My cat is my world. I got her right before my sister died and I would’ve been a complete wreck without her. That being said, I will never ever use Hartz ever again!!!!! Whenever I visit my brother’s, I always manage to bring back fleas because he doesn’t bother to give his own cats flea medicine. Being low on money I decided to get something cheap at walmart, which unfortunately turned out to be a 3-pack of Hartz flea remover medicine. A couple friends assured me despite the cost it worked great. I wish I would’ve reconsidered.

The first dose had no effect whatsoever. My cat wasn’t bothered and neither were the fleas. The second time (one month later) however, I knew something was wrong the day after applying. My cat likes to climb, and when she jumped onto my desk she slipped and fell, twice. I didn’t think anything of it at first, until it began happening again and again. Soon she was running into walls and falling off the bed like she didn’t know how to gauge distance anymore. It scared me to death.

The next day she wouldn’t play at all and seemed extremely tired and uninterested in everything. I got worried and googled “wobbliness in cats” thinking maybe it was an ear infection or something that had messed with her equilibrium and was making her fall over and run into things. I just so happened to see pages relating to Hartz products. As I read through the symptoms that someone had described (uncannily similar to my cat’s), I researched further and found this website to find that Hartz products mess up pets in all sorts of ways. I picked up some Dawn to wash out what might’ve been left on her skin and fur and immediately took her to the vet, along with the flea medicine packaging.

The vet determined that the flea medicine had caused “hypersensitivity” which began to slowly poison her as the medicine was absorbed into the skin. He praised me on washing the remainder of it off because if it had been on for one more day (and therefore more of it had been absorbed) I probably would’ve woken up to a dead cat.

Cats not feeling good after using Hartz Ultraguard Pro Flea and Tick drops on them

I have used Hartz Ultraguard Pro Flea and Tick Drops for cats on both of my cats for the past couple of moths and it seems to have kept the fleas at bay. The first one or two times I used them my cats seemed kind of lethargic after I put it on them, which seemed strange, but they seemed to come out of it within a day or so, so I didn’t worry much about. Last night I put it on them though and not only did they seem lethargic and like they didn’t feel good but today I noticed one of them shaking its back leg occasionally like she had something on it and also scratching the back of her head a lot. There wasn’t anything on her leg and both cats were still acting like they weren’t feeling good so I started Googling her symptoms and what might be going on. That is when I came across this blog and MANY reviews on other websites that indicated their cats had the same reaction. It is scary thinking that a product that has so many negative reviews and can cause these types of problems in cats, is still being sold! I am really hoping that my cats don’t have any long term effects. I think they are going to be ok but was so displeased with this, that I wanted to post something to warn others not to use this product at all! It is not worth the well being of your cat!

15 doller treatment = 300 in vet bills

I did not know about this site until a few days ago. But after reading several of your stories I feel as if I should share mine.

Now before anyone says that I do not care about my cat I am sure that many pet parients here would agree with me when I say “I would rather die a thousand painful deaths than to knowingly cause harm.”

With that said my story starts on the evening on April 12 2012. I was between paydays and a little short on funds. I had just payed some bills and bought food (even food for whisper) so I just grabbed one of the first items I saw (Adam’s Flea and Tick drops) cost me 15 dollars. When I got home I followed the instructions on the box. Jump to the morning on April 16 Whisper poops on my desk so after cleaning it up I call the vet. When we get there just after they open the doctor runs her tests which I was told would take 15 minutes . When the doctor came back I was asked “What did you use?” when I told her what I had used the doctor said that is the problem. But knock on wood Whisper’s tests came back clean.

Now these days I set aside money every 4 months to get the better treatments.

For those who have survied the illness may you have many happy years. For those who have lost may you find peace. For those who have not suffered any ill effects may you never do.

I couldn’t save MY LIFE SAVERS life..Hartz Guard products POISONED my baby girl and KILLED HER!!!!

Hello, I put my 11 month old Shih Tzu to sleep today 8/16/13.  I had a rambunctious vibrant puppy.  I had given her a bath on the morning of 7/21/13 and I saw that she had 2 fleas on the top of her head.  As a concerned pet owner I went to my local Walmart and purchased a Hartz collar and put it on her when I got home.  She started to show signs she wasn’t herself a day later and I couldn’t for the life of me think as to what was making her so ill.  The only thing I had did different was that I put on that flea collar (mind you that was the ONLY flea collar that she had ever worn).  I took it off of her immediately and her appetite returned for a brief period of time.  I had read so many horror stories about how peoples pets have died because of these products.  But being a Hartz Guard customer for years with my other dogs and NEVER have had a problem I just thought that the flea collar was to strong for her and that maybe I should bathe her with your flea shampoo (which does not have a weight limit on it) and also read in conjunction with your flea drops that the flea problem would be under control, her symptoms returned and I had stopped using these products.  From July 21 until today August 16, 2013 the only thing I did different was use these products on 3 different occasions.  After using the shampoo and the drops within the same week (August 4-August 10) she deteriorated quickly.  I took her to the vet as soon as I noticed she hadn’t eaten within a close to 48 hour period.  Our vet treated her for an infection and told us to go home and wash her with Dawn and sent home antibiotics.  That was on August 10, 2013.  It is now August 16, 2013 and due to her being poisoned by these products she started seizing at 2pm and by 3:30pm she was GONE!!  She was my life and due to all the health issues that I have had since the end of the year last year she gave me strength to move forward.  Now because they don’t put harder restrictions on their products my baby girl is GONE!!

Girlfriend’s Cat

In december 2013, I had bought my girlfriend a cute, beautiful, little turkish angora kitten. We took it to the vet and found out it had mites and fleas. We updated all of her vaccinations and got vet friendly drops for the mites, but found their flea shampoo expensive. We went to wal mart and bought hartz flea shampoo. We have another older 9 year old cat Poose, who we thought would have picked up the fleas as well. So we decided to give both cats a shower to rid of the annoyance. A couple of days later, Poose was constantly in the cat litter meowing in pain and would vomit and lie around. Mind you Poose is all around a healthy cat. We took her to the vet and had to  leave her over night, We had gotten blood tests done which came back saying the poor old girl was poisoned. Staying over night, the vet had given her antibiotics and she came back within a day, slightly recovered. The bill had come to over $200 and we weren’t very financially settled at the time.  So, we decided to contact hartz to let them know that their flea collar and flea soap had poisoned our cat. We filed all of the paper work to apply for reimbursement. It took a few months for all the paper work to go through and we finally called because of no word from them. They had simply said that Poose’s symptoms didn’t match up to the other symptoms of other animals being sensitive to their product. What? please make sense of this for me. Poose lives a simple life. She is an indoor cat and eats the same food all the time. I’m out $250 and my intelligence is insulted and there’s nothing I can do.


Thanks for reading


I applied the Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Drop on my cat today. Within one hour she began making strange noises and expressions. At first I just thought she was maybe uncomfortable with the product on her back but then she started to run around and then became completely lethargic and had a hard time breathing. I googled this product and came across your website.
I’m praying that based on all the advice (bathing the animal and washing him/her with dawn dish soap thoroughly and providing lots of water to flush out their system) that my cat survives this horrible incident. In the meantime, I suggest WE ALL PRINT OUT THESE COMPLAINTS and take them to all our local grocery stores and demand that they pull Hartz products off the shelves immediately. These forums are incredibly helpful and informative but in order to make a real difference we need to do more than just write a couple sentences. LET’S TAKE AGGRESSIVE ACTION (Print out these complaints and take them to Petco, Petsmart, local grocery stores, post of FB etc. ) AND TAKE HARTZ OUT OF BUSINESS! To all of you who have lost a loving pet because of this disgusting company….keep fighting so we don’t lose anymore!

My poor baby….

Here’s my story….

Hubby and I went out of town for a few days, and my mother babysat our dog for us.  She’s a 10 month old pure Boxer.  When we returned, she had a couple fleas, she’s never had any before.  My mom felt bad, so she bought us some Sergeant’s Pronyl OTC.  I applied it on her back the next day.  For about a week, where I applied the medicine, her hair looked really nasty….like glue or something had gotten on her.  After that first week of the medicine being on her, her hair fell off where the medicine was applied, and a big nasty blister formed.  Now, almost her entire back where the medicine was applied is either a blister or raw skin.  Trying to hold off on bringing her to the vet, because I know that will be very expensive.  She is eating and drinking normally.  Once that changes, I know it’s definetly time to bring her in.  Does anyone know if Hartz is paying for any vet bills, since it is their product that is causing damage?

3 Dogs + 1 Cat with Reactions (1 month later still seeing effects)

Thank you for your site!  I had no idea of how something so easy to buy at the store could cause so much heartache and pain.

I was at Neighborhood Walmart trying to get ready for July 4th holiday.  I was planning to take my 7 y/o child and 3 dogs to the lake house for 5 days to spend time with my father and his 2 dogs on his new boat.  That didn’t happen…

I periodically have bought flea stuff from PetsMart Banfield in the past.  They close at 7pm and they want to have seen all animals in question recently and run worm tests, etc.  I have spent several hundred dollars in the past year at the vet for unrelated incidences and thought I would just try getting something at the store – my reasons had to do with price, but more with convenience.  With the holiday weekend stress and trying to find time to get them to the vet and pickup medication before PetsMart closed was going to be very difficult.  I was also trying to STOP a flea infestation at home, plus didn’t want them to pick up fleas or ticks from being at the cabin for 5 days.

I bought Hartz Ultra Guard Plus for dogs and Hartz Ultra Guard Pro for cats.  I spent 30 minutes at Walmart comparing ingredients and finally deciding on these two products.

My pets include:

1. Male Black Lab Mix, 2 y/o, 60 lb (from local rescue group)

2. Female Beagle/Shar Pei Mix, 13 y/o, 20 lb (saved from abandoned house in dead of winter 8 years ago)

3. Female Brindle Greyhound Mix, 10 y/o, 45 lb (from local rescue group)

4. Male Gray Tabby Cat, 7 y/o, 5 lb (rescued from vet after being locked in a crate for 3 years)

Because my child was staying with my parents  for the holiday since I had to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I put the stuff on all the animals Monday night (July 1st) so that there would be no chance of her getting it on her.

I gave all the dogs Butcher Bones to keep them busy while I went to work Tuesday.  Tuesday night, my 2 y/o Black Lab was acting odd, but I just disregarded it.  He was acting nervous and a little wobbly .  I thought he was just being silly or stressing out because my child (who he protects to no end) had been gone for 2 days.

I fed them their normal wet food at 6 pm Tuesday night.  At 4AM, the Black Lab vomited.  Luckily I was awake.  I immediately cleaned it up and noticed NONE of the canned food pieces had been broken down.  It looked like it had just come out of the can.  (SORRY for the description, but after 10 hours, food should have begun being digested).  Again, I didn’t consider it being the Hartz medicine…I thought he had an obstruction from the Butcher Bones I had given them that morning.

I took him to the vet (Wednesday, July 3rd) and told them the only thing it could possibly be was an obstruction and to go ahead and do surgery if need be.  By 5pm, I hadn’t heard anything from my vet and stopped by on my way home.  They hadn’t done any x-rays and wasn’t keen on the obstruction idea.  I was suppose to be packing up the car and heading to the lake.  Why hadn’t they concluded anything after 9 hours?  Thank goodness they didn’t listen to me!  The vet was in another emergency surgery and the tech said, he’s lethargic, vomiting, and has explosive diarrhea.  She asked if I could come back  after the vet was finished in surgery.

My boyfriend says, “it sounds like Parvo.”  WHAT? That’s insane!  They had their vaccines in February!  I went home to rest until the vet called. Then it dawned on me…”the flea and tick medicine!!!”  That’s when I found your site…THANK GOD!  I read 2 other stories and knew that’s what it was.  As I called the vet to tell her, I found the Butcher Bone on the porch so I knew it couldn’t be an obstruction.

The story isn’t over…I decide to cancel my plans for the lake.  I didn’t want 3 dogs to be in a car for an hour if they weren’t feeling well.  I decided to take my Black Lab home Wednesday night.  I couldn’t bear the thought of him being stuck at the vet office on the night of July 4th with the fireworks going off…he’d been through enough.  The vet’s office had already washed his back that morning because they saw a shiny strip down his back.  When I brought him home, I decided to bathe him again.  This 2 y/o dog normally digs his nails in and freaks out when its bath time, but not today.  I didn’t want to cause him stress and led him to the bathroom.  He voluntarily got in the tub on his own! I guess he was telling me to wash this poison off of him.  My vet explained that I was lucky.  There are 2 kinds of reactions, digestive and neurological.  Looks like my lab only had the digestive and would be okay after a few days.  The neurological kind normally leads to death.

The morning of July 4th, I have to make an emergency call to my vet.  My 20 lb Beagle/Shar Pei mix had thrown up bloody mucous 3 times in 10 minutes around 9AM.  Then I notice my 45 lb Greyhound mix is itching non-stop and giving herself whelps! Then I notice the Grey Tabby has lost all the hair on his back where I had put cat specific Hartz medicine and he is twitching every few seconds.  I am getting ready to have a meltdown!

I kept a close eye on them.  My beagle was getting the last of the poison out of her system.  The cat was twitching because the “feeling” from having missing hair along his spine.  They all got bland diets and lots of love for the next few days. (Greyhound got Benadryl to help with allergic reaction).

Over the past month, I have pulled several ticks off of the Black Lab.



No time saved, money or convenience is worth watching your pets suffer.

I’ll keep the fleas…Thank you!  Currently trying alternatives, like food grade Diatomaceous Earth, but its not working either.

However, I will never purchase another Hartz product again, including toys, treats, etc.


Great news investigation!  However, in 2009 they reported the EPA is investigating these harmful medications.  It is now 2013, and these poisons are still widely available in most major store chains!

“The products we investigated are flea and tick shampoos and drops sold by major companies like Sergeant’s, Bio Spot, and Hartz,” the article reads. ”They all contain the same type of pesticide, called pyrethrins or the synthetic versions known as pyrethroids. These are the same pesticides in household products like ‘Raid,’ used to kill bugs around your home.”

thank you for saving my dog’s life and a newborn kitten

I’ve used the thick collar from hertz with my dogs but I never had problems before but thank you people now I know that I should not buy that thing ever again and well I bought the hartz precision nutrition milk replacer for my older dogs as a supplement but I was just about to give the milk to a friend that rescued a newborn kitten to help her but since the bottle never said it was for dogs and kittens I was searching if it was safe to give the milk to a kitten and I found this page and read a few post, thank you people, thank you (: and I’m sorry about what happen to your pets, I’m really sorry about that ):

I just buried my little sweetheart in my backyard…

I have used Sergeants flea and tick drops about two times on my four dogs before, and they weren’t too effective, but they never harmed my dogs. I gave them a dose last night, the drops for dogs 33 pounds or under. However, two of my dogs are much tinier than that, a little less than ten pounds. I split a tube between the two. Everything was fine, so I thought.

I woke up, and my precious baby Peanut, who was a Chihuahua and weenie dog mix, couldn’t move any of his limbs or his neck. His heart rate was very fast, and me and my boyfriend were concerned. Unfortunately, I could not use the car we had, and I couldn’t get a ride to the vets clinic. I walked with my baby wrapped in a towel for 30 minutes so I could hopefully save him. The whole time he looked terrified and every time his breathing slowed he looked at me like “why can’t you help me?”. I got to the clinic to find it was closed until further notice and he died right in my arms as I sat outside the door and cried. I am also pregnant for the first time and was so excited for my baby to meet my soon-to-be baby…

It only cost me $13 to kill my favorite dog in the whole world….don’t buy this poison