Paranoid Pet Owner

I found this site today after applying the Hartz flea drops to my two cats; Umbreon & Espeon. I was mortified; not only by reading the stories and the horrible things that people and pets have gone through, but that my normal OCD self didn’t look into the product before using it. After reading a few posts I immediately bathed Umby & Espy in their normal Pet Head shampoo and rinsed thoroughly. They seem to be OK, other than their usual pissed off look that they had to be bathed. I just hope that the shampoo and rinsing did the trick and that nasty stuff is no longer on them. I did wash them bare handed, should I be worried for myself too. I am germaphobe and an avid hand washer so I think I should be OK. I just thank this site for allowing people to share their stories and let others know about the harmful things this product is responsible for. Thank you.

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