My babygirl Peanut <3 I miss you

I have been debating for a while to post my story. But I feel like I need to out of respect. Exuse me for any language that may have swears. I hope that all employees of  Hartz rot in hell. Last July, I lost my bestfriend. She was a chihuahua and I had her since I was a young chilld. She was 7 years old when she passed away.I’m 13 years old. It was back in July, a ordinary day. When my mom bought Hartz Flea and tick medicen for chihuahuas. The next day after my mom has applied it to her, she was limping. I thought nothing of it, because she had had problems previously with her legs.  But just to make sure, I told my mom. The next day, my mom went online, and did some reasearch. She found out that dogs and cats were dying because of This stupid shit. My mom imediatly called the vets, they told her to wash Peanut in dawn dish liquid. We did as we were told. After we brought her to the vets. They checked her out and said she would pass it. We went home, and kept a close watch on her. That night, she was laying in her bed in my moms room. And my mom woke up because Peanut was having a siezure. My mom yelled for me. I jumped out of bed and ran out to my moms room. My mom in tears. Peanut just sitting there, lost. Confused. We then panniced and brought her to the vets. When we got there, they took her away to examine her. They then had us come into the back room where she was, and my mom asked if she was going to beat it If she wasn’t then my mom was going to have her put down, so she wouldn’t have to deal with the pain.. The vet assured us she would. A long night. I went home. Cried myself to sleep. Thinking something might happen, and I would wake up to her gone. I woke up. She was okay. My mom and my family took her outside and she was walking and playing and being her old self again. We thought that she was going to be fine. So we thought.  The next day she was back to siezures and she was very sick. I was holding her, then she had a big siezure. That was by far the most terrifying thing I had ever seen in my life. My mom wanted a second opinion. So we got into the car. My bestfriend next to me in her bed.. suffering. We brought her into the vets and to an examine room.  My mom set her down to walk..Peanut then had diahrea all over the floor. There was blood. Losts of blood. Then she immedietly went into another iezure. They took her away quickyly into the backroom.  We waited for hours in the waiting room. They then called us back into the room and I walked in, and saw her in a big cage with a cone around her neck. They told us they had done an IV. Also that she was doing better. I had hope. But they told us she needed to stay over night. So we went home. That was the last time I saw her. The last time I saw my bestfriend. The following morning we got a call.. The vets. During the night when they weren’t there. She passed away. Alone. In a dark room with no one there. Is this what Hartz wants? To kill innocent animals. Kill little girls bestfriends? It so bad, That I sleep with her bed. The last things she layed in before I left. I cry myself to sleep almost ever single night. I HOPE YOUR FUCKING HAPPY HARTZ. THANK YOU FOR TAKING AWAY MY BESTFRIEND.

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  1. Your story deeply moved both my wife and myself. We have a story on here about our kittens, but it did not end in death, thankfully. I know words like this don’t change a damn thing, but I am so sorry for you and your loss. And don’t worry about the profanity. I couldn’t help myself either when I told my story. My story involved me feeding kittens Hartz’ Kitten Milk Replacement (they were abandoned by the mother), and that’s the part that drives me the most crazy. I was hand-feeding these babies this poison… But WHATEVER YOU DO, do not blame yourself. You’re supposed to be able to trust these products. All you are doing is trying to help. It is in no way your fault. Spread the word about Hartz. Make it count.

  2. I’m so sorry about your little Peanut. 🙁 Hartz is a truly evil company. I actually have a Facebook group that I created after my kitten was almost choked to death by one of Hartz’s flea and tick collars. Here’s the URL:
    Your story was very compelling; do you think that you could post it on the group’s wall? Everyone needs to see how evil the Hartz company really is. If you want to remain anonymous, I’d be happy to post it myself and not mention your name. Again, I’m so sorry about your baby.


  3. I am so very sorry for this happening to your loved pet. Hartz just doesnt care or they themselves would recall and take all of their products off the shelves…but hey whats one more death to them? My sisters Schnauzer was in my care two summers ago and left me him to watch as she went away for vacation and had JUST put on a Hartz flea collar before bringing him to my house to be watched. Sadly enough as I held him at the door as she drove away and as I was waving his paw at her to say goodbye that would be the last time she would see him. The next morning he was very very sick, diarreah, vomiting, not eating, staring at the floor, grass or corner and not moving and I called her to tell her that and she said he was probably depressed that she left him and that night as he layed on my couch he let out a horrific cry and I knew I had to drive him 40 miles away to his vet and I didnt care. Sad that I had to call her at 4am to tell her he was there and she had no choice but to put him down. I could not handle this because I had a brother of his and couldnt imagine having to do this to him. Please the best thing to do is WARN EVERYONE of these products or even HARTZ in general. I even warned a guy at a gas station that had a dog and I asked him what kind of collar he had on his dog and he said he just put on a Hartz. I said PLEASE if you want your dog to live, take it off and look online!!!! Its the best thing you can do in your dogs memory. Again I am sooooo soooo sorry…. we all know how you feel. God bless!

  4. I had no idea this was happening !! Why?? What’s in their products that are making them so deadly? I’m just in shock !! I just bought a box of the flea killer that goes on the neck. I won’t be using it. I am just so curious as to why these things are happening, does anyone know ?? I am so very sorry for the loss of your pet. I too lost a pet very suddenly. Took her to the groomer one week the next she was dead. But the vet did a necropsy on her and turned out she has cancer of the spleen. At least that’s what he said. He treated her for days for worms I knew she didn’t have. They ran me out of the building that day because they had to do rabies clinics, called me at 7pm and said my baby had passed. Then after I ‘allowed’ him to do the necropsy. He wouldn’t let me come the 10 min. drive to get her. (I’m sure he was worried about getting his money)My husband left work the next day and they gave us our baby frozen, wrapped in a towel. Frozen like yesterdays pot roast. It was horrible. So, honey I know how you feel and am so very sorry.

  5. I am sorry for the people who have lost their pets such an awful way. Why has nothing been done about this horrid way of our animals being killed because we are trying every method to make them safer to this environment which we live in. Looking back to last March 2012 I wondered why my dog Oliver got really really sick and within a week he died on my bedroom floor. The vet said he had congestive heart failure but I remember that it was about 2 or 3 weeks b4 he took a convulsion while out walking one evening. Oliver was 13 but had a full exam done in December (just 3 months b4 he died)and all was well. I blamed it on the building which I live in. I put one of those flea collars on my one cat about a month ago and he has been very different. He has not been socializing and playing like he did a month ago. I read this article and went into the bedroom and cut the collar off of him. I am now going to wash him up to get the stuff off of his sken around his neck and hopefully YOU have saved the life of one of my cats by writing your article. Thank you for this very important information and hopefully we can save other animals from this awful way of dying right b4 our eyes. God bless and thank you.

  6. You have a really foul mouth and extremely poor grammar for a 13 year old. Maybe instead of posting inflammatory stories online you should study.

  7. @dogluvr – Do you feel better now? Berating a grieving 13 year old? Maybe instead of bullying kids online over expressing their grief, you should get yourself a job…or are you a Hartz employee getting ready for work and felt the need to pipe in?

    @R.I.P. Peanut…I’m so sorry you had to go through this. Your best friend was murdered … swear all you want. Your baby, though you can’t see her, is still by your side. Cherish the time you did get to have with her – be angry, yes, but don’t let the anger push away the memories of the life and love you gave her.

    My heart goes out to you xoxo

  8. RIP..Peanut, I am very sorry for the loss of your baby. You have every right to be upset. Most peoples pets are important parts of their family, as it sounds Peanut was in yours. Several years ago, I had purchased Hartz flea medicine for our family cat, Shadow. Within hours of putting this medicine on his neck, he became very ill. Thankfully, we got him to the vet in time and he was saved. However, I started researching Hartz products and discovered that their products have taken the lives of several animals. I posted on line about the Hartz products and told every single person that I knew about the dangers of using Hartz products. I fail to understand how they are allowed to continue to sale these products. Although our cat was saved, I have read of many family pets that have not been so fortunate. I use nothing but vet approved products on my dog, Sparky. We animal lovers need to band together to get the word out about Hartz products, starting now.

  9. I am so, so sorry for the loss of your best friend, Sweetheart! But I want you to know Peanut’s death and your post just stopped me from using a Hartz flea spray on my two Chihuahua’s. I never had a problem with fleas when I owned my own house and yard then sold my house, moved to an apartment and my dogs got fleas. Washed them in Dawn, took both to the vet for their exam and shots and paid $40 for two one month applications of Frontline flea stuff that never worked, dogs had fleas a week later. Called vet, they said it doesn’t kill fleas and doesn’t protect dogs from getting fleas. Do what? Why pay $40 for something that does nothing? I was going to order more from Petmeds but it didn’t work so I will try something else.

    So, I have been wondering what to do and what to buy then dogs got covered in fleas. I bought some Hartz Ultra Guard Plus while at WalMart thinking I’ll wash them in Dawn then spray that on until I can figure out what flea stuff to buy. But since I am careful about putting chemicals in or on my dogs, I researched the Hartz spray before putting it on my dogs. Your post stopped me from using it! I will NEVER use a Hartz product in the future.

    Thank you and rest in peace sweet Peanut. You may have saved my two best friends and babies from death and me from tremendous heartache.

  10. I bought a hartz flea collar for my precious Toby. my poor baby got very sick and died because of Hartz collar,he I and suffered so badly it is very sad.he was so sick with bloody diarrea , nausea, would not eat had seizers etc. I took him to the vet spent 500.00 to try and save his life, but my baby Toby did not make it. Thanks Hartz for killing my best friend, and Family Dollar for knowing there was a recall and kept them on the shelves anyway. so senseless!!!!! i will sue you Hartz and Family Dollar. Your both scum and need to be shut down.

  11. Wow ive never had a problem with hartz…..not trying to be insensitive but all im reading is all the animals had an allgeric reaction…theres really not tons of posts to prove otherwise….

  12. I’m very very sorry for your loss of your bestfriend. You have a compelling story, and I am sure that it will be helpful – and indeed seems it has been. Respect to your Peanut. I imagine telling your story was hard, you were brave to share. You’ve saved other peoples babies, and probably more in the future. Thank you very much for sharing. Blessings to you and your Peanut.

    My heart goes out to you (and Peanut).
    I wish you well in this hardship, and in general.


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