Toby will always be remembered

Our two cats had fleas so I bought Hartz Ultra Guard. That was the biggest mistake the next both of our healthycats were sick. First our cat started throwing up so I put him outside on the front porch to see what was going on. He got away from me and got under our wrap around porch. Normally after a few minutes I can bribe him to come out with something. This time was different so I got a flashlight and started looking. He was panting like a dog and foaming at the mouth. He was not able to walk to meormy kids which was unusual. My two kids and I tore part of our porch apart to drag him out. I rushed him to an emergency vet at midnight. $300dollars later we brought him home. The next morning when I found him he was hidingunder a bed I had to pull him out and he felt hot so I took him to another vet. He had a fever of 105 so they gave him sub Q fluids which he had also had the night before. This happened Friday and Saturday and here it is Monday and our poor Toby will not eat or drink I don’t know what to do I am going to call the vet as soon as they open but I cannot afford to keep taking him to a vet for something that should have made  him feel better instead of so sick. If I had known I would have never used this product on my cats. Luckily the other did not get as sick as Toby…

Update on Toby Sept.28,2012

Toby had experienced a stroke and kidney failure and was no longer able to eat or drink anything. We had to make the hardest decision in our lives today and had him put to sleep. Toby suffered up to the very end and I could not watch him suffer anymore. He was taken to the vet again Monday because he was throwing up white foam it was almost nonstop. They kept him on IV fluids and plenty of meds until I got the call this morning that he only had a 20% chance of living. Hartz should have to be punished for what they have put Toby and my family through. My 12 and 14 year olds should have never had to see there precious cat this sick.. Now we are all mourning the death of our cat ): PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IT KILLS THE HEALTHIEST OF PETS!!

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  1. So sorry for what you had to go through. Please report it to Hartz and the EPA and have the vet do the same. You will need product numbers we have to scream and shout about this. Too many people find out too late. We lost our cat Penny to the shampoo and Hartz said it was a rare occurance. No it’s not 21 reports for September that we know of.

  2. Rare being the percentage of people who use it against the percentage of animals that actually get sick. There is more to the world than the United States. I have never had a problem with Hartz or Sergeants, you people are just idiots. I’m glad your cat is dead, he’s probably better off that way.

  3. What a cold person you must be. We just lost our beloved cat a few hours ago and it only took Hartz two days to kill a perfectly healthy cat. It’s poison and on the shelves sold as a flea deterrant, but it kills the cat. She suffered so much and it was a death that’s on someone’s hands that allows Hartz to sell poison for your pet. Healthy one day with only mild case of fleas, I put the flea product on her the same night and she was howling and in pain within less than an hour. I thought she just wanted attention, but she grew worse and we rushed her to the vet the following morning. He asked at the front desk if we had put anything by Hart on her. We said yes. He knew what was to come.
    She could not walk, and was in pain, she didn’t move either. The vet gave her an antibiotic and said the “poison” was already in her blood and done damage, and that not even a blood transfusion would guarantee she would be okay. He said to take her home and keep her warm and comfortable as possible. She could not eat, drink or walk.
    It is so very hard to type about it, because she died a couple of hours ago. She had two seizures straight together and that was it. My son’s perfectly healthy cat is now dead because of Hartz.
    Please, please, anyone who reads this, if you love your pet—never put a Hartz product on them or you risk their life.
    It is a sad day in our home and I ask why Hartz is allowed to sell poison to kill a beloved pet. This should be a crime punishible by imprisonment to the one who makes the decison to release this poison on the market. Hartz should be prosecuted to the fullest–most maximum extent of the law, because it’s murder. It is murder.

  4. Dear Pet Owner,
    How are you going to say that we are idiots?! You are glad her cat is dead?!?! My cat just died yesterday from using Sergeant’s Gold. I have reported it to everyone who will listen. The company had the numbers on the box, but will refuse to say it is what caused his death. Shame on you for saying such a nasty comment. Get off this website if you don’t want to read what others are posting. You probably work for the company and get paid to kill animals.

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