Paranoid Pet Owner

I found this site today after applying the Hartz flea drops to my two cats; Umbreon & Espeon. I was mortified; not only by reading the stories and the horrible things that people and pets have gone through, but that my normal OCD self didn’t look into the product before using it. After reading a few posts I immediately bathed Umby & Espy in their normal Pet Head shampoo and rinsed thoroughly. They seem to be OK, other than their usual pissed off look that they had to be bathed. I just hope that the shampoo and rinsing did the trick and that nasty stuff is no longer on them. I did wash them bare handed, should I be worried for myself too. I am germaphobe and an avid hand washer so I think I should be OK. I just thank this site for allowing people to share their stories and let others know about the harmful things this product is responsible for. Thank you.

Toby will always be remembered

Our two cats had fleas so I bought Hartz Ultra Guard. That was the biggest mistake the next both of our healthycats were sick. First our cat started throwing up so I put him outside on the front porch to see what was going on. He got away from me and got under our wrap around porch. Normally after a few minutes I can bribe him to come out with something. This time was different so I got a flashlight and started looking. He was panting like a dog and foaming at the mouth. He was not able to walk to meormy kids which was unusual. My two kids and I tore part of our porch apart to drag him out. I rushed him to an emergency vet at midnight. $300dollars later we brought him home. The next morning when I found him he was hidingunder a bed I had to pull him out and he felt hot so I took him to another vet. He had a fever of 105 so they gave him sub Q fluids which he had also had the night before. This happened Friday and Saturday and here it is Monday and our poor Toby will not eat or drink I don’t know what to do I am going to call the vet as soon as they open but I cannot afford to keep taking him to a vet for something that should have made  him feel better instead of so sick. If I had known I would have never used this product on my cats. Luckily the other did not get as sick as Toby…

Update on Toby Sept.28,2012

Toby had experienced a stroke and kidney failure and was no longer able to eat or drink anything. We had to make the hardest decision in our lives today and had him put to sleep. Toby suffered up to the very end and I could not watch him suffer anymore. He was taken to the vet again Monday because he was throwing up white foam it was almost nonstop. They kept him on IV fluids and plenty of meds until I got the call this morning that he only had a 20% chance of living. Hartz should have to be punished for what they have put Toby and my family through. My 12 and 14 year olds should have never had to see there precious cat this sick.. Now we are all mourning the death of our cat ): PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IT KILLS THE HEALTHIEST OF PETS!!

My cat Clyde almost died…

I’ve always had pets and never was bothered by fleas, 3 months ago I received two kittens from the shelter, Called them Bonnie and Clyde. Over the last few weeks I noticed fleas on them. So at the local grocery store of couse the drops were there so picked them up. Applied last night Bonnie had no issue with it but unfortunately Clyde was muscle spasms, loss of motor control and panting at 5 am this morning. I went on the net to see if there was any connection with this product and sure enough I came across your site. The first thing I did was bath him in greenworks dish detergent then did Bonnie also even she didn’t show symptons.  Some of the stories here said to use Dawn, but all I had was that. Then I had to go to the longest work day of my life, there was no getting out of it. Came back after a 12 hour shift and Clyde was doing way better. Spasms are gone and he is eating and drinking  , I can only wonder if he would be alive now if I didn’t come across hartzvictims and I didn’t find out to wash the poison out.  Where I live it is 230km to a vet and is hard to make an emergency run. So thank you and I am going to spread the word.

I have God and this page to thank…

On August 26 I adopted my 4 year old Pomeranian fur baby , Buddy. About a week later I took Buddy to the vet to be checked/medicated for heartworm prevention. While at the vet, I asked about flea medication. The vet recommended Frontline Plus and Advantage. So on my way home I stopped at Target to pick of some flea medication. I was shocked by the prices… Advantage was $39.99, but Hartz was only $4.99, for the same amount of medication (3 months)! I figured what’s the difference? Flea medication is flea medication. So I bought the Hartz and applied it to Buddy as soon as I got home. After about an hour I started to get suspicious… why in the world was Hartz so cheap? That’s when I made the potentially life saving move of googling the brand. I stumbled across this website, and I immediately hosed Buddy off (I still feel sort of bad about that because the water was FREEZING and at very high pressure, and I gave him a good 15 minute shampoo/hose down) but boy am I glad that I did. After reading all the horror stories, it could have easily been my Buddy whose life was taken! Luckily the medicine must not have gotten too far into his bloodstream because he’s just as lively as ever. I decided to spend the extra money on Frontline Plus.

Please, do not consider Hartz for even a second. Though I have not experienced the horrors of it, I know someone who has. Invest in Frontline Plus. Yes it is more expensive, but trust me it’s worth it. Also, there are places where you can find it on sale. I have been buying mine on from a well known pet supplier, and I only pay $23.00 (regular is $69.00)

Thank you,, for potentially saving the life of my precious Buddy, and countless other fur babies. I am dearly sorry to all those who lost your pets due to Hartz. My heart goes out to you.

Thank you!

I recently picked up a package of the Hartz flea and tick drops at a local grocery store. I have a 5 year old White German Shepherd who happens to be allergic to fleas. Normally, we buy Frontline through our vets office; however, with money currently being tight I was unable to get it for her most recent dose. I started to notice her skin irritation was getting worse and spotted a few fleas on her so I wanted to get rid of them asap to help her ease the pain with her allergies. Luckily, before I put it on her I decided to do a little research (wondering why it is soooo cheap). I am so glad that all you have shared your stories which have now prevented me from poisoning my dog. I will be returning it tomorrow and will spend a little more on her normal type. The money is worth forking out to keep her safe. Thanks again to all you and I am very sorry for all of your losses.

Kitten almost didn’t make it!

I thought everyone already KNEW about the hartz tragedy’s but i was looking on another site and saw one of the hartz employees DEFENDING their product! So, here I am to tell my story. It was about a year ago, and money was super tight. I had a bad flea outbreak on my little dog and got him advantage (thank God). But then I realized my cat had fleas as well. I began to look for something cheaper than advantage.. and that is where it all goes wrong. I was at petco, and saw hartz for only a mere 20$ or so… and thought “WOW what a bargain!” So i went home and applied it to my cat, Kit’ten. ABout 25 minutes later, she came up to me as I was sitting at the table on my laptop, and began making the weirdest moaning sounds, started panting, and almost convulsing. I immediately ran her to the Emergency Vet, and they saved her life. They gave her a bath, and put her on iv’s to get the SH#T out of her system. They told me this was not the first time they have seen this, and to consider myself lucky for making it there on time. This is so wrong, and I don’t know how these people are still selling their mess of chemicals. This is animal abuse. They are killing our pets. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.

My kitty

Roughly a year ago I gave my cat who was only a year old at the time a Hartz flea and tick collar. I noticed about 2 days later the skin was completely raw and bleeding. I thought maybe I had the collar on to tight (even though I did check to see If it was to tight when I put it on) I loosened it and kept it on for a few more days. Over the next few days I noticed her entire neck was raw, bloody, and she was acting weird. I took the collar off and applied neosporin for about two weeks, her neck healed up. Until I stumbled across this website today and I never thought it was the collar that did this to my baby, so Thank You for the warning. I’ll never use any of the products again.

This site possibly saved my cats life.

I developed a small flea infestation, I believe from carrying a few into my 4th story downtown apartment. My 3 year old tabby, Muska, is an indoor cat and that is the only way I can think they came into my place. Anyway, I was in a panic when I woke up to him scratching uncontrollably the other morning and found a few in the carpet near his food. I immediately ran downstairs to CVS to stock up on products, I grabbed a pack of Hartz flea drops while there for 20 dollars. I applied them to him and about a half hour later was researching all of the products I bought online when I came across this site, I immediately stopped everything and drew a warm bath, soaking him completely and scrubbing the hell out of the area I had put the medication. I am so concerned of what might happen next, it has been 24 hours and he’s been eating fine, but kind of acting strange, twice I came home from work to check on him, and have found him hiding in my kitchen cupboards. He has seemed very sleepy ever since too. I gave him another bath today in case I missed any spot that I missed trying to get the medicine off of him. I can only imagine what kind of damage could have been done if I’d left it on him for longer.

I am absolutely furious about the availability of this product! In my effort to shop around and find good products to fight my problem, I have found these Hartz flea drops for dogs and cats in EVERY single store I have gone to! Kroger, CVS, Walgreens, Meijer, Wal-Mart, even hardware stores! I am going to do my part in saying thank you by making a statement at the CVS and Walgreens stores which are just outside the entrance to my apartments. I will make stickers that say “This product KILLS pets” and put them on every single box of this product in both stores.

I don’t have a lot of friends where I live being new in town. My cat is my only companion here and without him I would be so lonely and lost. It would break my heart if I lost him. He is more than just a pet, he is my family. I’ll be actively pursuing the absolute destruction of this product and the company that manufactures it. They will pay for putting my best friends life in danger.

Mia shouldn’t have died that way!

My mom’s cat was perfectly healthy when she decided to use Hartz flea treatment on her pets. The fleas weren’t bad this year and because of a theft she was running short on funds so Hartz seemed a viable option. Instead of helping with the fleas, it was toxic to her and threw her into anemia and then the parasites infested her frail body. The poison that this company sells to unsuspecting consumers needs to be stopped. I think a class action law suit could be the best avenue. I had to witness such a pretty girl die in a way that never should have occurred.

Hartz drops

Gave my 2yr old dog hartz drops for fleas and

ticks. This was early in the year. about a month

ago she started loosing all her hair. She started

biting at her skin trying to stop the iritation. She

has chewed her tail, her back and what ever

areas she can reach  badly. The rest of the

areas she scratches. Did not know this stuff

was so dangerous. Would like to know if there

is any recourse.