Our baby girl died and its because of Hartz Kitten Milk Replacer.

About two weeks ago our cat gave birth to four kittens. Two days after they were born a chain of tragic events happened and two of the kittens ended up dying, while one we had to take to the vet immediately because her umbilical cord was pulled and she needed to be operated on and stitched up. (the fourth kitten was in no way harmed) We ended up getting the kitten back and she was doing really well but we had to give her the amoxicillin in case she had any type of infection due to the open wound. My boyfriend and I were giving her and her brother the kitten milk replacer by Hartz bcause we literally spent every penny we had on the operation for the little girl and the antibiotics and the Hartz formula was the cheapest formula (the liquid formula) that “stayed fresh” the longest amount of time.  A couple days ago the little girl started losing her appetite and was really lethargic, and wasn’t going to the bathroom the way she was supposed to. We did the stimulating with a warm damp rag for her and her brother and he started going regularly, but her progress seemed to start going backwards. Then Monday she wouldn’t eat even half of what she was supposed to be eating, she barely moved, she had her mouth open and seemed maybe like she was dehydrated? and screamed out in pain when we tried to help her go to the bathroom. Then within only an hour or two you didn’t have to even touch her for her to scream out, and the cry was not a normal kitten cry. It was a cry of pure pain and discomfort. I called around to different vets, even the one who operated on her, who didn’t seem all that concerned, till I talked to someone at an Animal ER. The man told us to go ahead and bring her in. We rushed her to the ER and at that point I didn’t think she was even gonna make it to the hospital. She was only a week and a couple days old. Her eyes weren’t even open yet. We got her there and they took her in the back and put her on oxygen immediately and a couple minutes later called us back. They weren’t completely sure what was wrong with her, but assuming because she had been operated on already and had an open wound while being so tiny that she had caught an infection. Her temperature was too low. They called it Peritonitis and said she needed to be put down. There was nothing they could do. They said there was nothing we could do. They didn’t try anything, just assumed. And we believed them. That little girl didn’t have a chance at life. She was innocent and sweet and we let it happen to her. Reading these reviews and seeing that a lot of her symptoms matches up with those of your kittens, some saved, some lost. It makes me sick to my stomach and brings tears to my eyes. Now her brother is starting to have some of the same symptoms which is what caused me to look this up in the first place. I would have never known. We just switched his formula to the powdered KMR which is supposed to be the best. We’re trying to get the other formula out of his system, and are hoping its not too late for him. We will always hold the guilt for our little girl who didn’t make it and that we were too trusting and not educated enough about to prevent this from happening. I am so sorry for everyone who lost a kitten, or puppy, or anything to Hartz. Please if you haven’t started using it yet – don’t take the chance. Its not worth the risk or the loss. It WILL leave you heartbroken. I will never forget this, or her.

Thanks for making this website.

R. I.P Miracle.

– Sad mommy.

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  1. I am so sorry for the loss of the little girl. I was one of the lucky ones whose cat got very sick but pulled through. I have talked to people looking to buy in Walmart and told them to check out this site. I hope they did it. I asked at my local pet store why they carried this garbage and they said if they didn’t someone else would. What kind of answer is that for a pet store to give? So I did the only thing I could do and changed stores. Good luck with the little boy

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