Why? Because not enough people do anything about it

First off I want to offer my sympathies to all who have lost animals  due  to flea and tick  products. It’s a very hard thing to deal with  emotionally. You do something to try  to help your pet and it causes injury and all  to often  death. How do you  cope  with it? We all  find different  ways to deal with the loss and  time will help what you are  feeling. There are no magic  words to make you feel better or bring your pets back. What you can do is to turn  your grief and anger into action.

I see  so many of you asking why is this stuff still being  sold. Why isn’t there a lawsuit. I’d be  alot more encouraged if I saw a few how can  I help or what can I do about this instead of why’s.

By action I mean go to the, “Need Help” page. You will find all the info required to make your voice heard. Contact  all the places  listed there. File  complaints with them. Write  lettes if they  don’t take  complaints. Trust me you have to do this .  If everyone who had ever had a pet hurt of  killed did this maybe we would be  a lot closer to getting this stuff off the  shelves.

I have been involved  in this  fight since 2001. Myself and another person who’s animals were also hurt penned the  first petition and sent it in. Didn’t  do much good. I was also in the  first lawsuit. That  ended when Hartz bullied the person who started it  Settled out of  court ,you  could get the  cost of the product and any vet costs. You had to sign their multi paged agreement saying  that you would never say anything bad about Hartz. No I didn’t sign it. 

Instead I got a news station to do a piece on Hartz. I got lucky and the news station  told Hartz they were not pulling the piece  when Hartz  threatened  legal action, something Hartz is famous  for.

 I saw the EPA ask Hartz  to  relable their  products with a stronger warning and more specific direction. Apparently Hartz had  told the EPA that Americans were using  the dog  product on cats in most of the complaints. I don’t know about you but cat and dog were some of the  first words I learned to read in  school.

 That of course didn’t  do much good  so the EPA got Hartz to actually pull 2 products. They gave them a year to pull the products. That year  cost a lot of animals their  lives. Then the EPA  allowed Hartz  to replace  those products  LOL  now   the packages say 99% inert ingriedants. They also let Hartz get away with doing their own testing of the products.

The last big event was an online conference with the EPA, Hartz,  other makers of similar  products and  a few others . No they didn’t pull anymore Hartz products. They put out a warning  that I can no longer find on the EPA’s web site.

 The best thing I have seen was an individual at  long last actually took hartz to court and won. The was a big  first. despite many many  people trying to do it before and Hartz  counter  suing  all of them for more money  than  most of us make in 2 years a man in Texas did win. Doesn’t sound  like much but you wouldn’t believe me if I told  you  how low I have seen Hartz go

I don’t know if we can ever get Hartz and such off the shelves, I’m thinking probably not because they make so much money of cheap  flea products. You can do something that will help. You can tell every person  you know and meet not to use these  products. Warn them they  could very  easily cause serious injuury  or kill their animals. If you see someone in a store looking at tthese  products  start up a conversation. Say, ” Excuse me but I used that product and it killed my cat or  dog or it hurt them It caused burns to their  necks. It cost me X amount of  dollars  in Vet  bills to save them  or to try to save them. I just wanted you to know because  so many animals  have died I wouldn’t want  yours to be hurt”.  “I just wish  someone had  told me about them before I used them.” Tell them  about this web site  if they look  like they don’t believe you. All they need to do is read a few of the thousands of pages here .  If you  do this you may very well save an animals life and it doesn’t  cost you a cent to do.

If you want posters  or  flyer’s we can send you one  to make  copy’s of  to hand  out. I’ll even  go as far as to work up special  flyers if you want something on it they don’t have If  you have a web site or a friend with one  put a  link to this site on it. Tell your stories on Facebook. Tweet out warnings and keep doing it. Don’t just do it once make a habit of it. If your writing the  EPA, make a  dozen  copy’s and  send them 1 a week

Just do something  don’t let what has happened to you and your animals  slide. It will make you feel better and it will help the  cause.

 Getting off my soap box!

Dani  [email protected]

hartz ultra guard flee & tick spray with aloe killed 2 of my cats

I have been using hartz ultra guard flea and tick spray for cat. my cats have died from use of this product. i had 3 cats, i used this spray on 2 of the 3 and the to i used it on have passed on. In the matter of 2 weeks my animals have got very sick. They could not move nor did they want to eat. I started the spray at the same time on my pets and one passed away last Saturday & the other late last night. We need these products off the shelf immediately. Why are they still selling them? Has anyone called FDA OR THE CDC? I am on edge. If I would have knew this product would kill my animal I would never of used it. I also used the flea collar on my 3rd cat and she suffered burns on her neck from the product. RIP PIPPI & ZOE

orange scented hartz shampoo

I bathed my 3 year old American Bulldog with this orange scented flea and tick shampoo from hartz and he now has hives from the top of his head the whole way to his tail and on his stomach.. we didnt notice the ones on his body until today.. the ones on his head… there are 7 on his head and he scratches those open everyday… the ones on his back he was rolling around on the carpet and scratching like crazy and when he came up and sat next to me I noticed he was bleeding in multiple spots and i pushed his hair back and there were more open hives. and then on his legs pretty close to his paws he has multiple hives.. I feel terrible for using this product on him.. I will NEVER buy another product from hartz in my life..

CBC TV News – in Toronto Canada – researching Flea Medications

Via email from Tyana Grundig at CBC News:

Hello all,

I’m a producer with the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC TV) and I am currently researching Flea Medications and pet owners experiences with them but I need your help. I’m looking for people willing to share their experience and photos with us. We are particularly interested in hearing from Canadians but everyone’s stories are valuable in helping to inform our research. You can contact me directly at: [email protected]

Thank you!

Tyana Grundig
Associate Producer
CBC News
416 205 2590 (office)

My sweet Chili needs prayers: Sergeants Silver Toxicity

DO NOT USE SERGEANTS SILVER OR GOLD FLEA DROPS FOR CATS OR DOGS! That is, not unless you want to leave it to chance whether your furbaby will survive or not…I put Sergeants Silver on all of my cats and NONE of them showed any signs of trouble, except my sweet and quite petite (tho she does weigh at least the recommended weight of 5 lbs.) precious kitty girl Chili. I put the top spot drops on her and approximately 3 hours later, she began violently vomiting. I realized it was the flea treatment, as I am a vet tech and was very aware of the trouble people had with the Sergeants Silver and Gold. Like I said, I had no problems with any of my other cats and had used it once before on all of them, except Chili. She was nursing at the time, and I definitely knew I wasn’t putting it on her then. Anyway, not having any reason from experience to not use it on her now that the nursing was done, I did put it on her today and not only did she begin the projectile vomiting, but even after I washed it off of her with Dawn, she began having violent tremors and horrible muscle spasms. Since then, I have administered Robaxin which the vet I work for gave me to calm her tremors and help her rest. I also noticed that her symptoms, before dosing of Robaxin, also included being “off balance” easily frightened and she is not that way normally. As well, she was unable to get comfortable no matter what I did for her. Her heart was racing and her breathing was very fast and irregular. Now, after the dosing, she is able to stop trembling as violently, and she has been eating and drinking and not vomiting anymore. However, she IS still shaking. Her heart rate and breathing are slowly returning to normal. I have her isolated and quiet, have provided her with a heating blanket, and fresh food and water. I think she may pull through, and so does the vet at this point. I am very lucky if she does and I need prayers for her please. Obviously, this is very disturbing to me and I know that many folks have lost pets from this product. Not to mention a very traumatic experience for my sweet Chili.. I will no longer continue to use this product and think that it should be recalled and or banned! If folks would be willing to sign, I would love to start a new petition on change.org to call for Hartz to pull this product and any others that may possibly have the same effects on animals. Seemingly, there is no possible way to tell what cat or dog will have an adverse reaction to this, so WHY is it still available???