Where and how to report incidents


This statement is from 2010, the latest action taken by the EPA. It lists how to report both for you and your veterinarian and much more information about packaging changes, etc…

Another useful link: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/flea-and-tick-product-risks-and-recalls
Scroll down to article entitled “How to Use Pet Flea, Tick Products Safely” by By Lisa Wade McCormick, 6/1,2010

2 yo 75lb Labrador/Springer Spaniel Mix

I applied Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea & Tick drops for dogs and puppies 60 lbs and over to my 75lb lab mix at 10pm yesterday. Its been a full 24 hours now and no side effects have occurred. Just recently I looked the brand up and saw this website. So I see that it is harmful and sometimes deadly to lots of cats and mostly small dogs. So I was wondering is it even somewhat harmful to a bigger dog like mine? I already washed him several times to get it off of him but its already been 24 hours. Is he going to be okay even though he has had NO side effects yet or should I stay up with him and watch him? I’m really worried please help. Does anyone know how late till side effects start? Even though I washed him he still has greased spots along his back from the medication.

1 year old GSD

Hello, I purchased hartz ultraguard flea and tick for my one year old german shepherd trying to save money, not knowing that it was so harmful until I typed it in online and found numerous cases of serious problems. I applied it around noon and it is now 11 PM with no signs of side effects but I am still worried to death about her. I immediately washed her 3 times with dawn soap approx. 30-60 minutes after application. Does anyone know how long it will take to show side effects or should I stop worrying and just never use this awful product again?

was the flea collar the problem?

Recently I had to take my cat to the vet because he stayed out overnight and when he came back I could tell something was very wrong. He wasn’t able to walk straight and barely able to stand up. I noticed that he could put pressure on one of his back legs but could still barely stand on it when I let him out the day before he was completely fine and usually he loves to play and if you try to scratch his belly he’s going to be clawing at you. When I brought him inside he immediately just laid down and allowed me to rub all over him with no response. He wasn’t shaking and didn’t seem out of breath. I took him to the vet and they told me the flea collar was the problem but I was surprised it could get that bad in the 12hours he was gone and he’s had the collar on for weeks. This happened yesterday and today he’s about 80% better just slightly off balance. I would really love some input from someone who has had side effects from the collars before I am more concerned that this may have been something that he had eaten or was bitten by since it happened so quickly.

I believe my kittens were killed by Hartz Milk Replacer

I wish I had known the horrible stories about Hartz Milk Replacer for kittens before I had given it to my babies.I rescued 5 little girls after their mother passed away.I was feeding them milk replacer from my vet,and one afternoon I ran out.So I went to Walmart and bought Hartz precision nutrition milk replacer not knowing that days later I will lose three of my girls.Last Wednesday my girl named Charmin and on Thursday my girl Phyllis were put to sleep.And yesterday afternoon my girl Dottie had to go and be put down also. The symptoms are the same as I have been reading on here. Vomiting,off balance,falling over when trying to walk,unconsciousness,glassy stare,and unresponsive. My vet thought it was hypoplasia not thinking it could of been the milk they were drinking. My babies were 5 weeks old doing great until I fed them that milk. Then yesterday afternoon I thought what if it is the milk. I never in my wildest dreams would of thought I would of found this website,and people with the same thing as I went through. The guilt I feel is unbelievable. Sure you can say I didn’t  know that the milk was gonna kill my babies,but it doesn’t change the fact that the guilt will always be there. Why is this product even allowed to be on the shelves. How many other people will go through what I went through and not realize it is the very product that they thought was gonna help their kittens. Hartz needs to be taught a lesson. If there is anything I can do I am there to help. I don’t want others to suffer like I have.

PetSmart couldn’t care less about our pets!!!

I recently used Hartz flea drops on my cat and consider myself one of the lucky ones!!! Although he had minor side effects, it could have been MUCH worse from what I read on this site and others. I contacted PetSmart and got the generic stamped response. I figured contacting Hartz would be a waste of time since they clearly couldn’t care less so I thought contacting the vendor would help remove the product from the shelves at the very least. Please read below and think really hard before you give this company your money!!
Dear Lauren,
Thank you for emailing us about the Hartz Flea Drops.
We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Customer comments do allow us to change and improve to meet this goal. We have forwarded your email to our merchandising team. Although we cannot promise that the item will be changed, they will take your comments into consideration.
Again, thank you for your comments regarding this product. If we can be of any additional service, please do not hesitate to ask.
PetSmart Customer Care
Phone: 1-888-839-9638


To: [email protected] recently purchased Hartz flea drops to prevent fleas on my cat and was horrified. My cat started salivating a couple of hours after and became either depressed or lethargic. I felt unsettled and went online to do some research on the product and couldn’t believe what I found. The amount of cats that have died or have suffered seizures is unacceptable. What I find more unacceptable is that PetSmart sells this garbage in its stores. I went into PetSmart with a sense of confidence when I asked the sales person to assist me with purchasing flea drops for my cat, but by bedtime it changed to regret and disgust. I will longer purchase any products sold by Hartz and by PetSmart as it says a lot about a company that will sell poison to pet owners. And I am doing my damnedest to spread the word to every pet owner I know. Since Pet Smart does not conduct it’s business with a conscience, I will make it my priority to inform the public of the murderous Hartz products and the company from which I purchased it from. Even if it saves one animal from being exposed to this toxic product, it’s well worth it!! All my future purchases will be from my vet, regardless of price. I cannot put a price on my pet’s life, but apparently PetSmart can!!

Is Hartz hairball shampoo for cats dangerous?

I have seen posts all over the internet about the Hartz flea and tick stuff being really dangerous for pets. I will never use anything off the counters for fleas or ticks on my pets, only the stuff I get from the vet. However, I haven’t seen anything about the Hartz shampoo for hairball control for cats. Is it dangerous? Has anyone had an experience with this? Please answer, I am worried because I didn’t really know about how dangerous Hartz can be until after I gave my cat a bath.

Hartz flea & tick collar chemical burn [photos included]

This story & photos came in via email from Angela:

“I will NEVER use another Hartz pet product again!!! I bought flea and tick pet collars for my pets and this one must have had a chemical burn happening to my cat I didn’t notice right away.  My son went to pet the cat and thought he felt something on the cats neck and sure enough this is what we found! Took his collar off to find this burn from ear to ear!  I PRAY this doesn’t cause any permanent damage! I am NOT a happy camper and other will see pics and know what this product has done to my cat so it will not happen to others if I can help it! I sprayed his neck with pet hydrocortisone spray hoping that will help. Will have to call the vet in the morning!”