Sorry for the downtime and lack of posts (spammers suck)

Hi y’all,

Sorry for any downtime, lack of user stories, and the inability to create an account and post your story here on Running this site has been a 15-year side project for me, with the goal to have a one-stop place where victims can learn about the dangers of Hartz flea & tick products (as well as other over-the-counter products), and the ability for you all to share you stories, photos, and connect with each other. Unfortunately, spammers & bots like to try to take website down because they have nothing beneficial to offer society. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many times has been hacked, and how many thousands of spammers have registered for this website. Over the years, the spammers have *almost* brought this site down to a crippling halt. Almost to the point where I was just going to chuck it, or just leave it, in all its hacked and spammed up state to just become a junky void of spaminess.

But, alas, I decided against just letting it go. You can now register with the site again, post your stories and comment on each others’ stories. If you have any issues registering or posting your story, just email me at josh at hartzvictims dot org.