Kitten almost didn’t make it!

I thought everyone already KNEW about the hartz tragedy’s but i was looking on another site and saw one of the hartz employees DEFENDING their product! So, here I am to tell my story. It was about a year ago, and money was super tight. I had a bad flea outbreak on my little dog and got him advantage (thank God). But then I realized my cat had fleas as well. I began to look for something cheaper than advantage.. and that is where it all goes wrong. I was at petco, and saw hartz for only a mere 20$ or so… and thought “WOW what a bargain!” So i went home and applied it to my cat, Kit’ten. ABout 25 minutes later, she came up to me as I was sitting at the table on my laptop, and began making the weirdest moaning sounds, started panting, and almost convulsing. I immediately ran her to the Emergency Vet, and they saved her life. They gave her a bath, and put her on iv’s to get the SH#T out of her system. They told me this was not the first time they have seen this, and to consider myself lucky for making it there on time. This is so wrong, and I don’t know how these people are still selling their mess of chemicals. This is animal abuse. They are killing our pets. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.

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