the sweetest cat in the world died

Mr Kitty Kitty was the sweetest cat I think I’ve ever been around. He was 8 years old and he died after ingesting Hartz flea drops. I had put them on one of the other cats not thinking he may groom her at some point. Within 2 days he was lethargic and had no energy at all. 1 and a half weeks later he died. I took him to the vet and we weren’t sure what it was, the vet thought some kind of virus and gave us antibiotics which had no effect. I then took him back to the vet and told them about the drops but she said probably not the cause. But I left him there so they could keep an eye on him and since he wasn’t eating or drinking they started giving him fluids and IV nutrients. They said that if he was poisoned that the fluids should wash it out. He died from anemia, his body wasn’t creating enough red blood cells for him to live. Now, I’m so heartbroken. I buried him yesterday in a location by my house so that everyday I go home I can see and talk with him. He didn’t have a mean bone in his body. I ultimately am blaming myself because I had read about the Hartz flea drops prior to using them but thought the other cats may have had some underlying issues. But no, stay away from these drops, just spend the extra money and get the better stuff.

I don’t know how long the guilt is going to last but I hope I can get past it as I loved that cat so much that if given the choice I would have drank the drops myself. How I miss him coming up and nudging my hand to pet him or rub his belly as he loved that. Beware those drops.

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  1. Im so sorry! Can you look on your box and see if it contains pyrethrins on it? Thats what is killing the animals. It’s poisoning our animals. Its thr same chemical as putting raid on a spider . Im so sorry and the vets do know they just cant do anything about it.

  2. I myself do not understand why this crap cannot be taken off the shelves. Shut hartz down. 2 many animals are dying from it and nothing is being done. My friends beautiful German Shepard died after her using these drops. TIME FOR HARTZ TO CLOSE DOWN.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. We lost our beloved dog on Nov 15,2015 from hartz flea treatment also. I sure know the pain and guilt you are feeling. I have tried to pass the information on to anyone who will listen that this stuff is deadly and not to use it on your pets.

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