We got lucky, we think

Just found this website after telling my girlfriend about my horrible experience with Hartz, so this story is very dated (about 7 years). I rescued an abandoned kitten while at my mom’s house (we guessed he was about 6 weeks old). My mom already had a cat (about 1-2 years old) and really didn’t want another one & I couldn’t have animals where I was living. But this little guy was just too adorable. So the deal was, mom adopts if I get him all his shots, get him fixed & successfully handle the intro between him (Smokey) and her (Kitten…I know, real original name, whole other story). Successfully handled all that & couple months later the two were like brother & sister. A brother & sister going through puberty, who didn’t like each other, argued about who mom loved the most, but agreed to behave during meals & at bedtime. Anyway, I was picking up a bunch of stuff at either Petco or PetSmart to help my mom with cost when I saw the Hartz flea & tic stuff. I remembered growing up how my mom used it on our cat & dog. She got it from the vet, so I ignorantly thought, “Oh, that stuff used to only be available from the vet, but that was years ago & they now must hav a less potent version for over-the-counter use.” I get to the house & tell my mom that I picked up stuff (the cat version) to help with fleas like when I was a kid. Didn’t realize how important it is to consult your vet on almost everything these days. I put on the first dose & then told my mom to follow up per the directions. I applied to both cats & stayed to hav dinner. A few hours later, Kitten starts twitching. First one of her ears, then one of her front legs. Smokey, no reaction. We wait a little bit & it’s not getting better, but worse. I’m starting to freak out (on the inside) thinking, “Oh no, I just killed my mom’s cat.” I go online & find horror stories about this stuff. Into the bath Kitten goes, that was fun. What’s the best way to hold a cat? Where do u put the drops? Right, same for both…the neck. Got as much off as I could, while dodging flying poop & being clawed to death. She seemed a little better but not much. Back online I went. Some post recommended baby Benadryl in liquid form with an eye dropper. So I ran to CVS & got it. This really helped and crisis averted. It took her awhile but she seems to hav fully healed physically. Mentally, the cat was traumatized & has seemed a little off ever since. And she attacks me to this day, whenever I visit. Freaked me out & I tell everyone not to buy Hartz & consult their vet. We were lucky.

Another hartz flea n tick drop victim

I bought the hartz flea n tick drops for my cat from Walmart. I picked it from the shelf right by the frontline because it was about half the price. After getting home I applied it. I didn’t notice any discomfort at first, but I decided to see if Amazon also carried it. That’s when I saw that it had 90%+ bad reviews and worse that it was hurting pets. Within an hour of applying it I used an entire bottle of Palmolive dish soap and washed him very thoroughly. I changed the water twice. There was an oily looking residue on the water surface so I did get a lot of it off. He didn’t even fuss about it being soaked head deep in the bath.
The next morning my cat lost hair in about a half dollar size and the skin is red and burned looking. I put some neosporn on him and will be treating it as a chemical burn. I am so mad. Frankly if I knew of any Hartz corp people living near by I’d probably beat the crap out of them and gladly spend the night in jail for assault, I am that mad. It is my fault for not checking reviews first and trusting the store to sell at least a semi safe product.

I almost gave my dog Hartz

I bought some Hartz yesterday at Kroger, I have been dealing with fleas for a while and it’s such a hassle to keep cleaning and doing the organic treatments, which are effective but it’s a time consuming process. Today I was reading the back of the package and thought why would I put this on my dog if it’s harmful to humans? Then I researched it and here I am, I sat here and cried my eyes out from reading a few of your stories, it’s truly heartbreaking, I’m so sorry for the victims. I threw the unopened product in the trash can, thank you for the website you saved my dogs life, I am so very grateful. I’m truly hurt and sad for all of the dogs and cats that fell victim to this poison, I’m still crying. God Bless you, you didn’t know, you was trying to do the right thing, I’m so sorry it turned tragic. I don’t know why they still sell this product. The stories on this website is evidence enough to pursue a law suit against this company, in the name of humanity. Thank you so much, Julie

Rufus the Boxer

Rufus is a 4 year old boxer who use to be so full of life. He would get so happy, his whole butt would wiggle and he would lick the air. He could easily jump over a 5 foot fence without touching it. He was so hyper and full of energy. That was before Hartz ultraguard. We live in the country and fleas are always a problem between spring and fall. You could give the dogs a bath everyday and as soon as they go outside they are covered again. We purchased a package of Hartz Ultraguard. Within less than 24 hours after putting it on Rufus he was ill. He was laying on his side and breathing kinda heavy. He couldnt get up or laydown on his own and his back legs was walking funny. The next day he was brought to a local vet and we told them about the flea medicine, and they gave him 3 medicines, and took a blood and urine test. A few days later and Rufus still was not feeling any better at all. Brought him back for a follow-up and told the vet he was also having problems using the bathroom. They gave him the finger test and said his prostate is swollen. They gave us another prescription and said to stop giving him 2 of the others. It has been 3 weeks now and Rufus is just as bad as ever. We read online where hundreds and hundreds of animals have died from Hartz products and if we had known we would of never put it on our dogs. Rufus went from being a happy dog always bouncing around and full of energy to only being able to lay there and cry. He has trouble getting up, he has trouble laying down, he can not sit, and all he can do is just lay there on his side. We took him to the vet yesterday and got more pain medication, antibiotics, and anti-inflamatory medicine, but we also noticed a lump on his chest that now needs tested and we are almost certain it is cancer and he will need surgery. We just want the old Rufus back, and just the vet trips alone is an expense we can not afford. Any help at all is greatly appreciated. We have started a Go Fund Me page and any help would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you and God Bless. https://www.gofundme.com/RufusTheBoxer

My life long Pet

Until this day I was unaware of Hartz causing side effects on our loved pets! I just lost my 10 year old rescued dog this past July. I came across a post on Facebook. Now that I connect two and two together… I am beyond mad! She had some fleas so I bought the Hartz….. I’m not sure how much times passed after I administered this thing… but i don’t think much time did… I do remember how she was fine one day and then by the next week she was to weak to even walk for food, water, or anything for that matter. I took her to the vet who said it was like an infection maybe from a flea… gave her some shots and medication. She was okay for some days but got worse… I took her in again and the vet said her immune system was so low that everything was attacking her now… a day later (she was on treatment) she died…. I cannot believe this things are being sold!!!! She was more than just a pet, she was family…. I am beyond mad!

Like I said she was a healthy and active girl… Yes she was old! but I walked her everyday and she loved it! I always gave her the right food and everything. She was never sick. I have no words to describe my feelings right now…

Sentry Pro XFT

On the morning of 11/12/2015 @11:47 hrs, I stopped by PetSmart #0373 in Silverdale, WA to purchase the Frontline Flea & Tick shampoo that I normally have used in the past. On this particular day, the Frontline brand was out of stock at the store, so the clerk there recommended the Sergeants Sentry Pro XFT Flea and Tick medication matched to the size of Sir Willie (24 lbs). The following day (11/13/15) at about 4:30 in the afternoon, I proceeded to apply the flea and tick killer to my dog. Almost immediately after application and rinse Sir Willie acted like his skin was chemically burned demonstrating extreme hyperactivity, rolling on the ground, scratching and unrelenting restlessness. His skin was bright red. This continued through the night and progressed to lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea and unable to eat.
The following day, Sir Willie continued to vomit and could not hold any food down whatsoever clearly demonstrating that a toxin was in his system. At about 1:00 PM on 11/14/15, I called the toxicology hotline number listed on the box (1-800-781-4738) and spoke to a technician there. She recommended that I wash Sir Willie with Dawn dish soap, apply vitamin E oil to his back and put chicken broth/tuna juice in his water for him to drink. For the call, I was given reference number 1720665. While Sir Willie did drink lots of the chicken broth water he could not hold it down for longer than 10 minutes or so. This dire situation continued through the night with Sir Willie becoming more dehydrated, lethargic, weak (could not stand) and experienced tremors. With panic at about 3:00 am on Sunday I took Sir Willie to the VCA Central Kitsap Animal Hospital in Silverdale, WA. Sir Willie was formally admitted to the hospital without challenge. I spoke to Dr. Addie McBane on duty and although highly professional she did not seemed to be too interested in the application of the Sentry Pro XFT medication as a toxin, but rather seemed to focused on the diabetic history of Sir Willie with his blood sugar and keytones being the main concerns. Sir Willie recently had a glucose curve test done at Banfield in Silverdale three weeks prior with the test results indicating acceptable.
Sir Willie stayed at the animal hospital until the afternoon of 11/17/15 and was released to my care. Initially when we got home Sir Willie seemed to have his normal strength, urinated and attempted to eat the special dog food supplied by the hospital. Sir Willie seemed confused at his surroundings at least initially. Within a short time Sir Willie began to vomit again and could not hold anything down longer than 20 minutes or so. This condition continued during the night and the next day. On 11/18/15 Sir Willie still could not hold anything down the entire day, this seemed to lesson slightly at around noon with water being held down for about 30 minutes. Sir Willie would go outside during the day to urinate and would come back in and rest in his usual locations. At about 5:00 PM in the evening Sir Willie rapidly seemed to go downhill with increased vomiting, extreme weakness, could not stand up to be followed by three consecutive and full grand mall seizures around 7:30. With extreme anxiety and panic we put Sir Willie in his carrier and checked in again at the animal hospital in Silverdale, WA at about 10:00 PM. We spoke to Dr. Emily Saunders there who was very professional and courteous. Again I attempted to indicate that this seemed to be a poisoning with Dr. Saunders who did phone the toxicology hotline, which ultimately indicated a very unlikely chance that Sir Willie was under toxicological duress. Again the focus seemed to be on Sir Willies diabetic condition and during the discussion in the private room Sir Willie went into full cardiac arrest and died at 10:33 PM PST.
In conclusion I do believe that Sir Willie experienced a violent reaction following the application of the Sergeants Sentry Pro XFT flea & tick medication which ultimately proved fatal to him. Clearly this was a toxic poison that systematically shut his kidneys/body down. In post research it was discovered that there are hundreds if not thousands of document cases of dog fatalities following the application of this medication. Although the medication is not recommended for cats there are many cases of fatality as well. Although Sir Willie did have diabetes, it was under full control. The flea and tick medication application resulted in the death of my pet, not his diabetic condition. Sir Willie was fine before the application and after which he could not recover.

Scary Reaction

I put Sergeant’s Silver flea and tick powder on my cat because I noticed a lot of scabs on his behind and neck and I found a few dead fleas on his cat bed. Although I didn’t see any directly on him, I thought that I would put just a little bit of this powder on his back and see how he reacted to it. BIG MISTAKE! A few hours later, I noticed him coughing and foaming at the mouth and acting lethargic. I immediately gave him a bath (he was out of it enough that I could actually give him a bath!). He’s been sleeping ever since, I have been checking on him every hour since and I’m worried out of my mind after actually Googling the product and reading all of the horrific things that the product has done to pets and their owners! I am praying that he recovers fully! TAKE THIS PRODUCT OFF OF THE MARKET!

ragdoll 8 month old sick from hartz flea and tick drops

Last night I applied the cat Hartz flea and tick drops to my 8 month old ragdoll cat and she immediately started running around the house fast and bouncing off the walls, literally. I thought the drops may have burnt her so I got ahold of her and used Dawn dish detergent and washed the complete area and rinsed good (cats just love water!!) and today she has become very tired and has slept most of the day (unusual for this cat) and just got her second dawn shampoo and rinse to make sure I got it all off. Where I put it on her neck her hair got burned off to about half its normal length. she is eating and drinking and doing the potty business today not eating anywhere near as much as she normally does. does anyone know of anything else I can do? its late Friday night now and no vets are open and being in a small town the telephone book has no listing for an emergency weekend vet. im afraid of her dying with these drops may have damaged her liver or kidneys. she was expensive and the most lovey cat I have ever owned and it would kill me to have her die. and yes, I did check her weight before applying. and yes, I did use cat drops.

Almost killed my 2 kittens

I had bought Hartz flea shampoo for kittens because the 2 kittens age 8 weeks I found had flease. The instructions said leave product on for 10 minutes. I bathed the kittens and of curse they hated the water and was meowing. I used the shampoo and left then in the shower for the shampoo to sit on them. The kittens me owed loudly for about 5 minutes and then got quiet. I thought they just got use to being closed up in the shower. 5 minutes later I went to get them and they were barely moving and floppy cuddled up together. I yelled to my husband and he ran to help me. We got the shampoo off them as fast as we could then we got towels and were drying them off and rubbing them to get them heated back up. They were lethargic for about an hour as we had them warped in towels. I cried the whole time because I felt guilty not checking on them sooner and them suffering and almost dieing. Luckily after about an hour their temperature came back up and they started getting more energy. I almost lost 2 kittens from this product and I am sure people have lost pets because of Hartz. This company needs to be stopped.