Almost lost 2 kittens from Sentry(Sergeants) PurrScriptions plus

I am a devout pet owner, we have 8 cats/kittens and 2 dogs in my home. 2 of our pet are recent additions off the streets. Both were loaded with fleas. We went to Pet Supplies Plus in Ohio and purchased Sentry PurrScriptions plus flea and tick for the cats and Natural Chemistry De Flea for the dogs.( ) we applied the spray to the dogs and the 2 kittens we took in as directed by the labels. The Natural Chemistry product worked wonders, however the Kittens started seizing and foaming at the mouth within an hour. We Bathed both kittens in Dawn dish soap as directed by the vet, and the older of the 2 kittens came back around almost immediatly. The littler of the 2 however is still foaming and seizing. we are forcing fluids on her now, and are hoping for the best.
After doing som research I found that Sentry (promoted on this site as safe) is actually made by Sergeants Pet Care. As you may have read they make some of the most deadly chemicals you can use on your pet such and Skip Flea and Tick Shampoo and Flea drops.The name Sergeants is not displayed anywhere on the Sentry bottle except on the back in fine print saying, “Distributed by: Sergeants Pet Care Products, Inc.”
I would now encurage all pet owners that buy any pet chemicals to read the entire label to make sure that just because the name brand is Sergeants or Hertz doesn’t mean that they don’t make it and are just disguising the maker.

Toby may not make it

Our two cats had fleas so I bought Hartz Ultra Guard. That was the biggest mistake the next both of our healthycats were sick. First our cat started throwing up so I put him outside on the front porch to see what was going on. He got away from me and got under our wrap around porch. Normally after a few minutes I can bribe him to come out with something. This time was different so I got a flashlight and started looking. He was panting like a dog and foaming at the mouth. He was not able to walk to meormy kids which was unusual. My two kids and I tore part of our porch apart to drag him out. I rushed him to an emergency vet at midnight. $300dollars later we brought him home. The next morning when I found him he was hidingunder a bed I had to pull him out and he felt hot so I took him to another vet. He had a fever of 105 so they gave him sub Q fluids which he had also had the night before. This happened Friday and Saturday and here it is Monday and our poor Toby will not eat or drink I don’t know what to do I am going to call the vet as soon as they open but I cannot afford to keep taking him to a vet for something that should have made  him feel better instead of so sick. If I had known I would have never used this product on my cats. Luckily the other did not get as sick as Toby…


Hartz made my dog sick

We have a yorkipoo, Chloe, who we love dearly.  We never had a problem with fleas or ticks, but we were going on a trip to the mountains and wanted to be proactive.  My mom gave us Hartz 3 in 1 flea & tick drops for dogs under 15 pounds (Chloe is 12 pounds)  to try, so we tried it.

The day after we used the drops, Chloe wasn’t acting right.  She seemed withdrawn, then she started to have diarrhea, her eyes were runny and goopy.  She just wasn’t herself.  I figured she just had a cold or got into something and didn’t think twice about it being from the drops.

This past week we found a couple fleas on Chloe (this is about two months after the first application), so we decided to use the flea & tick drops again.  Wouldn’t you know, the exact same symptoms returned and lasted about four days – she was withdrawn, coughing a lot, her eyes were runny again and goopy, she had diarrhea for three days, and her appetite decreased.  Thankfully her symptoms resolved on their own, but we have an appointment with our vet this week just to have her checked out and to put her on a product that is recommended by our vet and known to be safe.

There is no way this was a coincidence, so I got on the computer and went to the Hartz site to contact them.  Guess what – their contact link didn’t work.  So then I did research and found this site.  I had NO idea there were issues with Hartz products!!!!  I believe wholeheartedly this product made our dog sick and I don’t know how it continues to be sold if there have been so many reported problems!

I only post this in an attept to share our story, spread the word, and prevent further harm to our beloved pets.

Hartz could have hurt my 3 babies!

I feel awful. I have 3 cats and 4 children. I bought Hartz because I didn’t know about it’s harmful affects on cats and the horrible things it can do. I actually bought the collar as a temporary fix until i could get the drops for the neck. I also bought the powder for the floors and furniture as well as the shampoo. All of these items I have now thrown away…. although I would like my money back since they’re so disgusting! I will have to call the company. At any rate… my male cat Jinx started falling off of furniture when he’d jump up to lay down, would randomly not be able to to catch himself, was acting very very weird. Thankfully, I was able to give him lots and lots of water, and we’ve had tons of puddles when he’s outside. It really hasn’t affected my other two cats, but I’m still keeping a close eye on them. It’s been over a month now since I”ve used ANY of the hartz products, but a little while ago I used Bio spot shampoo, not realizing that it too can be harmful to my cats. I will NEVER buy anything not suggested by a vet again. Even on our VERY tight budget I’ll find away to keep my babies protected with the safer products. Also, we have been using a natural spray which seems to help. I really hope that more people become aware of this site and the harmful things that Hartz products can do. I don’t have any pictures since my cats didn’t really have any visible things happen. Oh I forgot, my cat jinx got really badly matted fur, and so we had to shave him becuase it was soo bad… it scared me. This was AFTER using the hartz products.

Thankful to have found this site!

I am so thankful that I have found this website. My kittens spent the weekend at a pet boarding center and unfortunately one of them came home with a tick. I quickly made my way to Target to purchase drops and fortunately we came across this page. We have used other Hartz products in our home before such as the carpet cleaner, the shampoo, and the furniture spray and we did not notice any changes in our kittens, but from what I see, we seem to be some of the lucky ones. We have never tried the drops before but I will make sure to never use them and I will warn all those that I know. After applying the furniture spray around the house I did notice that it was removing my nail polish and to be honest it was a little alarming. I only sprayed it around the house once but I don’t know if I want my kittens or my family to be sitting in chemicals that are imitating the properties of acetone.

After much research I came across a natural remedy that I wanted to share with you all, and its apple cider vinegar. I saw this online and I told my mother about it and she told me that she swears by it and she has two dogs that are constantly playing outside. You could go about using it in two different ways. First, you can add one cap of the vinegar to your pet’s water bowl every day. The taste will get some getting used to, but it’s supposed to repel fleas because they despise the taste. Another way it can be used is by putting the vinegar in a spray bottle and directly spraying any flea that you come in contact with, the vinegar actually kills them on the spot.

According to my mother she has not bought flea and tick medication for months now and she lives out in Florida where there are fleas year round. This is a cheap and natural remedy and I would much rather apply smelly vinegar on my cats than toxic chemicals. Just thought I should share.

Hartz Flea Collar – Sad effect on my cat

As a flea preventative, I purchased a Hartz Flea collar for my 12 year old cat about 45 days ago. For the last two weeks I noticed he didn’t seem to have the same pep in his step. I knew he did not feel well and tried to keep his as comfortable as possible.  Sadly, I never noticed until last night what the effect the flea collar was having on my cat.  I noticed blood all around his neck and under his chin. When I removed the collar he had no hair where the collar had been. Tragically, the flea collar and the raw/bare skin was covered with fresh blood, brown blood and dried blood. No telling how long he had been suffering.  I really feel like a terrible pet owner that I never noticed be now.  I just never dreamed that something purchased from a well-known company would be so harmful to my animal. I guarantee my cat is not an isolated case. Shame on them for marketing such a harmful product. I will NEVER purchase a Hartz product ever again. Furthermore, I will spread the word.

i am so sorry

i would like to reach out to everyone out there who’s pets have gotten sick or saddly died from products this company is putting out i am not sure what i can do to help but i/we my wife and family have been through this and what ever support or ideas we are here.. you can email me at [email protected] from there i can always give you my number maybe together we can do something to get this off the shelf..

Brent Haynes and family

Hartz Ultra Guard Flea/Tick Drops Tumers All Over My Dog

I had started using the flea n tick drops from Hartz.. Little did I know that my dogs illness was coming from the product.. He was healthy till we started putting it on him. He now has huge tumors? all over him. Also where I applied the drops he has at least 6 more new bumps(tumors) going down his back bone where the drops were applied.

Now that I think about it he started feeling sick  when we started using the product  last year.He just didn’t want to go outside and run around. He doesn’t want to eat, he hides often and keeps getting huge tumors? or bumps all over his body and they break open and bleed.

These  people should be held accountable for these products. If it was humans getting all those problems they would pull it from the shelves. Our pets are humans to us…no different than abuse to animals, neglect your animal you get fined and they are taken away.. What is the difference with this product, we are killing our animals using the drops.. My dog suffers every day from this and there is nothing I can do for him. Something has to be done to save our pets from harmful products.. WE WOULD PULL IT OFF THE SHELVES IF IT WAS A HUMAN….

Glad I found this site…

A couple weeks ago I realized I had a flea problem. It was around 11:00pm, so I just ran to the nearest grocery store,Weis, to get flea medicine. Hartz was all they had, and I didn’t know any better, so I came home and put it on my pets (an 11 year old Chihuahua mix and a 4 month old kitten). After a couple hours I noticed my kitten was acting strange. She was sleeping constantly which is very unusual for her…she’s usually running around like crazy! I tried waking her up but she just wouldn’t stay awake. My boyfriend started doing some research and found this website. We washed it off of her right away and she seemed fine after she was dry. My dog was fine, but we washed it off of him anyway. I’m not sure how things would have turned out if we hadn’t found this website. I can’t believe this product is still being sold. I started a petition to try to get it removed from from stores, so please help me by signing it. I don’t know if it will help, but I have to try. Please share the link with your friends and help me get as many signatures as possible! Pets rely on us to protect them, so we have to do something about this.

Sign the petition here

I lost my cat!!!!

my poor cat ended up passing away early Saturday morning.Ive had him for 7 years.I cant believe that this cant be pulled from shelves.Had i known it was going to do this i would have never used it.I found this site too late.I tried to wash him and i thought he might pull thru but he dint.Nothing can bring him back.These people who make it are worthless.Im trying to spread the word and some of my friends are also. R.I.P. trip.