Mac’s story

Via email from Callie:

Mac was a beautiful, healthy, happy male cat. He was 9 years old and had more energy than any kitten!
He spent most of his time outside which led to him contracting fleas.

We decided to use the Hartz flea and tick collar. Mac had his collar on for approximately 1 week. I noticed he seemed agitated and itchy so I removed the collar. When I removed it I noticed a gross chemical burn that was all the way around his neck. We tried to help the itch go away because we thought that was his problem, little to our knowledge there was much more going on.

Mac passed away today (December 12th,2014) due to kidney failure and failure of of his nervous system. I did some research and Tetrachlorovinphos, which is one of the chemicals in the collars, is actually known to attack the nervous system.

This needs to stop! I can’t imagine the pain my poor cat went through and it’s heartbreaking not being able to help your pets when they need it. Please people let’s stop this horrible product from harming others!

The picture attached is of the chemical burn once it finally started to heal. As you can see the chemical burn was layers and layers into his skin.


Another Hartz Victim :-(

From Jennifer via email:

December 8th, 2014

I was babysitting a kitten who had fleas. I have 3 older indoor cats of my own and I didn’t want them to be infested with fleas and since I was looking at 4 cats that I needed to treat, I was looking for something that I’ve used in the past and had no issues with. I hadn’t used the Hartz UltraGuard before, but I didn’t have another choice that was in stock. I grabbed two boxes and checked out (at Target). Upon arriving at home I held down the first cat, my beloved Goliath 🙁 He was first and the only one that had a reaction. I noticed that he became withdrawn and wouldn’t come near me. I thought, “it’s okay, he’s just mad that we are holding “Missy” as a temporary foster until the storm passes (an outside adoptee cat).

December 11th, 2014

As I sat on my couch getting ready for a conference call, Goliath came up to me and wanted to cuddle. I ran my hand down his head, past his neck, to his upper back…. and I stopped. That’s when I realized that HIS FUR WAS MISSING!!! OMG! I jumped up and ran him into the bathroom to take a closer look. I had left my phone in the living room and shouted for my son to get it for me to immediately start taking photos. Goliath wouldn’t let me touch his wound. It was red and sensitive. I grabbed my pain relief neosporin and tried to put it on his neck, but he kept trying to bite me (and that’s not like him to bite at all). Goliath is literally my gentle giant, but as soon as I tried to do anything with that spot on his neck, he absolutely refused and fought me. This I knew was painful for him 🙁 I felt absolutely helpless. I called our 24 hour vet and she said that I could give him a bath if he let me… so I tried. And it was another fight. A cone or bandage wouldn’t help him because it would have to touch his neck. But again, all I could really do is sit and wait and make sure that it didn’t blister.

Now that we are waiting for the update on how everything turns out, I have posted the attached photo to my social media to let others know what happens when you might say that it won’t happen to YOUR pets. This is absolutely real and heartbreaking for me and others (now that I have seen what the company fails to tell people). If I had known that this was going to happen, I would have taken the time to spend the $100+ for flea medication that wouldn’t harm my beloved animals.

goliath and hartz