poison shampoo(Zodiac)

My son and his girlfriend bathed their perfectly healthy year old cat in the Zodiac flea and tick shampoo for dogs and cats. After her bath while licking herself dry she went into convulsions and had what we think iwas a heart attack. They do not have the means to get tests done. But I would like to say we are almost positive it was the Zodiac shampoo. 🙁

Ultraguard plus is battery acid.

Today on December 24th 2015 my husband and I went to the commissary to pick up some flea protection for my cat Dovahkiin, I had saw a flea this morning in our bedroom and since im a worry-wort I didnt want her to have to even start to begin suffering from any fleas. As soon as we got home we put it on her neck, I was confused at first because in the past ive never had a flea protection that had so much liquid in it. This was a ton to put on a cat of any size but we shrugged it off. Not even minutes later our poor baby was sneezing, twitching her legs, squinting her eyes, and freaking out completely. After a few minutes of noticing she was only getting worse I investigated her neck and dear god it was so red and pink I didnt blame her for spazing out. I immediately tried washing it off and was for the most part successful, it was hard because her neck was obviously sensitive and anytime I touched it she freaked out. The cold water seemed to make her feel somewhat better though.

We rushed her to the emergency vet clinic in town and thankfully the vet said all they could see was some inflammation on her neck and they gave her a bath to be sure the rest of the product was off her skin and fur. While we waited I looked through reviews of this product and was horrified by the alarming amount of complaints and horror stories from this product. After a while my own hands started to tingle and burn, as soon as I got home I scrubbed my hands and cut my nails. After that it stopped, but it seems this product even burns people.. It sickens me to see such a thing exist, that anyone in this world could produce and sell actual poison to place on our pets.

My cat is a rescue and this is literally the last thing this poor baby needed in her tiny life, shes only 8 months old. Luckily it seems shes fine and is back to normal, she was sluggish all day due to the high stress she was forced under but she still seems to love us, which im grateful for. Besides being pooped out she hasnt shown any further symptoms or irritations. Im forever boycotting this product and making sure everyone knows NEVER to try this product.

the sweetest cat in the world died

Mr Kitty Kitty was the sweetest cat I think I’ve ever been around. He was 8 years old and he died after ingesting Hartz flea drops. I had put them on one of the other cats not thinking he may groom her at some point. Within 2 days he was lethargic and had no energy at all. 1 and a half weeks later he died. I took him to the vet and we weren’t sure what it was, the vet thought some kind of virus and gave us antibiotics which had no effect. I then took him back to the vet and told them about the drops but she said probably not the cause. But I left him there so they could keep an eye on him and since he wasn’t eating or drinking they started giving him fluids and IV nutrients. They said that if he was poisoned that the fluids should wash it out. He died from anemia, his body wasn’t creating enough red blood cells for him to live. Now, I’m so heartbroken. I buried him yesterday in a location by my house so that everyday I go home I can see and talk with him. He didn’t have a mean bone in his body. I ultimately am blaming myself because I had read about the Hartz flea drops prior to using them but thought the other cats may have had some underlying issues. But no, stay away from these drops, just spend the extra money and get the better stuff.

I don’t know how long the guilt is going to last but I hope I can get past it as I loved that cat so much that if given the choice I would have drank the drops myself. How I miss him coming up and nudging my hand to pet him or rub his belly as he loved that. Beware those drops.


Hartz has been around for quite awhile so I thought I could trust you. I grew up hearing your name. I rescued my baby “Libby” and took her off the streets about 2 years ago. I put your poisonous flea medication on him this evening and about one minute later he jumped up and meowed and hissed and is trying to claw off his skin. HE IS IN PAIN. This is a cat i took off the streets and he has claws- I can’t even pick him up to get him to the emergency room because he is irate. He is in a state of panic and I am helpless. I am trying to water it off but he is crying and scratching. Is he going to die. My poor cat is suffering and doesn’t know what is happening. How dare you take my trust and violate it. I hate you. He has worn himself out but he is panting now. When I reach out to hold him he hisses and scratches bc he thinks I am the enemy. When you are the enemy.

Bald Spot

My cat, Atticus, took a “vacation”. He got out Thanksgiving night and returned three weeks later. Luckily, he did not have fleas, but he had ticks. I bought Hartz Ultra and applied it. He started to lick it immediately, but I thought it was because it was on his fur. Two days later, he licked himself bald. I Googled and came across this site. Im devastated and feel awful for this guy. I rescued him a year ago, he is FIV positive and 11 years old. He has enough to deal with. Im calling the vet tomorrow. I applied diluted lavender oil to ease the irritation. I hope it helps.

Sentry flea treatment killed my cat

I am heartbroken and deeply saddened by the loss of my best friend I feel horrible for putting something on him that thought would help but only put him through so much pain and agony I used sentry flea treatment on my cat and what it did to him was horrific it was 6 months of vet bills and thousands of dollars with no cure in site but death.it gave my poor baby this skin burn that would not go away and ate at his skin he was in so much pain I took him to 5 different vets and all say it was the flea treatment I called sentry and sent them the vet bills they wrote me back and said my cat had mange which he did not and the wanted to give me 63.00 for reimbursement for flea treatment you sentry can shove that 63.00 dollars i’m going to sue you! for what you did to my beloved pet ! i’m sueing you for making me believe I was helping my cat! the torture of watching him suffer and the pain you put both of us in is just plain sick.



NRDC files petition review to ban flea and tick products containing dangerous pesticides

Posted in the Journal Tribune of Biddeford, ME, on October 6, 2015

by Val Philbrick

The National Resources Defense Council is a national non-profit environmental action group, which was formed in 1970 to protect our air, land, and water from the forces of pollution and corporate greed. With a reported two million members and a staff of 500 lawyers, the NRDC fights for issues, such as climate change, endangered wildlife, safe drinking water, and the health of our oceans. The NRDC advises consumers to check the label of the flea and tick pet products they use to make sure that it does not contain tetrachlorvinphos, propoxur or any other high risk chemicals.

According to www.nrdc.org, “Tetrachlorvinphos is an organophosphate pesticide used to kill fleas and ticks. It is a likely human carcinogen and is toxic to the nervous system…Americans spend more than $1 billion each year on flea and tick control products for their pets, despite safety concerns. Over the years, NRDC has helped remove six of the most toxic chemicals from these products, but two of them – TCVP and propoxur – are still in use. The Environmental Protection Agency should step in to ban these dangerous products nationwide. Retailers should help keep pets and families safe by pulling products that contain tetrachlorvinphos and propoxur from their shelves.”

According to Cornell University’s Pesticide Management Education Program at www.pmep.cce.cornell.edu, “Propoxur is one of a family of insecticides called carbamates. These chemicals block the production and action of cholinesterase, an essential nervous system enzyme. These materials quickly paralyze the nervous systems of insects, gaining them a reputation of having a rapid ‘knockdown’ effect. Propoxur is classified as highly toxic to humans. Carbamates can be absorbed in a variety of ways: breathing, eating and/or skin contact.”

According to www.jdsupra.com, “NRDC first petitioned the EPA to cancel propoxur uses in pet collars in 2007. NRDC filed a petition in April 2009 to cancel all pet uses of TCVP based on evidence that unsafe levels of pesticide residues are present on dogs and cats after a flea collar is used. NRDC’s 2009 petition sought to cancel all pet uses of TCVP based on alleged potential health risks to children.

“In February 2014, the NRDC filed a petition for a writ of mandamus in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit seeking the court to compel the EPA to respond to NRDC’s petitions to cancel all manufacturer registrations and uses of propoxur and TCVP used in pet flea treatment products. Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, Inc., Wellmark International, and Hartz were among flea collar brands at issue.

“In March 2014, EPA announced an agreement with Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, Inc. and Wellmark International, whereby the companies voluntarily cancelled the use of propoxur in flea collars. Related uses of other chemicals, including TCVP in pet collars, were not addressed in that agreement, and EPA denied, in November 2014, NRDC’s 2009 petition seeking to cancel all pet uses of TCVP.

“On January 5, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) filed a petition for review in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit challenging the November 6, 2014, decision of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to allow the continued use of tetrachlovinphos (TCVP) in flea control products used on pets.”
According to www.hartzvictims.org, appeals have been made to the EPA over the past decade and lawsuits have reportedly been filed to get some flea and tick products off the market, but despite some changes in labeling in 2004-05, advising consumers not to use these products on younger or older pets, not much has changed. The website posts many heartfelt testimonies dating back to 2002 of pets being harmed by flea and tick products. Consumers invariably point to the lower cost flea and tick drops, collars and sprays, such as Hartz, Biospot, and Sergeant’s, as the main culprits. These products contain pesticides, such as pyrethrins or the synthetic versions known as pyrethroids, which are the same pesticides used in household products like Raid to kill insects.

The GreenPaws Flea and Tick Products Directory at www.greenpaws.org lists Hartz, Biospot, and Sergeant’s flea and tick products as containing pyrethroids pointing out that “exposures to pyrethroids can result in a variety of symptoms, especially in pets, including drooling, lethargy, muscle tremors, vomiting, seizures and death. Pyrethroids are known to be very toxic to cats, causing muscle tremors, seizures, salivation, vomiting, and even death.”

The EPA has been under fire for years for not taking dangerous flea and tick products ff the market using the justification that millions of people use these products on their pets with no ill effects, but ignoring the thousands of complaints they have received over the years. So the question is why are these products still on the market? Probably for the same reason that the EPA was recently successfully sued in court by the environmental group, Earthjustice, because the EPA refused to curtail the use of agricultural pesticides made by the big chemical companies that have been implicated in the loss of one-third of this nation’s bees. The answer is big money.

Sentry Neurotoxicity

I recently used Sentry’s Flea spray to control the fleas in my house. We sprayed everywhere. Within a week, I started to notice weird effects. My skin would turn red where I scratch…but not disappear. Then I started itching everywhere…Or at least it felt like itching…In reality it was my neurons reacting negatively in areas that were effected… Apparently by sitting on a couch that was sprayed, the product was absorbing into my skin through my clothes…It sucked…I felt like something was truly wrong with my heart, so I went to the hospital. They did all kinds of test and could find nothing.

Come to find out it was the flea spray, that was slowly killing me.

If you have similar affects, avoid any sprayed areas…
This could have a long term, if not harsher affect on your body..

Been a nightmare for our pup

DO NOT BUY THIS…U COULD LOSE UR PET! We used the product for our 5 month old bully. The day after we used it, she was very sick but we just thought she got into something, as dogs will sometimes do. Just last week, not knowing this had made her sick before, we applied it again and once again she was violently ill. This time, she has a serious rash on her entire back and she’s losing all of her hair in the affected areas. She’s fine health wise now but her hair is still falling out. Does anyone know if her hair will grow back or is this permanent? I can’t believe this is being sold! And I wish we would’ve known before we used it twice!!!!!