My cat Clyde almost died…

I’ve always had pets and never was bothered by fleas, 3 months ago I received two kittens from the shelter, Called them Bonnie and Clyde. Over the last few weeks I noticed fleas on them. So at the local grocery store of couse the drops were there so picked them up. Applied last night Bonnie had no issue with it but unfortunately Clyde was muscle spasms, loss of motor control and panting at 5 am this morning. I went on the net to see if there was any connection with this product and sure enough I came across your site. The first thing I did was bath him in greenworks dish detergent then did Bonnie also even she didn’t show symptons.  Some of the stories here said to use Dawn, but all I had was that. Then I had to go to the longest work day of my life, there was no getting out of it. Came back after a 12 hour shift and Clyde was doing way better. Spasms are gone and he is eating and drinking  , I can only wonder if he would be alive now if I didn’t come across hartzvictims and I didn’t find out to wash the poison out.  Where I live it is 230km to a vet and is hard to make an emergency run. So thank you and I am going to spread the word.

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