Almost lost 2 kittens from Sentry(Sergeants) PurrScriptions plus

I am a devout pet owner, we have 8 cats/kittens and 2 dogs in my home. 2 of our pet are recent additions off the streets. Both were loaded with fleas. We went to Pet Supplies Plus in Ohio and purchased Sentry PurrScriptions plus flea and tick for the cats and Natural Chemistry De Flea for the dogs.( ) we applied the spray to the dogs and the 2 kittens we took in as directed by the labels. The Natural Chemistry product worked wonders, however the Kittens started seizing and foaming at the mouth within an hour. We Bathed both kittens in Dawn dish soap as directed by the vet, and the older of the 2 kittens came back around almost immediatly. The littler of the 2 however is still foaming and seizing. we are forcing fluids on her now, and are hoping for the best.
After doing som research I found that Sentry (promoted on this site as safe) is actually made by Sergeants Pet Care. As you may have read they make some of the most deadly chemicals you can use on your pet such and Skip Flea and Tick Shampoo and Flea drops.The name Sergeants is not displayed anywhere on the Sentry bottle except on the back in fine print saying, “Distributed by: Sergeants Pet Care Products, Inc.”
I would now encurage all pet owners that buy any pet chemicals to read the entire label to make sure that just because the name brand is Sergeants or Hertz doesn’t mean that they don’t make it and are just disguising the maker.

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  1. Actually right here on hartzvictims Josh has Sentry products under the natural remedys section. I think I would stick with Apple cider vinigar of Natural Chemestry products.

  2. The ONLY Sentry products that contain a small percentage of natural ingredients are Sentry Natural Defense.

    Natural doesn’t mean safe (especially flea products for cats).

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