Zodiac FleaTrol Breakaway Flea & Tick Collar

I was in a rush to keep fleas off my new cat Bastet, although the problem wasn’t too bad and I’m low on cash. I found a Zodiac flea collar on Ebay for less than ten dollars, and from my Googling, it looked like it would do the trick without any huge problems.

Bastet wound up licking it for several minutes until my roommate noticed and brought me into the room to see that she was drooling. I admit that it was partially my fault in not clipping the extra collar length off right away, but I didn’t realize it was so urgent. We clipped it right away, but for a while after, Bastet was not only drooling, but was very unsteady on her feet and acting… drunk, for lack of a better word. Her behavior was odd and she was still drooling much later. I started to panic, thinking of horror stories like those from Hartz, and looked up a vet hotline. My sleep schedule is the opposite of most of the world’s, though, so my vet wasn’t open and I couldn’t afford the hotline bills that cost more than a vet visit. I took off the collar and washed the area with soapy water and she seems to have calmed down… I’d like some advice and to warn people about this. The warnings on the back of the box didn’t mention any side effects, and only gave poison treatment options for if someone swallowed it or got it in their eye.

I looked up the active ingredient (propoxur) and found this horrifying list of possible side effects:
Abdominal cramps.
Skin irritation.

So yeah, I’m still kind of scared. I haven’t induced vomiting or anything, but I did encourage Bastet to drink water, and she ate something on her own without throwing it up.

Does anyone have any advice or similar experiences?

Neighbor’s pets

My neighbors have three beautiful cats, and just last night they applied the Sergeant’s flea and tic gel on all three. By morning the cats were convulsing and bleeding at the mouth, so my neighbors bundled them up and drove them to the vet. Alas, it was too late. All three had to be put down.

My neighbors are gentle, kind souls who love animals (just as I do), and seeing them lose their “babies” is heart-breaking.

Please tell all your friends to avoid using any Sergeant’s flea and tic product. They’re deadly!


I want to spread Awareness about Flea and Tick Medicine. 
I bought Piper from a shelter for my daughter who is 13 last year for Christmas. She is a very sweet cat and was 7 month old when we got her. She is now a year and a half.

Now just to get it straight i didn't get it because it was cheap. I got it because i didn't think our cat Piper who is an indoor only cat needed as much protection as our dog Regan who goes outside all the time. I just wanted something to make sure the fleas stayed off Piper in case one happened to come in the house. 

Monday morning 9/8/13 I put the Hartz Ultra flea and tick dot medicine on Piper it was her 3rd dose and all other times she was fine. On Tuesday Morning 9/9/13 I noticed Piper was shaking a lot and could not walk as well (Piper is a year and a half). So i called our Vet. The Vet tech said that she was having a toxic side affect of the Hartz. to bath her with dawn to get it off and if she is not better to bring her to the pet ER. 
I bathed Piper twice with dawn to get the poison off of her. Now most of you know that cats do not like water and will claw you to death during a bath. I bathed her twice and only have 2 minor small scratches pretty much came out of it unscathed. It just shows you how sick she really was. After an hour she was still not getting better. So I took her to New England Animal Medical Center we arrived around 10 am. The Vet that took care of her confirmed she had flea product toxicity. The shaking was actually tremors. They wanted to keep her over night for treatment and observation. This being my daughter's cat and love of her life right now of course i would do anything to save this sweet kitty. While we were there they started her on IV fluids and meds and said that i got most of the Hartz off of her with the 2 baths. The DR gave me the game plan and told me she would call me around 6pm with an update. 

That call came around 4pm AMAZINGLY Piper was doing great. she was meowing and acting like a cat. They said she could come home. I was at work so i called my neighbor and asked her if she could take my daughter to the Vet to pick up Piper(this neighbor came with me in the morning so i could hold on to the kennel and make sure she was ok on the trip). Piper came home with a cone around her neck and muscle relaxers we have to give her 2 times a day for 3 days. and we have to keep the cone on for 3 days too. My daughter was worried because piper was not acting herself at home but she was fine and just tired from being sick and from the medicine. 

Today 9/11/13 Piper is doing wonderful although she HATES the cone and tries get it off. But all in all she is wonderful and getting back to her normal year and a half old cat self. This picture I took last night she was just relaxing with her feet on Regan our puggle and Regan knowing something was wrong was perfectly fine with Piper resting her feet on her. It was a very sweet dog/cat moment

I really want to Thank the staff at New England Animal Medical Center for all the help they provided and saving the life of this sweet little girl.

Lost my precious bulldog today

I had no ideal I was killing my baby by trying to protect him. My 5 year old beautiful boy. I put Hartz flea and tick (the last one on a package of 3) and within 10-15 minutes he was having seizures. We rushed him right to the vet who worked on him for over 18 hrs of continuous seizures. They called the Hartz help line but received NO HELP. I watched as my lovable baby had the reaction that a tick would have. 5 years old he was still a puppy. Surely we can band together on all social medias and stop this before another one is killed.

Even a Vet recommened it!

Yesterday two cats, Ali & Penelope, almost died due to Sentry Purrfect for Cats & Kittens. After finding fleas my friend called her vet, after a short conversation the vet recommend she go ahead & buy something over the counter. So my friend headed to Petsmart where they recommended Sentry. Even after asking if it was okay they insisted it was fine & that all she needed to do was read the instructions. She headed home & Put the application RIGHT where it said and sat down. Minutes later her cat started to jump around and run all over the place, then she started to foam at the mouth. Scared out of her mind she washed both cats with Dawn dish soap (She complained how oily the stuff was). Dried them off & they were both fine. She even called the company (Sentry) to tell them that her cat was having a reaction to there product. All the lady said was “You did it wrong, your fault” & did nothing else. So she hung up & called a few emergency vets all of which wouldn’t take her in or told her to wait it out that it was ‘just a reaction’. She kept watch on her cat until 7am when I got a text. I rushed over with my cat carrier only to find her cat with what WE thought was constant seizures, come to find out it was tremors. She continued to call more emergency vets just for them to tell her don’t bother, it’s just a reaction. Feeling it was ‘more’ than a reaction we rushed her to the vet only to find out that she was poisoned.  The minute my friend gave her the application it started to seep into her skin & caused her body to shut down, it was only a matter of minutes before she would pass.

Later on in the evening after already having to put an animal down her other cat started to act funny. Her tail twiched, her legs when out, & her eyes were twitching back & forth. After one call she found a vet to take her in asap so she rushed over and they managed to administer medicine quickly & stop the tremors. After a round of blood work the vet said she TO had traces of the toxin somehow (She didn’t have it applied to her) and her body was trying to fight it. She was shocked to hear a vet had recommenced using something over the counter & even more so how many told her to ‘wait it out’. Ali is home now doing better & on meds. for 3 days but Penelope sadly wasn’t going to make it & was put to sleep her body had already started to shut down.

Another way to hit back at these companies

I have  no idea why I didn’t think of this years ago, when I first started  fighting Hartz. Rip off Reports is an online free service where you can  make a  complaint about a company. http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/search/HARTZ

There are only 23 reports about Hartz. The  more reports there are the  higher the  likelyhood that anyone running a search on Hartz, ( or even looking to buy it  cheap online) will also see Hartz Rip Off Reports in the  search returns.  I’ll  be filing one  later this evening, I hope you all will also . It’s not much but it is another way to help get the word out about how terrible these  products  really are.  Why not let search engines help us out!


Dani, Founder Against Hartz

 PS I see Hartz is again telling consumers they  need to be more careful about appling their dog  products to cats. I don’t know about  you but I figure you can  read if your reading this . LOL I hate Hartz insults