Dog almost died July 2012

Around the 4th of July my 9 year old 60# Beago became violently sick vomiting, bloody diarrhea, lethargic wouldn’t do anything but lay around the house. We really thought he was going to die. At first we just thought it was due to the fireworks every night and his old age but his diarrhea lasted for 10 days. Thinking of what may have caused him to be sick my husband mentioned he just gave him his flea drops prior to him being sick. I dismissed this notion since he has taken them for years. Thanks to a friend on fb who posted this website I found the real culprit. After i read the article I just screamed “Oh My God!” I could not believe a product that I trusted to keep my baby healthy almost killed him. I would rather have fleas in my house than a dead dog! Thanks Hartz! ūüôĀ

Wondering if this killed My Cat

8 weeks ago We had a cat we took in as a stray when we moved to our new house 3 years ago he looked to be a few years old he was in excellent health . He was an indoor / outdoor cat never had a problem with fleas but when he did we used a product from Wal- mart …..A few weeks before he died he had a massive problem with fleas and all that was sold at our local grocer was Hartz flea and tick spray for cats. We couldn’t get to Wal-mart so we bought the Hartz. Within 2 weeks he lost so much weight, wouldn’t eat just layed around and we thought ” he was just old ” or caught a cold , until I saw this site on Facebook I never imagined a well known flea product could possibly kill our cat. My husband is now blaming himself and saying he killed our cat. We had a container of flea and tick powder we used on our new kitten a few weeks ago and now I am wondering if she will be ok , this too was from Hartz I threw it away I want nothing to do with Hartz products ever again and will never recommend it to anyone I know. Our cat went from a healthy ” fat cat” to a bag of bones on the day he died. All within 2 weeks.

Hartz Ultraguard killed my dog

Duke and Lars are brothers, 3 yrs old, ivory labs. They are healthy and very good boys. Last weekend I purchased Hartz Ultraguard at Walmart – I thought I had bought it in the past, but now see that the last application was Hartz (no ultraguard on the label). The ingredients in these two Hartz products are different. The Ultraguard has a toxin that killed my dog, Duke. Lars threw up twice the day after the drops were applied. Duke stopped eating 5 days after the application and after 2 hrs on IVs, died of internal bleeding. My son had to shoot his dog because he was suffering so badly, and we do not have a night clinic in town. He burried him in the back yard at 2am. It was the worst nightmare I could ever experience. I would have paid anything to save my dear boy, Duke. Now Lars is lost without his brother – it is a pitiful thing that a healthy beautiful dog had to die because of a product that is not safe. How can we get this off of the shelf?

My baby is so sick

We used Hartz Ultraguard spray on our baby, Samba, Wednesday. My husband recently was laid off, we just do not have a lot of money and this is the first time she has ever had fleas. We did not know how bad it was.¬† I think we were lucky and we found this site before it had been on her for very long and after a few baths in Dawn we got it all off of her.¬† She is just not the same cat, and we are so scared.¬† She crashes into everything and her kitty grace is just gone.¬† She has become distant and she just stares into space. Every now and then we can get her to play but not for a long period of time.¬† We love her so much, we can’t have babies so she is our baby and the changes we can accept, we are just so terrified that it is the start of something so much worse and that she is going to get really sick or die. We talked to a vet and she said to keep an eye on her for a few days, but has no answers as to whether these changes are permanent or the onset of something terrible.¬† I called Hartz and they are sending me a refund, and the lady on the phone sounded like she was totally bothered. I asked her if she uses it on her pets and she would not answer me.

Kipper our 5 month old ACD puppy is having SEIZURES!

A month ago I applyed the first of the three month Hartz Ultra Guard for small dogs and puppies. No issues. Then a week ago I applied the 2nd treatment…now today at 1:00 he had a seizure, then another at 5:30, then again at 9:00 and just now another 1:16AM. I JUST a year ago put down my 24 year old English setter and can’t bare to think I’m going to lose Kipper already! And to think I did this to him! Now we live out in the middle of NO WHERE and I can’t get him to a vet until Monday! Will giving him a dawn bath help at all at this point???

My doggy almost died

About a month ago I bought Harte drops in the supermarket and it said it was for small dogs. When I went home It on him and about 3 hrs later he started having seizures and I gave him a good bath and got all better suprisingly


I used Hartz Flea & Tick on my 1 year old cat a week and a half ago, she stopped eating a week ago and spent 5 days at the Vet and he told me there was nothing more that he could do for her. Her red blood cells were being destroyed and after several tests he still could not confirm what was causing the problem. He put her to sleep today.  My tears have not stopped and now after finding out about these deadly flea drops I am sad to think I applied her death sentence myself.


Lexi is Gone

My medium size short hair sweetheart, Lexi, died yesterday.¬† I sprayed her with Sargeant’s Flea and Tick Spray less than a week ago.¬† She was older, so when she started walking funny, I though her hips were hurting.¬† From there she went rapidly down hill – she stopped eating, she had muscle tremors, diareaha and kidney shut-down.¬†¬† She died in my arms¬† from respiratory arrest – after her neurological system was completely compromised – unable to stand or coordinate, at all.¬† It was a very traumatic and alarming death for everyone.¬†¬† I did not find this site until it was too late.¬† Why are the precautions not listed in BOLD PRINT and symptoms of possible toxicity also noted by this company.¬† Thank goodness I thought to wash my own hands after using this product. ¬† Now I will forever wonder if I killed my dog or if I could have saved her by giving her a bath.¬† P.S.¬† The spray did not even work to “prevent” further infestation for up to a month – she still had fleas on her when she died.

large mix breed limping, coughing, vomiting and more.

I purchased Hartz Ultra Guard Pro for my large mixed breed dog, Ginger and my cats, Louie and Sophie last week on July 16, 2012. I know I didn’t apply it right away; I must have waited a couple of days or the weekend before applying this product but I noticed a day or two after applying it that Ginger was limping and seemed like she just did not feel good. She’s been very lethargic, intermittent coughing like kennel cough, vomited once, limping like she can hardly move, and she seems very unsteady on her feet, and it seemed as though she had lost her appetite although she was still eating but in small amounts. She is still drinking water, but ¬†not as much as it seemed like she should be drinking. This evening I came upon this website¬†¬†after doing a search online; plus I didn’t really start putting the pieces together until today while I was working from home (July 24). I thought she had sprained her ankle or something so I tried giving her an Advil tablet with food, but as soon as it wore off, she was back to limping really badly and even seemed unsteady in many ways almost like she was having hip problems or something. When I first did my search online with her symptoms (coughing, limping, unsteadiness, vomiting, etc) it looked like she might have been poisoned. Tonight, July 24 after researching the Hartz Ultra Guard Pro¬†product that I purchased, I was SHOCKED to read that so many other people had experienced the same or similar issues with their animals. I can’t believe they run commercials for this product on TV but the first red flag for me should have been what I read on the back of the box, “Environmental Hazards: This product is toxic to fish.” Immediately I took my dog outside and did exactly what¬†recommended which was washing her with Dawn where the product was applied. I scrubbed her twice because she has a really thick coat and it repels water like a Labradors coat.

This is unbelievable!!! I’ve been typing my post and literally I toweled dried her off about an hour ago. Ginger came to the back door and wanted to come back inside. As I was letting her in, I noticed she was not limping and she seemed to have perked up! …Also she just ate a whole bowl of dog food!¬†I will never use their products EVER again!!! Clearly Ginger’s thick fur must have given her some protection against this awful product! I’ll have to wait and see how she is the rest of the week and determine if we should go to the Vet. I never imagined that anything could cause such an adverse reaction to an animal. And thank God I never applied it to my cats…I can only imagine the reaction they would have had since they are smaller animals. Hartz should be sued for their poisonous products!!