampoo, the dogs were dirty and we were in a rush. I never expected it to hurt my dog! My husky was fed up and trying to leave the bath tub and I was trying to get some caked mud off his face. In the process I got some of this shampoo in his eyes. Once I realized I started flushing them with water. A half hour later, his eyes are huge and swollen with bloody tears and his eyeballs look clouded over. Clearly he is in pain. We are heading to the vet and completely floored that a pet shampoo has done so much damage.

My poor dog

Just so you guys know, we purchased a Hartz flea collar for our 4 year old, 90 pound, Golden Retriever. She became very withdrawn, lethargic, wouldn’t eat, vomitting and shaking, her upper thigh was very swollen, she couldn’t walk, wouldn’t leave my bedroom and the list goes on. After getting the boys off to school today I laid down with her and smelled something awful. After going through all of her long hair I realized that the flea collar was causing a chemical burn all over her. Where the collar itself was she had brown/ green fluid running out of her skin, which was raw. This happened within just a couple days of her having it on.

It’s now been almost 6 hours since I removed it and she is back to her happy self, tail is wagging, she’s eating, went outside, all the swelling in her leg/hip has subsided, she’s walking.

when I googled reaction to flea collars I almost passed out from what I saw and many dogs without allergies have reacted, even died from them. Those Hartz flea collars in my opinion are garbage. I will never give her anything but oral flea and tick prevention.

Please be careful. I never even thought twice about that thing or put her behavior and the flea collar together. I just figured they were safe if they sold them everywhere. Never again. I’m positive that had I not noticed she would have died.


Toby is a great cat, very happy playful and full of personality. Ive been using the flea collars from Hartz for about a year and no problems until a few days ago hes been very dreary un playful and constantly in a chocking state, of course being a cat maybe fur balls but not the case! he hasnt been eating very much alot of sleeping. This morning i picked him up was petting him and i noticed a big patch of his fur was missing from his neck so i moved the collar and he has an entire imprint of the collars that is actually tearing his skin off!! not cool and i am very unhappy

Healthy Lab has seizures

7 year old, healthy lab gets 2 Hartz toys Saturday afternoon. Spends most of the afternoon mouthing/drooling on the chew-rope toy, part of the evening chewing the “Chew-n-Clean” bone.
Sunday morning at 0345 wakes up vomiting then quickly has 2-five minute seizures, followed by 2 straight hours of growling and barking at us. At 0600 he was happy to see us, disoriented, but happy. Emergency vet draws blood—exam and labs are now 100% normal. Only new things in his environment are these Hartz toys. Hmmmmmmmmmm. (Still lethargic, but happy and eating well. We are watching him closely.)

Never again..

So my one year old cat recently got tape worms. I went to the vet and got her some topical medicine for it, which worked, but I also wanted to get her a flea collar to help keep the fleas away. This was merely because it was an infected flea that caused her to have tape worms to begin with. I’ve heard the worst reviews about hartz and I knew it was bad, but I was in such a hurry when grabbing a flea collar from walmart that I didn’t even notice the brand. When I got home, I put the collar on her, but then read that I should wait at least 30 days if I had already applied any other medicine to her, which I had already put the topical worm medicine on her that same day, and then I realized the product brand, so I immediately took the collar off of her.. About 30 minutes to an hour later, I started feeling HORRIBLE.. Before I knew it, just from the little contact I had with the collar, even after I washed my hands, I ended up throwing up black liquid, had black diarrhea, and all of a sudden I had the worse UTI known to woman, my stomach was in so much pain and the only place I felt comfortable was sitting on the toilet. I feel much better today, only I still have diarrhea, which consists of nothing but blood. I know it wasn’t anything other than the flea collar that caused this to happen to me because I had just got done running my normal 6 miles, I was perfectly fine before. I’m just so glad that I took that collar off my cat when I did, because if Hartz causes such a horrible reaction in humans, imagine how it must effect our pets! I’m absolutely outraged. I just hope I don’t turn up dead in the next few days.. This product can go to hell.