I don’t know what’s going to happen to my baby….

I’m 21 years old I found this cat when I was 8 years old covered in car oil (she is 13 years old) took her home to my grandfather and saved her life… Two days ago we used Hartz flea drops.  I put some on the back of her neck  and at the back of her tail.  The next day she was fine all day however I did notice her fur at her neck looked oil, but today my grandfather saw her in the back yard walking all funny and off balanced.  We brought her in and she was shaking and twitching tremendously I ran to the Petsupermarket and got her some nutrient milk I don’t know what its called but that and a syringe and feed her it.. I did not know what was wrong so I looked on the internet and found this out, I washed he fur off where the stuff was appreciated and feed her again this time she ate on her own.  I can’t take her to the vet because it is not open,  He still is twitching but her walking is a little better and she can eat on her own but she is laying down in one place just twitching like crazy it seems she is getting better but I don’t know if she is… She enjoys me scratching her like I do when she is normal.. I don’t know if she will make it I will cry if something happens to her she is apart of my life and childhood. I feel hopeless she is just twitching this shit has me pissed off how it is being sold and there are so many stories.. If someone can give me some advice please help me…. I done put baking soda on her to dry the Hartz out then soap and shampooed the fur and gently rubbed her down with some cool water because I heard they can over heat… I am trying my best here, someone please give me some tips

My cat died today because I used HARTZ FLEA treatment

this has been a very bad day today my 2 year old cat died today because I used hartz flea treatment ,I want to know how they are allowed to sell this product I am so upset ,I never seen a animal shake like that before ,my husband and I found this cat outside when he was 7 days old we bottle fed him he was my baby !! I cant stress enough to all pet owners DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT !!!!!!!! By the time I got to the vet he was gone !!!!!

Hartz Flea Shampoo Killed my 3 Kittens

This was way back in 1989 but the emotional trauma of what I suffered watching my 3 kittens die is still very much with me. I had a female cat that I rescued from outside my home one winter, she gave birth to three kittens, adorable little tabbies. We fell in-love instantly and named them. There was Cricket, Buddy & Peanut. When they turned 16 weeks old I felt they were old enough to bathe in a flea shampoo to rid them of the fleas momma cat has passed on to them at birth. And according to HARTZ’S FLEA SHAMPOO instructions they only had to be at least 12 weeks old for their product to be safely used. So being that these kittens were 16 weeks old I felt safe in using it. BIG MISTAKE! I applied the shampoo as instructed and within MINUTES, ALL THREE STARTED RUNNING IN CIRCLES AND MEWING URGENTLY WITH A FRIGHTENED LOOK ON THEIR FACES. Soon after Cricket started foaming at her little mouth and gasping for air, Buddy started having foam come out his NOSE and MOUTH, Peanut grew very weak and listless and flopped over like a dead fish and lay gasping for air mewing in silent cries. I rushed them to the sink and re-rinsed them over and over as they grew weaker in my hands. I would rinse one and pass it to my (then 9 years old) daughter to dry off and try to rub them back to life, while I rinsed the other and so on. Finally 10 minutes into the horrific ordeal I panicked and called the emergency number of a local vet who said that it sounded like they had been poisoned and were too far gone to do anything for them because by the time “they start foaming the poison has entered their blood stream and it’s too late to save them” quote, un-quote. The vet also suggested I keep rinsing them with clear water and maybe they might pull out of it but to prepare for the worst. I crying started begging him to come help me, I would pay him holiday pay and after hours pay to just come so these babies wouldn’t suffer as they were literally suffocating in this thick foam oozing from their noses and mouths. He apologized and said there was nothing he could do for them, to call animal control and maybe they could help me. I called animal control and the lady who said there was nothing they could do either still came over quickly because I told her that I wanted a witness to what we were seeing and what the kittens were suffering. She sat with me and we ALL cried as we held these tiny babies in our hands watching them grow more and more listless and cold, all the while making gasping mewing movements with their tiny mouths like fish out of water,silent screams for help and gasping to try to get air in their lungs to breathe. They lived for another 30 minutes. Suffering ungodly pain and torture as they suffocated to death in this poisonous foam. My daughter had nightmares for months afterwards and she and I both still cry at the memories of how these kittens suffered. I called Hartz the very next day-a Monday-and was told that they had never had any complaints before and that they would gladly send me a box to return the actual bottle of shampoo to them for inspection. I stated that without the bottle I would have no proof of what I had used and what if it disappeared or was mysteriously lost in the mail? They assured me this would not happen and they would insure that I was advised of every step that bottle made from arrival to the results of their testing. So I agreed and sent them the bottle. And waited for their call. It never came. I ended up (almost to the point of harassment) calling and calling them for days on end for three months and nothing. Finally almost 4 months later I was able to reach an actual Hartz person because I threatened to sue them, and was firmly told they had NO RECORD of my name, my calling, or ANY complaints from anyone and did I have the bottle to prove it was their product I had used. I hung up in frustration and have vowed to insure no other cats are EVER killed by Hartz products again and voice it to anyone willing to listen. HARTZ PRODUCTS KILL CATS! PERIOD. And Hartz is insensitive and could care less because they are protected by bylaws and wordy powerful attorneys who know how to manipulate the system to insure they are not held accountable. So the next best thing is to boycott their products until they’re removed from consumer markets. DON’T BUY HARTZ PRODUCTS. Please! Save yourselves the heartache my daughter and I still keenly feel to this day….and If you value your sanity and the lives of your cats DO NOT USE HARTZ PRODUCTS ON THEM EVER!!!

Lost My Moses

About probably like 3-4 years ago I had a cat named Moses. I got him when he was about 5 weeks old, he was very sick. I brought him home and he was nursed back to health and perfectly fine. Once he was all better and bigger he became an outside cat due to him starting to pee in the house, but that’s beside the point. He was outside for about 3 years before he got fleas for the first time. So we went to Wal-Mart and found the HARTZ brand flea and tick drops. I put them on him and about a day or less later he started seeming really sick. I figured it was just whatever he had the first time coming back around not knowing what this HARTZ crap did to cats. He was from a farm and not knowing his background we thought maybe feline leukemia. Well we took him to an emergency vet that night since he was unable to walk, he seemed to be having seizures, and he was drooling and had trouble breathing. When we got there they said they had to test him for feline leukemia before going further, he was negative. They had no idea what this was and they suggested putting him to sleep because he was getting worse and worse and seemed to be in pain, and he also now had blood coming out of his mouth. I now STRONGLY believe that this was caused by HARTZ shit. I just found this website and boy, am i glad i did. I am throwing everything HARTZ away that is in my house and will never use anything by them again. I miss my baby moses and I feel so bad that I did that to him.

Wish I had read this

I have 7 pets. 5 cats and 2 chihuhuas. We had a horrible flea investation last year so for preventative medicine, I bought some Sargeant’s Flea and Tick, 1,2,3 treatments. One of my cats started panting and acting weird right after the application. I took her to the sink and washed off the area with warm water until I thought it was gone. Guess it wasn’t. She must have licked off some residue and when I next found her, she had vomited all over herself and she could not stand up for the convulsions she was having. I wrapped her in a blanket and raced to the vet where she is still hooked up to an iv trying to flush the poison out of her system. She may live, she may have severe liver damage, neurological damage, or she may die after all. I also had to take the other 6 in because even after washing them thoroughly with Dawn dishwashing liquid, they also started acting like they had some twitches and were walking crooked and falling over. They are still being observed but seem to be the lucky ones. Really, I can’t understand how a product that is so lethal is still being sold in supermarkets and other stores. I will be holding them responsible for all my vet bills. If there is a class action suit, please let me know.


I live in Houston and the flea problem in my neighborhood is a bit crazy. Last night I gave my cats Chip and Momo a bath and then applied some Diatomaceous Earth when they dried. Today after I held Chip in my arms for a while, I sat him down then used a lint roller on my shirt and found a flea on it! I go a little crazy when it comes to fleas and want them eradicated but my husband won’t let me fog our house because of his electronics. So I walked to Kroger and got the Sergeant’s Gold Squeeze-On for Cats and Kittens. It’s supposed to kill all stage fleas and eggs, ticks and repel mosquitoes. Shortly after applying it to Momo, she started twitching her back and went to groom herself. That started the increased salivation but then she went behind the couch and threw up. I tried giving her another bath but as she hates baths, she struggled severely and I was only able to rinse with water. Her balance doesn’t seem to be off and I’ve washed it off the best I could with a towel, hand soap and a squirt bottle to rinse. But she still seems uncomfortable. I’m home alone. My husband is in the Reserves and is gone for two weeks! I’ve called my mother in law but she’s working and hasn’t picked up. Chip doesn’t seem to be bothered but I went ahead and washed it out of his fur as well. I’ve given Momo milk and she drank a bit but I’m still worried. We’re not out of the woods yet. After Momo threw up I wasn’t taking any chances and washed it off my other cat, Chip as well. He doesn’t seem to be feeling great either. Usually they’re both up by 7 and chasing each other around, waking me up for a refill in their food bowl but I woke up at 9 and they’re both quite mellow. But they’re making progress. I keep wiping their fur and skin with warm water and a little witch hazel.

Hartz Flea & Tick caused my cat to have seisures!!

When our precious kitty “Sparky” was 3 years old, we purchased Hartz Flea & Tick and applied it to the nape of her neck. Within a few minutes she began falling over, not able to stand. To this day, she still wobbles when she stands and walks. I would like to see about filing or joining a lawsuit about this horrible product. Our pets are our babies and it is hard when you know you gave them something that you thought you could trust and would be safe but intead it cripples them.

This product KILLED my cat!

I cannot believe this company has not been sued yet… as soon as I used it on both of my cats one had the worst reaction… lost all his fur and developed heart disease. He died last night… Now I wonder what it is going to do to my other cat. Is he going to die too? This is disgusting.. Have they any idea how much pain they have caused.. yes.. they do .. they just don’t care… bottom line money. I cannot believe you can’t trust any company now days especially for your pets, your family. They are all I have. And you KILLED my baby and now what about my other baby??? I want to cuss you so bad… He was so healthy b/f I applied that flea and tick stuff to him and to boot it didn’t get rid of any fleas… Thank you Hartz for breaking my heart and so many others..

Hartz Denta shield rawhide bones killed our 4 year old Shih Tzu Maddie

My husband had to have open heart surgery the 26th Of November 2012. We are from Glade spring Va and his surgery was in Asheville NC. My brother and his wife took care of our dogs while we were gone. I was on my way home on the 30th of November to stay at home for the weekend while my husbands daughter was spending the weekend in Asheville. My sister in law sent me a picture of my dogs earlier in the day and Maddie was the center of them. About 20 minutes before I picked them up Maddie got a rawhide treat and immediately fell dead in my brother and sister in laws kitchen. I was about 3 minutes away from their house I called to say I would be there in a few. My sister in law screamed and said don’t come home Maddies dead. I felt like my heart would stop. She was born in our home and I have her mother and her grandparents on her mothers side. Maddie was my husbands baby and he had just had open heart surgery and gottern out of surgical ICU just that afternoon I went in their house and they had Maddie laid out on a towel in a chair.I picked up her lifeless body and sat down and all I could do was rock her and cry how am I going to tell Roger.I brought her home and my other dogs and made that call to my husband. He just couldn’t understand why . I called my vet on the 1st of December and asked him to perform an autopsy on her to see the cause of death. He had me bring her to his office that Saturday morning so they could preserve her until Monday. He did the autopsy on Monday and called me and said she had choked to death on a raw hide bone.All her organs were fine. He found the bone still in her prescious little throat. He said no one could have helped her it was so deep in her throat. On the bag of the rawhides stated it was for small dogs up to 20 pounds. Maddie weighed 5 pounds. I had anothe Shih Tzu that weighed 18 pounds. How can something be safe for her little body and for the 18 pound one the  same.I contacted Hartz and they had me to send in the bag along with a statement from me and from my vet saying how she died and her medical history which was perfect. She had never been sick.I did research on the internet trying to find one as small as she was and I didn’t find anything under $2500.00 up to $5000.00. All I asked for was for them to pay for another small Shih Tzu to present my husband with. I knew it could never replace maddie but I thought it may offer a little comfort. I sent documentation of pictures showing him on life support after the surgery and many pictures of her on his lap and shoulders. And the final picture was of me holding her lifeless body before I burried her. They said it would take 4-6 weeks to investigate. During that 7 weeks it took them they had pulled off all the denta shield rawhide treats that had the up to 20 pounds on them from our area and changed the bag to just say small dogs. On the back of the new package it reads As with all chewing products supervise your dog while chewing. She was being supervised but my vet said NO ONE COULD HAVE HELPED MADDIE. Then they went on to say in their letter to us they were sorry for our loss but had deermined Hartz wasn’t responsible and it is almost impossible for a dog of any size to choke to death on them. Hartz is a very wicked company. They know their product killed our dog. My husband and I are going to open up a class action lawsuit. Anyone out their if they lose a pet that isn’t old or sick I would highly reccomend an autopsy. We have the documentation from our vet and we have the bone he gave us that he took from her throat. It’s time these big company answer to what they have done to our pets. I’m sure as all of you pet owners you feel the same way . They are our children.