I have God and this page to thank…

On August 26 I adopted my 4 year old Pomeranian fur baby , Buddy. About a week later I took Buddy to the vet to be checked/medicated for heartworm prevention. While at the vet, I asked about flea medication. The vet recommended Frontline Plus and Advantage. So on my way home I stopped at Target to pick of some flea medication. I was shocked by the prices… Advantage was $39.99, but Hartz was only $4.99, for the same amount of medication (3 months)! I figured what’s the difference? Flea medication is flea medication. So I bought the Hartz and applied it to Buddy as soon as I got home. After about an hour I started to get suspicious… why in the world was Hartz so cheap? That’s when I made the potentially life saving move of googling the brand. I stumbled across this website, and I immediately hosed Buddy off (I still feel sort of bad about that because the water was FREEZING and at very high pressure, and I gave him a good 15 minute shampoo/hose down) but boy am I glad that I did. After reading all the horror stories, it could have easily been my Buddy whose life was taken! Luckily the medicine must not have gotten too far into his bloodstream because he’s just as lively as ever. I decided to spend the extra money on Frontline Plus.

Please, do not consider Hartz for even a second. Though I have not experienced the horrors of it, I know someone who has. Invest in Frontline Plus. Yes it is more expensive, but trust me it’s worth it. Also, there are places where you can find it on sale. I have been buying mine on Amazon.com from a well known pet supplier, and I only pay $23.00 (regular is $69.00)

Thank you, Hartzvictims.org, for potentially saving the life of my precious Buddy, and countless other fur babies. I am dearly sorry to all those who lost your pets due to Hartz. My heart goes out to you.

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