Pure poison!!!Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick Collars for Cats

I bought a hartz 040775Ultra Guard Flea & Tick Collars for Cats (1 Each)1 from Puritan.com in December . I just decided to use it on my cat since she had flea last year and the vet suggested to use flea med once every half a year. I opened it then the fine powder started to come off and I smell a weird scent but still put it on to my cat.then started to read the direction.however the direction conflicts by itself it says use on cats only and it’s poisonous to human and domestic animals. All I know is cats are domestic animals.then I searched on amazon and found this site through some review from there. Thank god I took it off of my baby before it was too late and I gave her a bath thoroughly. Then guess what my finger which used to touch the collar started to burn and itch. Can’t even imagine if my cat wear that for very long ……… I just wanna know is there a way to shut down the cruel company hartz ????????????

Facial Paralysis loss of balance

I am posting this only to warn others. I tried the hartz first defense product three weeks ago On my 8 year old boxer-hound mix. A couple days later he was vomiting every morning for a week or so. I saw him taking too long and noticed.  Yesterday he developed facial paralysis and loss of balance. He actually fell down while trying to catch a ball and stumbles after shaking his head.  I rushed him to emergency vet and she started him on an antibiotic and going to have more tests ran this week. He was healthy, perky, and full of life a month ago and now they said the paralysis might be permanet and he’s  very lethargic.  Take this product off the shelf!