Our cat died because of seizures brought on by the drops.

I have the video of the poor baby just hours before she died. I was going to take her to the vet in the morning but she didnt make it. Im so heart broken. Are there any steps that are being taken to sue them over this?

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  1. Very interesting website “josh”.

    I have read a comment on another website claiming that hartz killed their pet and then I came across your website.

    I noticed several seemingly bogus short stories about how hartz killed fefe accompanied by a donate to us button and google AdSense. Way to take advantage of pet lovers emotions for over 10 years now and make a nice buck. How much do u make per month on this site?

    1. I started this website and have maintained it for 12+ years because my family’s kitten was a victim of a Hartz product. I’ve vowed to keep this site thriving to give other victims a voice and a community resource to find information on Hartz (and other OTC flea & tick) products.

      Through the ads I chose to run on this site I make enough to cover my website hosting and maintenance costs. I apologize if you find that wrong in any way, or offensive, or feel that my efforts in maintaining this website is taking advantage of pet lovers. I also apologize if you feel as if any of the stories posted here by other victims are “bogus.” I’m sure those victims are sorry that you find their stories “bogus” as well. I personally read every single story and every single comment, and I manually approve them before they’re posted.

  2. I am sorry for your loss. I had to have my 9 year old cat out down last Thursday due to kidney failure following us using hartz flea drops on him.

  3. Wish I found this site yesterday. My four year old cat Smudge was scratching a lot and I saw a flea, so I bought Hartz Ultra Guard Plus drops at Walmart and applied a tube last night. Within minutes she went crazy, running around the house, howling, and foaming at the mouth. I called the number on the box and gave the information. They seemed to take it casually, which put me at ease, saying that some cats can have a reaction and if it gets worse I can wash the application off. I specifically asked if she was in danger and they just said to keep an eye on her – never said yes or that I should see a vet.

    Fortunately she has calmed down over night, and although she twitches a little from time to time she seems okay. This stuff is dangerous and I’ll never use it again!

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. And in response to heywood’s comment – I am sure that we as pet owners know and can identify bogus or not. No one will ever take someone as a fool if they act and think smart. So let’s stop the hate and spread love instead. Cheers! – Lisa

  5. I am so upset and after much research I have come across your website. Last week my beloved 15 year old cat started howling and seizing then went paralyzed and couldn’t use its legs. Within an hour my 4 year old took our pet guinea pig out of its cage and it was also paralyzed dragging its legs. I freaked out and immediately took the animals to the vet where they were put to sleep because they were suffering so badly. I was told these animals had been poisoned and after analyzing my every move over the past several days before this incident I came to the conclusion it had to be the heart flea and tick drops I used on the cat and the Hartz flea spray I used on the carpet. These products killed my 2 pets and the sad thing is they are marketed to help pets!!! Is there anything I can do about this? These people should not be in business!


  6. i used hartz ultraguard on my 3 year old dog, my best friend. since using the product she has had two major seizers. its really hard and sad to see your friend foaming at the mouth and on her side kicking her legs and shaking, and releasing her bowls. hartz needs to be held accountable. ive since read soo many horror stories about their product. They really suck. Thanks hartz for hurting my pet my friend.

  7. I just lost a pet cat due to application of hartz flea and tick treatment I bought at a walmart. My cat ran around the house hissing and died last night. Not happy at all.

  8. I got the hartz flea drops for my cat the kind that goes on the back of his neck , well now he is losing all his hair and around his neck is so bad he wants to scratch it and has sores all around his neck . Also he has spells where he just pees on his self I will never use this product again I thought it was safe but it’s not and now my poor cat has major issues and is going bald throws up and wets his self.

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