Kills fleas (& DOGS & CATS) in as little as 1 hour!

No human being and no innocent animal should have to go through this horror. I am so thankful I found this site! (It was actually the first thing that popped up in a Google search for Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick). It encouraged us to act and to act fast – hopefully saving my dog’s life. I am donating what I can in gratitude/hope. THIS COMPANY SHOULD BE BANNED FROM SELLING PET PRODUCTS. FDA are you listening?!?!?

I applied a 6ml packet of Sergeant’s Gold to my 1 year old Siberian Husky. I did not use the entire tube as it seemed like there was way too much, more than when I use Frontline or Advantix. I also made a point not to get ANY on myself as I remember having a weird ‘oral’ reaction to it the one other time I applied it. I washed my hands, I put blankets on all the furniture and warned my husband “Do not touch the dog!”. Approximately 30 minutes later I got a glass of water for myself – it tasted extremely metallic. I got a different glass and filled it with Coca-Cola.. same thing. I thought “Here I go again, this can’t be healthy”. About this time my husband yells “ASPEN IS HAVING A SEIZURE!”. I ran in and saw my dog staring blankly at the wall and trembling severely, legs splayed.Ā  “Call poison control, call the vet, call the ER vet, Google this flea & tick stuff now!”. I began calling the vet and he read to me what he was finding online. Our hearts sank! The ER vet agreed that we should bathe her and asked me the brand name. I said “Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick” and she responded “Yes. Give her a bath then bring her in immediately. THAT STUFF CAUSES A LOT OF PROBLEMS”. We lifted my struggling dog into the bath- she had no control of her legs and was shaking uncontrollably.

She is now staying overnight per the recommendation of Poison Control. She was given another bath, muscle relaxers, and is on IV fluids. If she is not better tomorrow she will stay and be seen by a neurologist next week. The cost is estimated to be $775 – $2,600. I’m just hoping she lives.

My dog was the picture of health. A beautiful, fit, and fun-loving creature. We spent the week enjoying her first snow in a national park. We spent this afternoon at a dog park. Tonight I feel like the worst ‘mom’ on Earth. But mainly I am livid with the lack of attention our government gives this. I only thought I was keeping her free of fleas and ticks.

The ER vet said my family vet would be sending a report to the company. I will be sending them a plea to stop senseless heartache of pet owners. I will also be writing to this address:

U.S. Food and Drug Administration
10903 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20993


Hartz should be banned immediately…

Resubmitting this post with a link to a youtube video we made of our pup pup šŸ™


We posted the following to our facebook pageĀ
You know …… we lost our dog Tater at the end of October. We had had him for 6 years. He got sick late on a Saturday evening, he was just acting very tired and wouldn’t eat, but he’d drink water only to throw it up. I called the vet that Saturday about 5 minutes before they closed and told them he was being lathargic and wouldn’t eat, what could I do til I could get him there Monday morning. They told me to try and give him some bland chicken and rice, so I went to the store and got him the chicken and rice. I tried all that eve to get him to eat, but he wouldn’t, he would just lay there. Then that night when he’d try walking it was like his back legs were going limp. This was the first time in 6 years of having him that he had gotten sick so I was worried. I figured if things were not better by Sunday morning that I’d just find an emergency vet and find someone to take us, but it was too late, he passed away that Saturday night and into Sunday morn about 1am. I have never been so devastated at the loss of a pet as I was with him. I seen a facebook page a few weeks back called Hartz is killing our pets but hadn’t really looked much at it because of all the stuff we have been going thru lately…….but after thinking about it, I just realized that Robert had given Tater a bath the day before with Hartz flea shampoo and I started looking around today and after finding this website and reading the other stories and symptoms other peoples pets had, I now firmly believe this is what killed Tater. Because he was a house dog, he went outside to potty and back in so I knew that he hadn’t been outside to get into anything, he just wasn’t that type of dog, he would go out and do his biz and get right back inside with us because to us and himself he was human so he wanted to eat what we ate and go where we would go so he was always with us. Hell, we couldn’t even leave him in a room by hisself or he’d bark bark bark til you would come back in the room and tell him to come with you or pick him up šŸ™‚ He expected to be where we were weather it was in the car going to the store, a road trip, the bedroom, bathroom, wherever, he NEVER let us out of his site. If we ever left the house without him to go shop or something we’d come back and he’d have tears in his eyes and act as if we had left him for years. And that entire day he never barked when we left him laying in a room for a minute alone, he just layed there. Plus I knew that I had not put any poisons or anything else out around the house inside or out. And the fact that he was absolutely fine and normal til the day after he got that bath with the Hartz flea shampoo. He got sick, was just tired and wouldn’t eat and in a matter of hours dead…….just like that. I don’t see how they can still have products for sale to the public, how could they, with so many pets sick or dead from their products. Just sickening…….. they should be banned. Please don’t use Hartz products on your pets AT ALL, I know I won’t!!!!!! R.I.P. Tater

Elise’s Collar..

Hello..and well I do think i should share this..

We knew all about Hartz and never used the HatzĀ  brand but my cat Elise has Major Flea issues and thought hum..Maybe a flea collar..Sure enough it worked great! the fleas are now’s two weeks into using the brand Sergents Flea collar in what tells you that it is able to be left on for six months!!! we had left it on for just two weeks and she now has SUPER Chemical burns!!!…ItĀ hadĀ taken her fur off and has gone a few flesh levels in…I feel horrible due to she LOVING necklaces..what was odd she never complained about the was not tight it was simply on her where she could just kick it off..not a peep out of her..My poor baby girl has been such a trooper since then..letting us doctor it and see how the progess is..



Crazy Pissed Off Cat

Yesterday we gave our cat Hartz flea and tick collar… (Having no idea this site existed). She was acting weird after we put it on her, running around the house scared then went to one of her hiding spots. Didn’t think anything of it until this morning when she peed in my bed. She has NEVER done that before, so I started looking up side effects and found this site. I immediately cut her collar off. Haven’t seen a change yet, going to give her time to calm down. I am in shock after reading all these posts…how are they still in the stores.

please help

i have 2 young catsĀ  that have been sprayed by Sergeant’s silver flea and tick spray for dogs we have read the story and are scared are cats are in trouble is there any way we can help them ? what are side effects? what do we watch for? How do we get it out of their fur and how do they get sick?

My Kitten, Missy

I have a 7 week old kitten named Missy. I live with my uncle and he has a dog who goes outside but my kitten doesn’t I prefer to have her inside so she doesn’t run off and get into stuff that will harm her. Anyway because my uncle’s dog goes outside he sometimes gets fleas and sadly, my little Missy got them bad and she would constantly be crying and scratching and following me around hoping I could get rid of the fleas. I felt bad so I asked my uncle’s vet if there was anything I could use on her thatĀ wouldn’t harm her but kill the fleas. All she did was tell me to go to any grocery store and anything would work. I started to have a bad feeling when she said that because not everything is perfect.Ā  I then saw Hartz products and I called and asked her about the ingredients and she told me to use the spray. She also told me not to use a lot because it said to not use for kittens under 12 weeks old. I bought the product and sprayed a little on her, she tried to lick herself and I noticed immediately that we was pretty much eating the spray. I quickly got online and saw this website. I started to cry and freak out because I don’t want anything happening to her so I went to the kitchen sink and filled up the plastic tub with dawn soap and warm water, I washed her down and dried her off. So far she seems normal and she drank some cold water I gave her to hopefully get the chemicals out of her mouth. If it wasn’t for this site my baby could be slowly getting sick right now and I am so happy that she is climbing up my back and sitting behind my neck again purring and being herself. Tomorrow I will be returning the Hartz spray and never using it again! My animals do not need to be treated as an object from a company who uses harmful chemicals!!!

Oreo is a tough cookie.

On Dec. 6th, 2012 I found a round worm in my shitzus fesces. I went to work and when I got home I decided to give her some Hartz Ultra Guard plus ridworm liquid. That evening she was fine. The next afternoon when we were watching tv, she tried to jump up to sit with us and she could not. she tried several times and still not able to. I tried to pick her up and she yelped at me and bit me cause it hurt her. I thought someone had come into my yard and hurt her. She layed down and went to sleep for a bit then she just stumbled around and stared at walls and things like she was seeing ghost. I thought she had nausea or had ate something bad. She is not able to leave yard, so that didnt make sense. We went to bed and she whined all night. She could not walk the next morning. We could not touch her. If we tried she backed up. She would not get up. Not eating or drinking much. Her eyes were goopy and small, she had fever, and pain. got on web and found this sight. I finally coaxed her into going outside to try to potty and pass this awful medicine. We was in the yard for 1 and 1/2 hours. She wanted to crawl off and lay down. I cried. Got a blanket and got her on it and we both picked her up with it and took her in. The vet was not open but someone told me if she got worse that they had the home number. We pushed food and water on her as much as we could and let her sleep like a baby. She would only eat very soft food. She couldn,t go to potty without going down a ramp. The stairs she used was impossible for her to do. Today she finally went to potty real big and is eating better. she is still tender and not jumping yet but she is better. I will never give an pet of mine another hartz product or even shampoo her in their products. Only natural products from now on. I am so glad that she is going to make it. She isn’t 100% but she is better and still with us.

Teddy B’s Story

Last night, my parents decided to give our family dog, Teddy Bear, a bath before they left on vacation this weekend. After giving him the bath with Hartz shampoo, he was unable to walk. My mom thought he was just slipping on the tile floor, so she didn’t think a lot of it. He started acting normally, and then they went to bed. Early this morning, my mom woke up to have Teddy acting strangely. He acted distressed, but he’s a funny little guy, so she wasn’t sure if something was actually wrong. Later that morning, Teddy lost his ability to walk completely. My parents immediately rushed him to the vet’s office, and her first response was that it was the Hartz shampoo. Teddy is a 10 pound yorkie-poo, but it still took two valium shots and three baths to keep him from having a seizure. He seems to be better now, but he is still unable to walk and is lethargic. The fact that this website even exists is proof that Hartz needs to be taken off the market. How is it that a company claiming to help animals is actually killing them and getting away with it? I will do everything possible to make sure something is done. I’m very lucky that Teddy Bear is still here, but I never want anyone else to have to deal with this issue or worse.