One of the lucky ones

I am heartbroken by the many stories here of those who have lost their pets due to this product.

I became a cat owner as a child of 12 years old, back in the early 80s. I got a DSH Tabby and my brother got a siamese. We allowed them to go outside during the day, in nice weather. Usually they were only outside in the summer time, and thus, we got them flea collars. They never had an issue with them. They indeed were hartz flea collars.

About the 90s, when the kitties were getting older, my gut instinct told me, after opening up a package of one of the collars and choking on the smell, I was NOT going to put that on my cats. There was no internet at the time, I just listened to my gut. It was a good instinct.

Those kitties lived a great life. our little Siamese passed away at only 13 (she was the runt of her litter and her liver was shot), but my DSH tabby lived to a lovely 18.5 years of age before kidney disease forced me to end her suffering. I was heartbroken, but found 2 adorable tabby kittens, brother and sister ready to adopt me.

These two kittens were NOT outdoor kitties–I was constantly moving and felt it was safer to keep them inside. I vaccinated them, but never worried about flea treatment. They would have been around 5 years of age when I found that they had fleas! I work with horses, and had transported fleas on my clothing from work, back to home. UGH! ┬áIt was late–too late for me to call the vet, so I went out and bought some flea collars. I put them on both my kitties, but right away, I was having tightness in my chest and finding it hard to breath. I think I lasted 10 minutes before cutting them off my cats, then disposing of the collars outside and airing out my home and bathing both my cats. Thankfully, they had NO ill effect–most likely because I removed the collars quickly. I had to sit outside in my porch and breath in fresh air for 2 hours while my place aired out.

If every human and cat/dog are reacting to this product, how on EARTH is is passed by the EPA and the FDA????? This is TOXINS!! This chemical is a pesticide and they’ve made it FAR too potent. A flea is the size of a pinhead. The flea collar on my one kitty, for 10 minutes killed the fleas on her in that time. There is NO way anything should be THAT strong!!

I am so, so so sorry for those who have lost their beloved kitties and dogs to this unfortunate product. It needs to be taken OFF the shelves and be banned!!!

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