Kitten at death’s door after consuming hartz precision milk replacer.

My husband & I have been caring for an abandoned newborn kitten for a couple of weeks now. We’ve been bottle feeding him GNC milk replacer & he’s been thriving & doing really well. I had purchased Hartz milk replacer also when we first got him but never used until last night when we ran out of the other milk. This morning the baby & his box were covered with diarrhea (he’s never pooped on is own until now), his eyes were glazed over & he could barely move. We took him to animal emergency just a few hours ago & they didn’t think it was caused from switching the milk. He is staying there overnight & being treated with fluids & minimal care because all the tests they wanted to do would be $1100-$1700. We just can’t afford that.

I came home & I just couldn’t see what else could make him that sick, that fast, other than switching his milk last night. I got on the internet & found this site & see in posts the exact same symptoms this product produces. I called the hospital a little while ago & informed them of what I’ve read here & what the vet did to save a kitten I read about in another post. She said on the phone that he has already perked up just from receiving fluids but still needs to be there. Hopefully he will continue to improve. I really believe the Hartz is what caused it.

Hartz almost killed my cat and almost cost me a job.

Last summer my husband got laid off from work and to save money we used Hartz on our baby. She almost died and it was the worst few days of my life. She recovered and we learned a valuable lesson. I took a job at Walmart until my husband could go back to work and I would tell every single person that came through my line with any Hartz product that the stuff was poison and would kill their cats. My thought was that I did not care if Walmart fired me if I could save at least one life. One night my boss overheard me and I was coached several times for telling customers to not buy a product. I kept doing it and was honestly on the verge of being fired when my husband finally got called back to work. The point is that something needs to be done, Hartz knows this stuff is garbage, the stores selling it knows it is garbage and because it makes money NO ONE cares. All Hartz will do is send you a check for 8 dollars and apologize and Walmart will nearly fire a good employee for trying to save an animals life.

If I had known…

Wish I had found this website three days ago.  We used Hartz Ultra Guard drops on our three dogs for ticks,  The bigger two dogs are okay, but our granddaughter’s chihuahua, Yoda died today.  We didn’t give him the full dose for a 5 lb. dog, but it was still too much.  He was just laying in the yard a couple of days ago and didn’t seem too bad.  We brought him inside and he didn’t run and jump on the couch like he usually does.  He would only lay around…wouldn’t eat or drink.  This morning he was walking around and drank some water and a little milk.  We thought he was getting better.  This afternoon, he would try to walk and would stagger and fall…and a few hours later he was laying in his bed and convulsed a couple of times and died.  Please, please do not use this stuff on your pets.

neurological damage on a Chihuahua

I used hartz flea drops on thursday night after giving him a bath and he was dry later went to bed , when I got up the next morning to find him contorted and bent he seemed to be trying to bite his tail and was spinning in circles when I picked him up I realized he wouldn’t straighten his body. I tried to get him to straighten but it is hard for him i gave him another bath to try to get it off him he will eat and drink but needs help. I do not know what to do I can not afford the vet bills

Cat killer!

I am absolutely heart broken. i gave my cat sargeants flea killer and it killed my cat. Never ever buy this product