Lost a kitten yesterday :(

I had to have 1 of my 5, 4 week old kittens euthanized yesterday, and I believe it was due to Hartz KMR. I had just bought a new container of the powdered version, and had given them a few feedings from it.  At 6am yesterday, I noticed 1 of them was sleeping in the litter box when I went into their room to feed them. I didnt think much of it, being little ones, theyre sometimes silly like that. So I startled her to feed her, and something was definitely NOT right. She was very limp, almost unresponsive…she took a couple sips of the KMR, but was more biting the nipple, as if to stop the flow of it. I think she knew better than I did of what was going on 🙁  I laid her on the heating pad, thinking maybe she was just extra tired or something. I went back in for their 11am feeding, and she was still in the same spot, looking lifeless, laying limply. I picked her up and she could barely meow. Her head and limbs just dangled, her eyes were open, but she was unresponsive, and had wet herself. I was so scared. I gave her a warm bath, to wash her mess off her, and thinking maybe she had some poo that needed to come out, and that the bath would wake her up a bit. No luck 🙁 I sat with her in this condition all day. After awhile her mouth started opening up and her tongue was starting to hang out a bit. Finally at 3pm, I took her over to the vet’s office. They checked her blood sugar levels, which were fine. Her temperature was a little low, but nothing super serious. They couldnt figure out what was wrong. In the end, the vet chalked it up to being a virus or some kind of birth defect, and suggested the most humane thing to do, was to put her down.  So I did. I havent cried that hard in a long time. I brought her home, and buried her next to a flowering bush in our yard. I took a look at this website, thinking maybe it had something to do with the KMR. Then I went to our local pet store and bought PetAg KMR. Evening feeding time came around for the others, and as soon as I walk into their room, I see that the rest of them have the SAME SYMPTOMS.  Wandering around the room, seeming confused, didnt really want to eat (but I did get them to take some of the other KMR), stumbling and falling over, lethargic. One was already laying on the floor, seemingly lifeless.  I held her close to me for a long while, eventually wrapping her in my shirt I wore all day, and placing her on a towel in the cat carrier for the night. I was thinking I would wake up to them all dead. At 530 this morning, they had ALL come back to their normal selves, even the one I thought was surely going to die. I attribute it to having the different KMR in their systems, and the Hartz leaving their systems throughout the night. I lost one baby due to this HORRID PRODUCT. Never again! I will yell it from the rooftop that this product, and other Hartz products, are DANGEROUS KILLERS!!!!!!

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  1. As far as Ive researched, you can use KMR for any age kitten, as that what it acts as, a nutritional replacement for their mother’s milk. Ive also read that the longer you can keep the kitten with its mother, is the best. But in her absence or abandonment, powdered or liquid KMR is the closest thing. Before this litter, I hand-raised a kitten, about 3-4 weeks old, and also used KMR, and he thrived and did well. 🙂

  2. My 6 week old kitten almost died from Hartz Kitten Milk replacer. Thank God I had only mixed baby Gerber with it. Her health declined shortly after, vomiting & diarrhea. She looked so bad from one day to the next.

    Looked online to see if it’s the Hartz, and read 14!!! Death reviews on Amazon!
    These people should rot in hell for giving out products like this to our pets.
    She is on GNC now and slowly getting better.

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