Cat reaction to Ultra Guard Plus drops

I was concerned about ticks and fleas this year, so picked up this product at WalMart yesterday. Have never had a problem with stuff like this, so put it on my adult cat. Within 15 minutes she was racing around, then started panting and acting scared, like she was seeing stuff. I did a quick google search and saw your entries, and we immediately washed it off. While washinig it off she was thrashing around and acting like she would bite us. Out of her mind, completely. She is normally a very sweet, playful cat so this was frightening. Within 15 minutes of washing it off she started to calm down, and in 30 minutes her breathing and heart rate was closer to normal. I think this stuff could have killed her, and plan to complain to Hartz directly.

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  1. Our cat had the exact same reaction, many years ago. I washed stuff off with a cloth and he settled down, but I never put it on our other cats after that. And it was stuff for cats, not dogs, like some vet associations warn about online. In person, many vets will warn about over-the-counter flea products because they see so many reactions. Some will even post about it on FB. Glad your cat is doing better.

  2. I can agree that it’s worrying that such a thing happened, but isn’t it the same with every type of chemical used in medicine (vets & humans) – there will ‘always’ be the odd cases of a reaction, and no matter how much things are tested there will be some reactions. I’m happy that your cat was healthy again afterwards though 😀

    I’ve had a case of fleas 5 years ago, and trust me – you do Not want to take the chance (I note neither comments have mentioned how they DID get rid of them??), it turned my home into something from a horror film in a week, and nothing, and I mean nothing affected them, until I removed all fabric/furniture, smashed it up and bagged it, took it to be destroyed carefully, then in a home that looked like I’d just moved in (empty of everything by then except wooden furniture) I had to fumigate and spray all of the carpets. Finally, they had gone! It had taken 8 weeks of various suggestions, And I’d spent £300 on chemicals and £2000 on replacement furniture 🙁

    Nothings purrrrfect, but what I did find is very little information on the Internet 🙁 It was as if nobody wanted to say how to remove them, my story goes on, but basically, unless the chemicals do cause burns (about 0.02% get that happen), don’t worry about hallucinations – people get that from pain relief tablets! But the only way I sorted it out 100%, was to remove the furniture – they live in its material, and only the feeders live on the actual cat – Very Very important to know that.

    Good luck to anybody who has to go through all this mess.

  3. had the same panicky, fast mouth breathing, running around, acting like the application spot was on fire with my new cat. He took revolution no problem. He’s obviously allergic to it.

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