This site possibly saved my cats life.

I developed a small flea infestation, I believe from carrying a few into my 4th story downtown apartment. My 3 year old tabby, Muska, is an indoor cat and that is the only way I can think they came into my place. Anyway, I was in a panic when I woke up to him scratching uncontrollably the other morning and found a few in the carpet near his food. I immediately ran downstairs to CVS to stock up on products, I grabbed a pack of Hartz flea drops while there for 20 dollars. I applied them to him and about a half hour later was researching all of the products I bought online when I came across this site, I immediately stopped everything and drew a warm bath, soaking him completely and scrubbing the hell out of the area I had put the medication. I am so concerned of what might happen next, it has been 24 hours and he’s been eating fine, but kind of acting strange, twice I came home from work to check on him, and have found him hiding in my kitchen cupboards. He has seemed very sleepy ever since too. I gave him another bath today in case I missed any spot that I missed trying to get the medicine off of him. I can only imagine what kind of damage could have been done if I’d left it on him for longer.

I am absolutely furious about the availability of this product! In my effort to shop around and find good products to fight my problem, I have found these Hartz flea drops for dogs and cats in EVERY single store I have gone to! Kroger, CVS, Walgreens, Meijer, Wal-Mart, even hardware stores! I am going to do my part in saying thank you by making a statement at the CVS and Walgreens stores which are just outside the entrance to my apartments. I will make stickers that say “This product KILLS pets” and put them on every single box of this product in both stores.

I don’t have a lot of friends where I live being new in town. My cat is my only companion here and without him I would be so lonely and lost. It would break my heart if I lost him. He is more than just a pet, he is my family. I’ll be actively pursuing the absolute destruction of this product and the company that manufactures it. They will pay for putting my best friends life in danger.

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