Hartz KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer)

My cat recently had a litter of kittens. Unfortunately she came down with mastitis. the nippe breast it was on basically exploded. I thought it would be fine and covered that one, and let the kittens nurse on the others. unfortunately by day 2 three more breasts had it and her Milk was septic. this lead to the kittens getting (As strange as this sounds) Abcess feet.

Now obviously because of this the mother no longer could be let to nurse them, we went to bottle feeding. I  pierced and drained the infection out of their feet, salt soaked them, and peroxided them every 2 hours, and was bottle feeding them. Now this being a small town without any kind of pet stores, we’d gone to the only grocery store, Albertsons, to get formula. Albertsons carries only one kind, the Hartz liquid KMR cans. so we’d gotten that. Immediately the kittens did not like it. they refused to drink it. We assumed this was because the giant nipple on the kitten bottle (The cat has small nipples so it wasnt anything like they were used to) and presuming this forced the sick kittens to eat, worried theyd starve, they ate a little at a time, but very little.

Within that night the first kitten (Weakest and smallest) had died. at the time I had presumed it because of the afflicted feet.

However into the next day, the other three kittens Id observed, their feet were getting progressively better, quickly.. but they were still getting weaker and weaker. we thought the next smallest would die, she had grown very weak and began seizuring.. Bryon, my roomate, googled it breifly, because we didnt understand how, if the abcess was healing, it would be killing them.. Bryon found this site. Immediately I took the bus to petsmart in the next town and got GNC KMR powder.  It was not the foot, but the formula, I fully believe, that was responsible for killing the first kitten, and nearly the others.

The three kittens, including the smallest which we thought would die, Are now doing very well. She is no longer having seizures, their feet have healed, they are strong and healthy. Do not ever buy Hartz.

yet another victim

I got my two daughter’s a puppy for Christmas. He has been a great dog. He even perked up another dog we have because he lost his playmate. Well I resently purchased some Flea and Tick Shampoo by HARTZ. The puppy (Gizmo) is now well over 6months of age. We gave hi a bath last night with this Shampoo and now he is having convolutions. We are not. financily stable to take him to a vet. So we are doing the best we can with what we have. I will no longer use there products and advising everyone I know not to use there products. Gizmo is doing better than what he was about 12 today. So I pray he just continues to improve. Heartz should not be able to produce and sell products that are harmful to our loved ones. They may walk on all fours but they are still family.

Hartz chew n clean bones my

I have been buying the hartz chew n clean bones for my oldest dog for about two years. I work at a vet clinic and I am aware that Hartz is is a brand not to be trusted, but I thought the bones would be okay. I have never had any problems with them up until about a week ago. My younger dog has been chewing on the bones as well. He was having surgery to repair a fractured leg and when surgery was over he began bleeding out of his rectum, a lot. The doctor was suspecting internal bleeding because of the amount of blood. While my dog was passing the blood they found a small orange piece of plastic that was very sharp. The doctor came to the conclusion that the bleeding was caused by Colitis. Later on when my dog was being cleaned up a green piece of plastic was found, also very sharp. The only things in my house that are orange and green like those pieces of plastic are the hartz bones. I threw them away immediately. I cannot believe they are allowed to sell toys and bones for dogs that can cause so much damage. Thank god my dog is recovered now and has no more problems. I will only buy name brand toys from now on.