almost killed my cat

I gave Hartz flea drops to my cat last spring. He became lethargic, went into hiding in the closet, had difficulties breathing, was non responsive. He would not eat or drink. I googled “Hartz” and the FIRST page that popped up was this one, about the Hartz victims. I freaked out, I had no idea. We thoroughly washed the area where I had administered the drops and he slowly started coming back. After a long night of me holding his paw and monitoring him constantly he came around. I took him to the vet, switched to Revolution, and am plenty happy to pay the extra money and have a healthy happy cat. HARTZ KILLS.

Baby’s short life

I  got a 7 month old black female chihuahua mix from the Arizona pound on Aug,22nd. She was named Baby. I notice she had some ticks in her ears & between her toes on Aug,25th Saturday . I purchase Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick shampoo & washed  her 7pm that day according to directions. The next Sunday  morning Baby was twitching on & off. 3am Monday morning Baby was crying. While waiting til 7am to leave for the vet, Baby would cry, tremble & hold her head up high on & off. At the vet’s office, Baby had a seisure. Baby stayed at the vets til 5pm that Monday, while they observed, gave IV fluilds & meds. Vet said Baby was experiencing neurological problems that could be due to using the Hartz shampoo. Vet thought Baby was doing better so I could pick her up & to observe her. Later that night at 7:30pm Baby started to tremble , cry some & hold her head high again. The vet said to give her pain & muscel relaxor meds. Bring her to a 24 hour vet if necessary or to  them tomorrow morning. Baby was sleeping on a blanket on my bed so I could observe her. At 3am I notice Baby’s legs seemed to be paraylized & she looked to be suffering. My husband & I decided to bring her to 24 hour vet to put her asleep. We did not has thousands of dollars to spend on vet hospital care to see if she could survive this. I was so heart broken! Such a sweet dog & to have her for only 5 days just because I used that Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick shampoo.  I hope no one else experience this terrible ordeal with their beloved pet.


a week ago today we had to put our six year old Yorkie down, she had been in perfect health until I put hartz ultra guard  flea and tick drops on her. she refused to eat or drink, we took her to the vet  they said that it was a sever reaction to the drops.  over the next few days she got increasingly worse she couldn’t stand on her own and she started to get purple spots all over her body. we took her back to the vet they drew blood  and sent it out to a lab. the following day early in the morning I got a call to call the vet right away. what they told me was that Maranda was severely anemic that her immune system was destroying red blood cell and platelets they call another vet in town to get a second opinion and even called Hartz to ask for emergency help( from hartz no response ). we were told by our vet that our dog was slowly bleeding out that they could do a blood transfusion but that would not stop what had been started. after a long talk with my wife and two children we decided to put her down. it was the hardest decision that i have had to make in my life. My wife has cried everyday since….. we are looking for someway to get the word out there to everyone. get on a news show.. make a difference but lawyers will not help the law sees pest as property and nothing else. but to us who have them as part of our lives they are much more they are family and watching a four legged child suffer and die hurts just as much as loosing a two legged child


I bought Hartz Flea remover and put it on my cats neck and the next day his neck was going bald. that was it for me. I never used it again.


My dog almost died

I gave my dog a bath with Sergeant’s Skip-Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs. She started throwing up and having bowel movements and foaming at the mouth. She then started having a siezure lossing control of her kidneys and bowels. I sit and held her head to keep her from drowning on her own vomit and rubbed her foaming mouth with a wet wash rag. I did not read the label on this shampoo but I will now read all labels. It saids to keep out of reach of children. On back it saids hazards to humans and domestic animals. Me and my husband let her outside and sit with her and she took off walking up the hill and away from us. She would not come when we called. I came in to look on the computer to see what could be wrong with her and found this site. Me and my husband went out looking for her after I read that a vet had said to wash them in Dawn dish washing liquid and to rinse them good. We found her and brought her in and I got in the shower with her and washed her in dawn and rinsed and rinsed her. She is now laying in the floor by my husband. I hope and pray she will be alright. I have called a vets pager three times and have not received one call from them. She has not thrown up any more and seems calm. I pray she will not have any side effects from this. All shampoo has been thrown away. I will only give my dog a bath in dawn from now on and will try a home item for the fleas. They say to put make a few slices in a orange and rub it all over the dog outside because the fleas will jump off of it. Also to only use a leather collar and soak it in the orange juice and to repeat this when needed. Also when you let your dog out and as soon as it comes back in to use a lent roller and it will remove the fleas and ticks. I will try this but never anymore flea and tick medicine. All of these should be banned. It is killing our pets. Molly is my dogs name and I love her very much. She is part of our large family and loved very much by all of us. She has now walked over to me and is setting by my feet while I type this message. Please everyone pray she will be alright and that they will take this stuff off of the market.

my poor cat suzy

I also used this product and my cat has two giant spots on her neck where her hair has fallen out and is a wound from her scratching due to a reaction to this product. I have a SOCK TOP around her neck to discourage her from scratching it and further injuring her self. However the spots are NOT HEALING as quickly as they should this stuff is obviously VERY TOXIC and produces a LONG TERM SKIN CONDITION. I am very sad about this.

Thank heaven I found this site!

I went to Wal-Mart tonight to purchase Pet Armor flea treatment for our 4 indoor cats. We have previously purchased Frontline for our dogs and cats, but when we heard Pet Armor had the same ingredients, we thought we would try it and have been using it all summer. Suddenly it is unavailable at both Wal-Mart and SAMs .We have taken in roaming cats and had them spayed and neutered.Our indoor cats were injured or very young kittens when we found them. Frontline has become too expensive for our numerous pets. Out of desperation I picked up 2 boxes of Hartz Ultraguard Plus flea drops. I wondered how this treatment could be so much cheaper than even Pet Amor and still be good. I remembered years ago there was trouble with Hartz products, so I started looking for reviews and found this web site. I am so glad I did! I know the heartache of losing wonderful pets, family members and would not want to take even the slightest risk of making them sick or losing them. I am taking back the Hartz Ultraguard, calling the company, and warning people about everything I have read. Thank you, thank you! God bless you all.

Just in the Nick of Time

First of all, I am so thankful that I found this website. If I did not stumble upon this, I don’t know what condition my dog would be in right now.

For several months now, my family has been using Hartz on our family dog to no avail. Despite the fact that it was not working, we had to keep using it because of our financial standing, hoping that somehow it would become effective and the fleas that were making my dog miserable would die off. I happen to be one of the few blessed people whose dog survived this awful poison. My condolences to those who have been victimized by Hartz. Before I came upon this site, my dog–her name is Kalila–started to behave strangely. I first noticed her behavior when my mom pointed out that she was not eating her food. It seemed that she had lost her appetite completely. Even the treats she found irresistible became unappealing to her. She also becoming unresponsive to us. She is a dog that is easily excited, but she began to become very lethargic. In addition to that, she was constantly vomiting during the day and in the middle of the night. I would wake up to her whining and gagging, I would then have to rush her to the bathroom so she could vomit whatever was upsetting her stomach. I was very concerned, but we honestly could not afford a decent check up. It was not until I found this site–several weeks after the incident–that I finally realized what the problem was; it was Hartz. I thought that my dog’s behavior was due to food poisoning or some allergic reaction to something she encountered, but after reading the many stories and comparing Kalila’s symptoms with other symptoms of poor victimized dogs, I now understand.

We just used Hartz yesterday, but after finding this, I immediately washed my dog, even if it may have been too little too late I wanted to wash off whatever chemical that was still there. I am definitely letting my parents know, and now that I have a somewhat decent paying job, I will invest in flea preventives that are effective and NOT deadly to my dog. After all, she is family. I am so thankful I found this in the nick of time. Who knows what would happen to her if I didn’t..

It breaks my heart to know that I was ignorant of the dangers of this product, so Kalila had to suffer in a such a way, but now that I know I will spread the word.

My Poor Cat

I have a 6 month old female tabby kitten. I noticed that she had flea’s so I went to my nearest walmart to by flea treatment as I can’t afford to go to a vet. I read the box and found the right flea treatment. I put it on her as soon as I got home and didnt notice anything for a couple days other then her scratching at her neck, which i thought was due to the fleas. Then after about 3 days of her scratching I was petting her and noticed that a clump of fur fell off her neck into my hand. I took off her collar and was shocked  with what i found. My poor cat had a giant sore that was about 1 .5 inches wide by 4 inches long, that was oozing puss and blood. I cleaned it immediatly and put polysporin on it. I then got my boyfriend to look online for me to check out some reviews on the project and thats when we came across this site. I am completely disgusted that this product is even allowed to be sold in a store at all. It has been around since the 80’s and so has the horrible track record of animals getting sick and even some dying.  This is not okay… our animals should not have to suffer so that a company can make a quick buck. I will never use a Hartz product again.

NOT just Hartz. DO NOT use Bio Guard shampoo made by Farnam!! We used this on our orange tabby and he was drooling & very sick within hours.

Bio Guard is a supposedly gentle shampoo for cats & dogs that will not wash off spot on treatments ( we use frontline plus) We gave our 1 1/2 yr old cat a bath with it and within hours he was so sick I thought he was going to die. He started with drooling then just got VERY weak & VERY unresponsive. He vomited & was not eating (still isn’t) or drinking. He is now trying to drink but not taking in hardly anything at all. I gave him a bath in Dawn after speaking with a vet asistant. He said NEVER use anything but Dawn dish liquid on a cat. I have thrown the bottle of shampoo away & am thankful I hadn’t used it on my 6 1/2 yr old boxer. Not sure if our kitty is gonna get better or not but we are praying that he does. I just wanted to bring this BIO GUARD to everyone’s attention as well.