Hartz tick oil drops!!!!

Hi, My name is Alan,

I’ve had dogs all my life, and started to rescue dogs about 15yrs ago. Pitbull’s to be exact, a very misunderstood breed if you ask me. They are one of the most loving pets I’ve ever seen, and great with children!

I end up getting a puppy that was 4-months old, and saw it had Tapeworms. I used a tick collar which helped. But after a month or so, while giving her a bath, we noticed how dirty it was getting. So we gave her a bath, then applied Hartz oil drops on her back. ALL OF A SUDDEN!!! we noticed her back broke out in HIVES!!!! We did not know what was happening. I consulted my Vet, and was informed it was due to the Hartz Drops!!! I was instructed to use DAWN dish washing soap, to wash it off, and Benadryl. It’s been over a month, and It’s still there!! The Benadryl has helped a bit, and constantly bathing her in cool water.

WHY IS THIS PRODUCT STILL IN THE MARKET!!!!!!??????? I wish we can put together a Class Action Suit!! against Hartz, but don’t know where to start!

Someone Please help!!

My poor puppy


Well  a couple of days ago my mom have my dog Fluke a bath she used the hartz dog shampoo .. He w until later that night around 9:00 pm he started having a sezure he came out of it a few seconds later … He was fine but then he started to get more serious and he had a bigger one and really never came out of it . The next day my mom brought him to the vet and that’s we’re they told her that fluke had to stay there so they could keep an eye on him . They hooked him up to an iv . They told us that there’s a chance that he might be blind . The next day we went to the vet and got fluke ..the vet told us that he couldn’t see and he might get it back in about a week …. My dog is so hurt can barley walk when he stands he falls over . Our dog is not the same anymore he is the best dog anyone would be glad to call there pet he’s not only our pet he’s part of our family and why would the hartz company want to take that away from us no animal should have to go through this …. I hate the HARTZ company … Fluke is the type of dog who if you throw a ball he’ll go and get it and give it back to you … If you sit on the ground and Howell he’ll sit there and Howell back if you ask him to smile he’ll loll at you and show hi teeth. My brother will sit there on the floor and play little hand games with him … This dog is not the same I’m so up set ….. Everyone at the HARTZ company can rote in HELL ….. thanks for taking our dog away