My babygirl Peanut <3 I miss you

I have been debating for a while to post my story. But I feel like I need to out of respect. Exuse me for any language that may have swears. I hope that all employees of  Hartz rot in hell. Last July, I lost my bestfriend. She was a chihuahua and I had her since I was a young chilld. She was 7 years old when she passed away.I’m 13 years old. It was back in July, a ordinary day. When my mom bought Hartz Flea and tick medicen for chihuahuas. The next day after my mom has applied it to her, she was limping. I thought nothing of it, because she had had problems previously with her legs.  But just to make sure, I told my mom. The next day, my mom went online, and did some reasearch. She found out that dogs and cats were dying because of This stupid shit. My mom imediatly called the vets, they told her to wash Peanut in dawn dish liquid. We did as we were told. After we brought her to the vets. They checked her out and said she would pass it. We went home, and kept a close watch on her. That night, she was laying in her bed in my moms room. And my mom woke up because Peanut was having a siezure. My mom yelled for me. I jumped out of bed and ran out to my moms room. My mom in tears. Peanut just sitting there, lost. Confused. We then panniced and brought her to the vets. When we got there, they took her away to examine her. They then had us come into the back room where she was, and my mom asked if she was going to beat it If she wasn’t then my mom was going to have her put down, so she wouldn’t have to deal with the pain.. The vet assured us she would. A long night. I went home. Cried myself to sleep. Thinking something might happen, and I would wake up to her gone. I woke up. She was okay. My mom and my family took her outside and she was walking and playing and being her old self again. We thought that she was going to be fine. So we thought.  The next day she was back to siezures and she was very sick. I was holding her, then she had a big siezure. That was by far the most terrifying thing I had ever seen in my life. My mom wanted a second opinion. So we got into the car. My bestfriend next to me in her bed.. suffering. We brought her into the vets and to an examine room.  My mom set her down to walk..Peanut then had diahrea all over the floor. There was blood. Losts of blood. Then she immedietly went into another iezure. They took her away quickyly into the backroom.  We waited for hours in the waiting room. They then called us back into the room and I walked in, and saw her in a big cage with a cone around her neck. They told us they had done an IV. Also that she was doing better. I had hope. But they told us she needed to stay over night. So we went home. That was the last time I saw her. The last time I saw my bestfriend. The following morning we got a call.. The vets. During the night when they weren’t there. She passed away. Alone. In a dark room with no one there. Is this what Hartz wants? To kill innocent animals. Kill little girls bestfriends? It so bad, That I sleep with her bed. The last things she layed in before I left. I cry myself to sleep almost ever single night. I HOPE YOUR FUCKING HAPPY HARTZ. THANK YOU FOR TAKING AWAY MY BESTFRIEND.

Ants In Hamster/Gerbil Food

I’m new here and just wanted to say I am so sorry for all of your pets troubles and losses. I am lucky that my issue did not harm my little ones. I just went to the store and bought Hartz Bonanza Hamster and Gerbil Diet- 4lb bag. I took it home,  went to open it,and even  had to use a knife because it was sealed very well. I got it open and poured it into my clean gerbil food container  when I saw the food moving! Ants! I looked in the bag at the last handful and it  also had ants! I screamed and my dad came in and rushed me to throw it out and spray raid into the trash bag! There were no ants on the outside of the bag or in the store so I know it came from this company! Good luck to you all and thank you for this site 🙂


My boyfriend and I took in two little kittens on October 19th, 2012 that had been abandoned behind his workplace. Being only 3 weeks old, judging by their size, they were completely helpless, so, ever since then, they have been with us and we love them more than anything in the world. They had been getting a lot of fleas and, since they were finally old enough, we decided to go and purchase some flea collars. We got the Hartz Ultra Guard Reflecting Flea and Tick Collar for Cats and Kittens 12 weeks and older. These collars are advertised as ‘break-away’ collars, so we thought that they would be perfect, especially since they are a few weeks older than the age that Hartz said was safe. Charlie, our little 15 week old kitten was the first to try one of these collars this morning. About fifteen minutes after putting a flea collar on him, we heard the noise of the cat struggling to breathe. When we ran into the room, were horrified to see that his lower jaw was stuck on the flea collar and that he was bleeding from the mouth. After struggling to rip off the so-called ‘break away’ collar, I was finally forced to cut it off, freeing his air passageways. He is on my lap right now, covered in blood and if my boyfriend and I had not been here to save him, I have no doubt that we would have come home to find him dead, suffocated by this ‘break away’ flea collar. Thank God that he is okay now and we can work to move past this event. But, there are countless animals that have died at the hands of Hartz. For people who have animals, they are like our children; we love them and they love us unconditionally in return. They do not deserve to suffer at the hands of companies like this. Through our research this morning, we also learned about the Sergeant’s Gold Flea bath (which we have been using on them since they started getting fleas) and about how it has harmed countless animals. Thank God that our Charlie is safe. I am so sorry to the people who have lost their animals because of this company. The Hartz Company needs to be stopped. I have created a Facebook group, supporting the boycott of all Hartz products. I urge you to please join. There is power in numbers; we can take this company down.
Here is the link to the Facebook group:
If this link doesn’t work, the name of the group is ‘Do Not Support the Hartz Company.’

i had know idea this was going on…

so today i bought the Hartz flea dip for cats and the Hartz onespot drops for my cat also, gave him his dip….was fine after he dried i put the drops on him.
i left the house hours later and was talking about it because she has a puppy with fleas and shes going to bomb her place and she gave her puppy advantix or something like that, and i mentioned that i used Hartz, i had no idea about the victims and i just grabbed it while i was at wal-mart, and she told me she thought it had been recalled and someone she knew that works for pits r us had mentioned to her not to use that brand, but my cat has had no side effects other than the fleas are off of him, im hoping it keeps them away but no side effects. ive seen positive reviews on the product so im assuming its not all pets that this happens to and they seem to be in minutes, and if this is the case how are they able to still sell this product to people like me who had no idea until it was already done?