Why is this stuff still selling?

Both my cats had massive seizures and were lethargic for days, I was so scared and I do’t understand how this stuff can be on the market when it is so deadly. I am so scared to use anything on my poor animals, my babies skin was so burned from it after the seizures I had to wrap cool cloth around them, I can’t believe how deadly this shampoo was. I wish I would have come here first. I know watered down Dawn is good, anything else out there that you all know are good products? And is Nine Lives good for your cat? Just want the best for my kitties. Sorry for all those who have been hurt by this product. Pets are amazing, they are family 🙂

Cats almost died. Both are in hospital on fluids

I bought a 3 months supply of cat flea treatment and put it on two of my cats. One, a male and the other a very pregnant female cat. After a hour both cats starts shaking uncontrollably. I freaked the hell out as I love my animals and am going to school to be a vet. That night one of the cats even started having seizures. I washed both of them off and didn’t know what else to do because it was very late and the vet was not open.  I intern at the vet every morning Monday through Thursday. Everyone on there knows me very well, so once I woke up i went straight there with no appointment for an emergency visit. They checked them out and also told me that they see at least one animal A MONTH come in with the same symptoms as mine due to Hartz and they wish they would take it off the market. One of the vets checked out the cats and bathed both of them once again and started them on IV fluids and told me to let them stay so they could keep an eye on them. The doctor said she does not know what will happen to the pregnant cats unborn kittens and that we will have to see when she has them. She said that they could do an emergency C-Section but that was very risky in that she is around 2 weeks until full term. I am extremely infuriated with this product and have contemplated suing if anything is wrong with those precious unborn babies!!!!! I have tried to call Hartz but customer service is closed until tomorrow. They can expect a call from me 9:00 AM SHARP in the morning and I will have a little talk with them with some very colorful language. They WILL be sending me my money back and should really be liable for paying my vet bill. It is all because of those bastards that this even happened.

Want To Do Something About This??

Bored, need something to do to take your anger at Hartz out? I got just the ticket for you easy and simple and you’ll feel better after you do it too!

Check out Hartz new ad campagin

Why not write The San Franciso Chromicle and tell them what your opinion of  Hartz flea and tick products is. Or just tell them “your” Hartz story

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Do something to help get the word out about Hartz. summer  is coming and more cats and dogs are going to be hurt or die from products like Hartz. Getting the  word out about how dangerous Hartz is , is a good start to helping keep animals safe.

Caution for pet owners

Our 3 years old yellow lab, Mia has been living with my husband and I inside the house ever since we brought her home as a puppy.  A hard decision was made when my daughter was born and started crawling when we decided to put Mia in the backyard temporally just until my daughter start walking.  This month my husband and I were excited because we finally feel  it’s time to have Mia back in the house as my daughter walks pretty steadily now.  We gave her a bath last weekend with the Hartz flee & tick shampoo and then applied the Hartz flee & tick  med.  she was fine the following 2 days until about 3 days ago I just noticed that she looked listless and tired.  Then, the next day she did not finish her dinner…we knew immediately that something is wrong.  She usual wolf down her meals in few seconds.  We walk around the back yard and saw that she has diarrhea, and it was black.  We took her to the emergency pet hospital right away. The doctor did x-rays on her and told us that she is bleeding internally.  He saw the brown streaks left by the flee & tick med on Mia’s back  and asked us what brand we use…was it the brand called Hartz.  He also told us about the incidents pet owners experienced with this brand…we were terrified that we have made the same mistake.  While he was examining Mia, we rushed home to see what brand we used on Mia, my heart sank we we saw the label on both the shampoo and the med.  we brought her home yesterday, my husband slept with her throughout the night, and I couldn’t sleep all night because I have never felt so guilty of letting this happen to Mia.  Lesson learned!  I will research on unfamiliar brands before I make any purchases…I just don’t understand how those products are still available on the shelves.  This is  why I wanted to post my story so that at least it provide some caution to other pet owners.  I just prey that Mia will survive this horrible ordeal.

Kills people not fleas

Bought the Hartz flea and tick foggers, set them off on Thurs night. The second I hit the button I began coughing and sneezing uncontrollably. Set off the other 3 as fast as I could hacking all the way. Left the apt and had to stand outside the door coughing/wheezing/sneezing to the point I almost peed my pants Made it to my vehicle just to continue this for another 30-40 minutes. Got over it, returned 2.5 hours later just to re-enter and immediately start it again. Didn’t even make it to the porch door 10 ft away where I stood outside hacking again for another 30 minutes. Today is Saturday and there are fleas jumping everywhere and new flea poop on my countertops etc. Had to go back out and buy Raid and did it all over again tonight…no coughing or adverse reaction and how much ya want to bet the fleas are dead? SAY NO TO HARTZ! Thankfully I bought a different brand of flea shampoo or my cat probably would be dead by now.