Hartz Kitten Milk Replacer Murdered My Kitten

The kitten I came upon was vivacious and energetic as well as happy and loving. I fed her cow’s milk and as expected she got diarrhea. I needed something, though. I knew I had to get a formula, so I went to Wal-Mart and bought Hartz’s formula. I didn’t know any better. Over time the time span of four days, my kitten started having disturbing symptoms. I did not connect them to the formula until it was too late. The first night she threw up, which I just attributed to tummy upset. The next few days I started noticing that when I would feed her, a half hour or so later she would start acting odd. Day two, after a feeding she just went in a corner and started meowing loudly. She also would stare off into space and circle around in her litter box and just fade off. When she would re-animate, she started acting very restless as if she was looking for something. She started just hiding behind things, as if she was sick. She didn’t do that when “normal”. The third day, I had to take her to the vet because I thought something else was wrong. On this day, she was doing the trance thing and was very restless alternating with near paralyzation over and over. I noticed she also had bad gas. The vet put her in an incubator with oxygen and gave her fluids. She somehow miraculously popped out of it after a few hours (digestion time, hmm?). The next day, the symptoms returned after feeding. I put her in a box with blankets because she kept doing the weird trance thing and was obviously distressed. She just stood in the corner with her head against the walls, like she couldn’t move. Her tail was twitching oddly and near the end before she lost consciousness, she was mewing loudly. She never did this before. Obviously, this time her reaction was so severe that I had to put her to sleep. My last memory of her, besides standing in a corner unresponsive, was of her lying in an incubator, totally dead to the world. Thanks for killing my kitten, Hartz. Please, everyone, do NOT give your kitten this poison. Get KMR.

Hartz Milk Replacement for Kittens Killed my kitten on 10/20/12

I had just gotten a new kitten, she was 6 weeks old. She was a healthy little ball of energy, very playful & loving. I decided to get the Milk replacement formula for her because she wasn’t interested in the other kitty Crunchy food I had for my other kitten. So I fed her the Formula mixed with water as described on the container at 9pm (10/19/12 Friday). She ate the formula. I went to sleep at 11Pm, woke up at 8am the following morning to find my kitten lifeless. I thought she was already dead. I seen that she had been throwing up throughout the night. I checked her & she was still breathing, she had a lifeless stare in her eyes so I rushed her to the Animal Hospital & the Vet told me she looked like she was poisoned because her upper body was paralyzed & her back feet were ok. He told me she wouldn’t survive. I then made the decision to euthanize the poor kitty to put her out of her Misery. We buried her in my backyard. R.I.P Lilah. If this formula wasn’t sold in stores today my kitty would still be here.


SIGN THE NEW PETITION AT http://www.change.org/petitions/stop-hartz-use-of-pyrethrine-s-and-pyrethroid-s-in-flea-tick-products

Hartz One Spot for cats.

One year ago my 10 year old indoor only cat broke a screen and got outside. Since he was an indoor only cat I had never treated him for fleas, so when he came back home I decided that as a precaution I should treat him. I bought Hartz one spot for cats and kittens and used one dose on him. Very soon after this he started to get very sick. He was vomiting all the time, and was jaundiced. After a year long battle with liver failure, 2 lengthy hospitalizations, and thousands of dollars in vet bills it breaks my heart to say that he had to be put to sleep last month. I didn’t even think for one minute that a product sold for cats, could actually kill my cat, until desperate for answers I started doing research and came across so many sad stories like my own. I am so angry, and sad that my sweet boy had to suffer so terribly because I failed him as his protector. I wish that I would have researched before using this horrible product on him. You simply cannot trust that products are safe just because they are being sold in stores. Through my grief and guilt I hope that putting my story out there can save more cats from the terrible fate that met my beloved kitty, Jeter.

Sentry Purrsciptions plus

OMG. this stuff is terrible. I couldnt understand that when I put this on my 3 cats they started acting nuts! My older cat took off and just came home. And I know its normal for them to run but this is not right. All of them are spooked it seams and one them them started throwing up profusely shortly after getting his dose last night. He threw up everything including bile he was warm to the touch and cowered away from me which is not normal with him. Shame on you hartz. Just because they are animals dosent make it OK to poison, You wouldnt feed fyour family poison or would you???????????


My Cat Byron

I bought Sergeant’s Gold Squeeze-On for cats from Target in Garner, NC White Oak Shopping Center on Saturday October 7th, 2012. I applied it to my cat Byron when I got home in the early evening exactly how the package said. He was at least 12lbs, and the package said cats and kittens over 5lbs. All day Sunday he seemed to be fine. Was a little more cuddly than normal, but nothing to really take alarm to. I noticed he has started to have twitching, but I thought it might be the fleas and the medicine working. Monday morning, October 9th, 2012, we woke up around 8am to find Byron lying on the side of our living room chair wedged between the chair and tv stand. He was already dead. No sign of vomiting, but now I am assuming he had a seizure and fell before he died. Byron would have been a year old next month, and was a very active totally healthy cat! I called the company and was told that since we did not have an autopsy done (we could not afford it) that they will assume it was not their product. Since Byron was not vomiting, and we had no actual proof of seizures (which is what their product causes) they would document it but that is it. I did not call wanting anything from the company, I just wanted answers as to WHY this product is still on the shelves. It never occurred to me that it would cause Byron to die. Now I have to live with the guilt of what I put my cat through. I will NEVER use anything on my animals over the counter again. I just really wish I would have been able to notice something, and done anything to help him 🙁 Please do NOT use this product on any animal. RIP Byron. You will be missed by us all.

Another Distraught Family

Our beloved pet has just been buried in our backyard, thanks to the potent toxins contained in Hartz Ultra Guard.

Last week we noticed a bit of scratching so on my Saturday morning grocery trip, I picked up some Ultraguard. Saturday afternoon we gave her a bath. After that bath, we notice some strage behaviour, panting, mouth drouping, did not think much of it and figured she would shake it off in a few hours. Next day, she would not eat or drink. Breathing was labored. Sunday night I awoke to a mournful whimpering, labored breathing and a foul odor coming from our pet. Bladder control was absent.
The vet did not open until 8am but we were there at 7:45. I dropped her off and headed for work.

By 10, she had died.

We are shocked and I blame myself for using such a dangerous product without any researh. I mistakenly believed that since this produce was on a major supermarkets shelves, it had to be safe and effective.

I feel sick, looking out my window at a fresh pile of dirt in the backyard which is all that remains of what 3 days ago was a loving/loved member of the family.

How could I have allowed this to happen? I guess I was in to much of a damn hurry to be bothered with looking into the products I’m applying to our pet.

Shame on me. Shame on Hartz.


We have had a bad flea problem for a couple of weeks now, and have been trying desperately to keep the parasites off of our dog and two cats. We used hartz on all of the animals two days ago. This morning I rushed to the vet with one of our cats after I found her on the floor, unable to stand, laying in a clear fluid that she seemed to have vomited. By the time the vet saw her, her heart had stopped beating momentarily, and she was declared brain dead. She passed away just hours later, and our vet says the toxins in the shampoo did it to her. The other cat and dog were immediately bathed in regular shampoo, but this is outrageous that a product so toxic is being allowed on the shelves. It was not time for Miss Kitty to go, and all of our hearts are broken. I am mortified that something hasn’t been done about this product yet.

Thank you for this! I hope I have saved Gidget

We have had a flea problem this year and treated my 6 year old lab with a Skip Flea and Tick bath and then Hartz Ultra Guard for 60lb + dogs.  A couple of hours later I noticed that she stumbled a bit and seemed a little gimpy in her rear legs.  I immediately thought it was a neurological reaction and came to look on the web.  Had no idea that this stuff was such a problem.  Can’t believe this is allowed to be on the market in nearly every discount / department store around.  I immediately bathed her in dish soap and rinsed,  drying with a towel.  She seems OK for now and I sure hope she is OK in the morning.  If this product were to kill my dog,  there would be a real problem on someone’s hands.