Hartz Ultra Guard Flea and Tick Drops

Hartz Tick Drops… if applied to your pet…

Wash them off your animal IMMEDIATLEY ! Take that product back to walmart and demand your money back.

My Dog got a severe bleeding nose less then 15 mins of applying a 30lb one month dose. My dog is 100lb King Doberman, he went into convulsions, and seemed dissoriented, we rushed him into the shower, used dawn dishsoap on him, and scrubbed him all over. He seems to be doing better now, that stuff is pure poison!

The blood coming out of his nose was very liquidy, almost like it was half blood half water. And very very Red in color. Nothing like this has every happened to my dog before. I’d rather pull ticks off him with tweazers then have him die from poison.

Shaun Bleich

Grayson, Sk


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  1. Spread the word all over to NEVER USE ANY HARTZ PRODUCTS !
    I’ve known this for years since ten yeras ago every cat that got even one drop of their flea drops stopped breathing and died within a minute of the drop placed on them. That is how fast it works ! Never use ANY brand of those flea drops – NONE of them are safe. Those liquid drops cross the brain stem cell barriar and once it’s applied, you cannot wash away the effects and damage – it’s already instanly gone through into their nervous system and to their brain. I lost a very expensive farm Aussie dog from Frontline flea drops.The vet put it on without asking me and the dog went into a coma and was dead in 15 minutes !Chemicals are not the answer – we have become a chemical society. Go back to nature and stay safe. USE DE all over your cats and dogs and rugs and everywhere. Also put a little in their food and YOURS ! It worms them.
    IT’s natural and totally harmless to us and our pets, but deadly to most all bugs ! I also got rid of the roaches in my house with DE. DE = Diatomaceous EArth

    Also use flea combs, you’d be surprised how you can get those pesky killer blood suckers off our pet with a flea comb – they are wonderful. Do it outside of course.
    Then after a good combing, I rub DE into their skin and hair and put it all over the place. Ants hate it too, and it kills them too. It’s good for most all pests. Takes longer then the deadly Chemicals do, but it works and is totally safe !


    Also beware of Pedigree Dry dog food – it’s been killing dogs all over the country ! The company refuses to allow it on the recall list and thus they were rejected for the last Westminister Dog Show as the sponsor. Pedigree has been the Dog Shows’ sponsor for many years – but no more !
    I also never use Iams products or any ‘treats’. They (Iams) is always on the recall lists.

    I never use TREATS for any pet. I and many others learned a long time ago never to trust the treats. I and others lost a lot of pet birds from honey stick treats.They looked fresh and good, but have hidden killer bacteria where you can’t see inside. Same for dog and cat treats. Milo dog treats, for example, have been killing dogs like crazy. WE are talking THOUSANDS here, not just a few.

    I use only regular Purina Dog and Cat foods. I do not use anything fancy because the regular original feeds are usually the best and healthiest and I don’t get anything wiht a lot of colors in it – cancer causing food dyes ! Animals do not care about color, They only care about taste.
    In fact some pets won’t eat anything too colorful – they seem to instinctively know it’s bad for them. Colors are just for eye appeal FOR THE OWNER. If it “looks pretty” you are tempted to buy it over the dull brownish color foods, that are actually the better safer ones!

    Purina so far has never been on any recall lists. Their dog food company is near me here in Mulberry, Florida, and since I have a farm, I use all their products and I call the Rep up often to make sure they are not using any GE corn, soy or other GE components. I keep track of them.

    They claim they check each truck load of corn that comes in (all feeds have the base of corn) and if it is not normal real non-GE corn, they send it right back.
    Purina also now has a natural non-grain food for dogs, if you can afford it. AS we all know, dogs and cats do not digest or benefit from corn or grains that are really meant for goats and cows and horses. Grains irritate dog and cat intestines. They are meat eaters, not grain eaters.

    So post this info and the warnings all over – on Facebook or anywhere else your email or post. Save a pet’s life.
    Also do NOT vaccinate them every year – that is killing pets also. It practically cuts their life span in half ! I usually have my dogs for over 20 years and still running around acting young. ONly those that do NOT get vaccinations live that long! Same for cats. NEVER get more then two rabies shots a year apart, or it will UNdo the titer they built up !

    The ONLY two brands of cat food I ever use are the two that have never been on any recall lists, that I’ve seen. For cats – it’s Purina Indoor formula OR 9 Lives Indoor formula.
    I never get anything with colors in it. Our pets are dying of cancers like crazy and those colors CAUSE cancer. I like the Indoor formula because it has more needed oils in it. And those color food dyes are not in it. I have 25 cats so I need to have healthy food for them since I cannot afford a lot of vet bills. I’d rather put that money into good foods for them.

  2. One more thing about the kitten milk repa;cer. I too lose kittens if that is used. I use fresh goat milk and water it down for the really young ones. Never heat the milk in the Microwave or you kill all the good things in the milk they need. Heat the WATER in the microwave to use to heat the kitten bottle. Just pop the kitten bottle into the hot /heated water – I usually just use a tea mug to heat the water in the microwave set on high for 35 seconds. Takes only a minute to heat and you won’t kill the good things in it the kitties need to survive.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your baby. My baby girl died because of this nasty stuff in 2005 and not a day goes by I don’t think of her. She would have been 16 this coming Saturday.

  4. I put flea/tick medicine on my cat, and then later remembered that the dental treats made her sick, I looked up the brand and found this, and I scrubbed her fur like crazy to hell with her being mad at me. She’s mostly indoor anyway, so I’m not worried about this being all walmart offers.

  5. If using diatomaceous earth, be sure to purchase food grade DE, not the stuff used in pool filters. Search it online to learn how to use it. You do not want your pets breathing in the dust.

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