We Love You Bruno

Three days ago we gave our pug Hartz flea and tick drops. A day later he couldn’t stand right and was really weak. We thought he was just tired. The next morning he was foaming at the mouth and twitching so we rushed him into the vets and they gave him medicine and he stopped. We went and visited him today,and at 7:30 he went into cardiac arrest and died. They confirmed that it was the Hartz. Also a in march we had Bruno and his brother Ziggy,we gave them both Hartz. Ziggy died then. Bruno got better fast. We are suing. R.I.P. Bruno and Ziggy. We love you! <3

Our Cat Died After Receiving Half a Tube of the Hartz Flea and Tick Drops

Apparently another victim of Hartz! My mother-in-law’s cat died the day after she put half a tube of the flea and tick drops on her. She started acting very strangely: staring off, coughing up foam, not eating (even her favorite canned food). My mother-in-law attempted to wash the area where she applied the drops but it was too late. The cat started meowing very loudly and pitifully (sounding like she was in heat), then she just laid down and died. In hindsight, we should’ve known better. A couple years ago we used the Hartz drops on our dog Sammy. We had a flea collar on the dog already, but it didn’t seem to help so we put the drops on her. Later that day we noticed that the left side of her face was swollen a little. I immediately took the flea collar off. A couple hours later the left side of her face was HUGE and she was acting strangely. She was lethargic and wasn’t eating or playing. She even tried to get in the car. She HATES the car…almost her way of saying “help me!” We assumed she was stung by a bee or scorpion or bit by a snake, thinking there was no way that a well-known company like Hartz would sell a dangerous product. Anyways, we gave her some Benadryl and eventually the swelling went down and she returned to normal. PLEASE don’t use Hartz products on your pet! Two of 2 pets that we have used it on have had an allergic reaction!!

Our kitten Mushroom

Our neighbors found a litter of abandoned kittens and were just barely keeping them alive. We took one of them, a beautiful black tiny thing. She was drinking cows milk and starting to eat soft food but was only about 3 weeks old. We called the Vet to see what we should do and they told us to feed it Milk Replacer. We live in a pretty rural area and the only thing around is Walmart so we picked up the only thing they had which was the Haartz Milk Replacer. I gave it to her in a bottle that day starting at noon. She had 2 very small bottles. The next morning she was still in her basket when I woke up. The previous days she would start meowing when she heard us but that day she didn’t. I looked at her and she was sleeping. About 8 I checked again and she lifted her head so slightly so I left her alone. I went back about 20 minutes later and she had pooped in her bed and didn’t move her head at all. I picked her up to clean her off but she was very very limp. I told my husband that I thought she was dying. We both said that maybe we fed her too much. I layed her back down and she just layed on her side with her eyes wide open and glossy but she was still breathing. I honestly expected her to die. I kept checking on her every 20 minutes but nothing changed. I got a medicine dropper to give her some water and she just let it roll off her mouth. I had to move her head so she wouldn’t just lay in the wet area. She was completely limp with her head and paws. It was so terrible. I just cried. Then I would touch her tummy and she would twitch. We were going to go out of town that day but I couldn’t leave her nor take her with so we changed our plans. Finally about noon I checked on her and gave her some more water. About 20 minutes later she lifted her head, then within a half hour she stood up and bumped erratically into the sides of the basket. Then she was back to normal. It was the strangest thing. We were happy. That night I gave her some more milk replacer. She didn’t drink much. When the kids went to bed I googled “kitten coma” and “Kitten lethargic” because it seemed she was in a coma like state. I came across this website and others and was horrified to realize that it was the Haartz Milk Replacer! How horrible that Walmart sells this awful stuff!! We tried a couple of places in town and found some KMR and now she is about 6 weeks old, growing and thriving. She is a great kitten, we love her so much and I am glad I didn’t give up on her and she was strong enough to survive this but I know that if I gave her more we would have lost her.

One thing to be thankful about this thanksgiving is finding this website

Coming home this morning, petting my cat I saw there was a flea hanging out on his neck. What the heck, he’s an indoor cat. Never having a flea problem in his whole life I quick ran and got Hartz Ultraguard for cats. Following the age, weight guidelines, and proper directions for my cats not even 10 seconds later my one cat was starting to heavily drool from the mouth. I threw both my cats in the tub and immeditaley began to wash them with dish soap. Between getting the oncall number for the vet, my husband found a link to this page and what to look out for and confirm we did the right thing. I scrubbed them multiple times, and towel drying them not daring to let them lick themselves dry before their fur was completely dried out. As soon as I washed the product off, my cat stopped drooling. She was shaking for about 20 minutes after the ordeal, but is fine. I will never be using another Hartz product again.

my poor Sadie

I bought hartz flea collars my my cats buster & Sadie, after one week my cats started getting irritated & wanted them off. when I took sadies collar off she had a hole on her neck, her fur was gone & her skin was red raw. I called the vet right away & they ask me if i had used any flea & tick stuff on her so I told yes hartz flea collars & they told me hartz was the worst product ever & they didn’t know why hartz could still be on the market I couldn’t believe now my poor sadie still has the hole on her neck its scabbed over and I just hope it heals & she has no other health problems because hartz.

My Cat had an allergic reaction from Hartz

I always thought Hartz was a good trusty name brand until the first time I tried it on my cat. As soon as I had put it on him he stated falling all over the place and was acting very strange. I would not recommend this product to anyone. I immediately washed the product off of my baby had still had to hold him until he got over the side effects. I will never use this product on any of my animals again.

Hartz flea and tick medication burned my dog’s skin

Hi, I used the Harz flea and tick topical medication on my dog, back in September. I went to brush his coat the next week, and a patch of hair came out. I then checked his skin and every were I had put the medication on his back clunks of hair came out. I took him to the Vet and they had to give him medication, and now his seems to be coming back slowly. I can’t believe that the would be marketed for use, when it is this strong and harms the dog.

DO NOT use SERGEANT’S EVOLVE on your pets

Our pets had never had fleas…went to Safeway and bought Sergeant’s Evolve for both dogs.  Witten is a 100+ lb Rottweiller with a heart of gold…and Mr. Stubbs is a 24 lb Shitzu with the sweetest face you’ve ever seen.  Within minutes the shitzu started acting weird…it didn’t register at first what could be causing it…I thought the fleas were just biting because of the medicine that we had just put on.  He was agitated and would not sit still…not even for a minute.  I got online and read that it may be an allergic reaction.  I rinsed it off of him with water.  He still wasn’t better…I stayed up with him all night and could only get him to settle down and stop moving if I pet him.  The minute I stopped petting him he would freak out again.  My husband got online and read that he needed to be washed with Dawn dishwasing liquid.  This helped improve him quite a bit…but still he wasn’t great.  I called the vet and they couldn’t see him but said to give him benedryl and call back in the morning.  The benedryl did at least help calm him but he started getting big welt like bumps under his skin that were hard, hot to the touch and red.  I took him to the vet this morning and they gave him a shot of something which seems to have helped a ton…but he still has welts.  This all started on Tuesday, Nov 6th, 2012 and it is now Friday night.  I thought the nightmare was beginning to subside and now I have discovered welts on my rottweiler that look like burn marks on the line where the medicine was placed.  I hadn’t even considered that this medicine was just completely poisonous for all dogs…I was thinking that my shitzu just had an allergic reaction…that is possible right?…well I do not think that it is a coincidence that my rottweiller is now suffering from the same affliction.  So I got online and started doing more research and find that there have been hundreds of complaints about these over the counter flea and tick medications…and not just the kind that I bought and administered to my dogs but collars, shampoos, etc. People’s dogs are dying from this stuff.  How is it possible that these companies can remain in business?  I have read that we all need to call and register a formal complaint with the EPA.  I will be doing that first thing in the morning and so will my husband.

After reading all of the stories from people and realizing that my dogs could now how liver damage I am even more furious!  I am going to post on facebook what this company has done and is doing to pets and their owners.  Please, Please, Please…if you have had the same experience…tell everyone you know, post on facebook and call the EPA to file a formal complaint.  The production of these products needs to be halted!!!!

class action lawsuit

I will be looking into starting up a class action lawsuit against Hartz if anyone cares to join. I will update as soon as I find something out. If, by chance, 1 has already been started… someone PLEASE let me know how to go about taking part. I have lost 2 kittens and a pomeranian so far, because of hartz products!!! They need to be shut down!!!

I better not lose any more animals!!!

On 9/16 my cat had her 1st litter of kittens. She had 5, but the runt of the litter died 2 days later. On 10/22 one of the 3 kittens we had left started acting strange(whining, not nursing, real lethargic). My sister suggested maybe getting a bottle and some pet formula, so she’d atleast get some sort of nutrition. On 10/24 we woke up to find the kitten acting a little better(moving around, light back in her eyes, etc). So I went to wal-mart and bought a bottle w 2 cans of the hartz kitten formula. I came home, sterilized the bottle, and we tried to feed it to her. We didn’t get much into her… within 5 minutes of eating, what little bit she did, she went down heal FAST!! About 15-20 minutes later she died in my arms after seizing!! I thought nothing of the formula. I fed it to my cat, because it says that you can give it to nursing cats. This morning we woke to find that the only boy of the litter was acting strange(mewing loudly/painfully, limp like he couldn’t move, labored breathing, etc). At 3:10am he started mewing this extremely loud and painful sounding mew. I walked into my bedroom to see him try to sit up, only to fall over. At 3:15 he died in my arms!!! I hope to God that my cat and the other 2 kittens will be ok!!! Earlier today I bought the hartz ultraguard flea/tick drops for both my cats and dogs. I was a little worried about the way in which the dogs drops are applied, so I asked my aunt if she had used them before and if they were safe. She told me she doesn’t use hartz, because her vet told her never to use that brand and that I should look up reviews for it. So that is what I did. Not only have I found that the hartz milk replacement I bought is probably the cause of the kittens I’m losing for mo reason, but then found that the drops I had already applied, to 2 out 3 of my dogs and all 3 of my cats, were killing animals as well!!! Needless to say I ran around frantically scrubbing my animals down with baby wipes to get it off of them!!! I hope and pray I got it soon enough that it won’t harm them!! Upon thinking about it… the perfectly healthy pomeranian that went all weak/lethargic, wouldn’t eat/drink, was throwing up, and unltimately DIED… was given HARTZ worm tablets a few days to a week before that!!!  Why in the hell are they able to sell this crap in stores if this is what it’s doing to the animals?!?!? I will NEVER use hartz ANYTHING again!!!!