NOT just Hartz. DO NOT use Bio Guard shampoo made by Farnam!! We used this on our orange tabby and he was drooling & very sick within hours.

Bio Guard is a supposedly gentle shampoo for cats & dogs that will not wash off spot on treatments ( we use frontline plus) We gave our 1 1/2 yr old cat a bath with it and within hours he was so sick I thought he was going to die. He started with drooling then just got VERY weak & VERY unresponsive. He vomited & was not eating (still isn’t) or drinking. He is now trying to drink but not taking in hardly anything at all. I gave him a bath in Dawn after speaking with a vet asistant. He said NEVER use anything but Dawn dish liquid on a cat. I have thrown the bottle of shampoo away & am thankful I hadn’t used it on my 6 1/2 yr old boxer. Not sure if our kitty is gonna get better or not but we are praying that he does. I just wanted to bring this BIO GUARD to everyone’s attention as well.

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  1. Thank you Theresa. I believe he will but looks like it’s going to be a long drawn out process. It’s been 4 days & he’s still drooling & not acting like he feels very well at all

  2. I feel bad for your cat. I hope he gets better. I just looked up Bio Guard online. It’s not a Flea & Tick shampoo. It’s not even medicated. Does your cat have allergies? Could something else have caused his reaction? I go back and forth between Bio Spot and Adams and never had any problems.

  3. I looked it up as well. I think in some of these cases of reported illness, that it is not the product that caused it. I think with kittens though, any chemicals are bad. And, frankly, whoever said it ok to use Dawn dish soap is a little wrong. That stuff DRIES out their skin so badly, why would you use that. You could use any number of other dish soaps and get the same result, but less drying to the skin (both theirs and yours). I think that some of these posts are heartbreaking but I think that the methods indicated seem kinda wonky. Bio Guard cannot be blamed for anything because it is little more than a shampoo…not medicated at all. I am very sad about this because if something as innocuous as that is bad, but yet that horrible Dawn soap is ok, something is terribly wrong….terribly wrong.

  4. We have been using bioguard shampoo on our Westies for years. The oldest is 10 and the other is 7. There have been no signs of any problems and we love the gentleness of the product. I am not doubting your assertion, but I think it is an anomaly. I think it is possible that there is not a product on the market that there isn’t an animal that would have a reaction to. Just like humans. I think the warning should be looked at from this perspective. I do hope your cat gets better.

  5. I am so sorry about your cat. However we have used Farnham Bio Guard on our 9 year old dog for years. We’ve never had a problem and love the way it makes him smell. Perhaps your cat just didn’t like the smell. Our 15 year old cat does that sometimes when we put his flea and tick prevention on him. Cats are very particular about smells.

  6. I use bio guard on my 3 Chihuahuas for 10 years since they were puppies. No problems at all. In fact this is the only shampoo I can use in the that will not get them scratchy. This is an excellent product.

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