Sergeant’s Flea & Tick should be taken off store shelves!!!

I’ve always used dietary additives to help combat fleas and ticks, along with yard maintenance and regular bathing.  This year, I adopted my first primarily indoor dog, a Miniature Pinscher named Bella.  This little girl quickly became an adored member of the family!  Fleas and ticks hadn’t become a problem, but as an added preventative measure this spring, I purchased Sergeant’s Flea & Tick squeeze on.  The package specified that the product was safe for dogs 33lbs and under, so I assumed it would be safe for my Bella.  The directions said to use an ENTIRE TUBE on her, but I feared possible side effects (as I do with any medication), so I only applied 1/2 the tube.  Within 24 hours, I began to notice that Bella was sleeping, ALOT.  For a Min Pin, this is not normal, at all.  I decided to watch her closely for a day or two, thinking that she may just be adjusting to the heat.  After 3 days, I contacted my vet, who advised me that some lethargy was not unusual after the first application of flea and tick medication.  It took about a week for Bella to get back to normal.  During that week, I noticed Bella scratching at her collar quite a bit also, then a small sore appeared.  I assumed the collar had irritated her, so I removed it and got her a harness.  The sore continued to get bigger for several days, eventually being the size of a quarter at its largest.  It has now been more than a month, the sore has been healing, but still is about the size of a dime.  It is still painful for her if you touch it, and I believe there will be a small scar when it does heal completely.  It infuriates me that, since I’ve discovered this site, this problem has OBVIOUSLY been known for some time.  Something NEEDS to be done immediately, before another unsuspecting pet parent inadvertently injures their loved one!

this crap killed my cat

Wednesday my wife and I put this crappy they call tick and flea med on our to cat as we did the last time we were up for awhile then went to bed my wife called me at work and told me sumin is wrong with our two cats my oldest boy cat named patches was very sick and hardly moved and my lil autistic sons cat stonewall was starting to act the same way she called the vet they told her to was in dawn dish soap and she did but wasn’t helping she to both in and patches didn’t make it stonewall is alil hes still having sum siezures and his back legs r very soar my boys are having a hard time with losing patches I’m very very upset this crap should be feed to the ones tht made it my wife is tryin to find a good lawyer I feel so sorry for animals tht have been throw this as well as their owners

Hartz hurt our cats – WHY is this even being sold :(

I bought Hartz flea and tick drops from our local Target and within 24 hrs. They were vomiting, had lots of hair loss with bald rash spots on their necks, and loss of coordination in our 2 older cats. I immediately went looking online for answers/options and found this website.

My husband and I proceeded to bathe all of our cats in hopes to remove the poison off them, but it is still touch and go, especially with our 2 older cats (both 15+) we are very scared for them and can only hope we caught it in time…I don’t even wanna think about if we didn’t.

I CANNOT believe this product is still being sold after what it does to our pets. To read the stories on hear and feel the heartbreak of others from their loss fills me with more angry and I am scared for our cats. This should be taken off the market for good!!

My cat died because of this

My cat Lil Mo died suddenly on May 23 of this year for weeks me and my husband tried desperately to figure out why and what had caused his death it wasn’t until today when I seen the recall posted on a friends facebook page and started reading some of the stories on here that I realized what the cause was. Two days before he died me and my husband bathed both of our cats and afterwards treated them with the flea and tick treatment from Hartz two days later I watched my cat suffer so bad the night of his death because he wasn’t able to breathe, gasping for air, and within a matter of minutes he was gone. This company should be shut down because clearly they did not take the time to research and test their products like they should have. My cat was my best friend and companion it breaks my heart everyday knowing he is no longer with us and now after reading the stories and knowing that this could have been prevented it makes me sick to my stomach. I pray to God this company is shut down and the products are pulled from the shelves because no pet owner should have to watch they’re pet suffer like I had to.

my rocky dog suffered

ok just to let you know it wasnt from hartz brand but mine was from the adams brand flea and tick mist. i put it on my dog the next day he went into complete seizures and then muscle tremors took him to th vet and they couldnt stop them and my only chose was to put him down :(. he was a 1.5 year old boxer. we are all devastated to this all!

Please stop blaming each other..!!!

I’m very sad when I read pet owner’s stories of how their ‘babies’ suffered and died at the hands of what should have been a harmless flea treatment..   I’m stunned when I read hateful and judgmental comments to those people, accusing them of killing their own pets or questioning why they didn’t do more or do it sooner, etc…  Thankfully, I have not been on the receiving end of any criticism but it’s horrifying to me that we keep hurting each other with blame and accusations.  Unless you’ve been in the EXACT situation someone was in, you have no right to blame or criticize.  We all do the best we know how to do in any situation.  Sometimes it’s effective, sometimes it’s not but we do the best we can.  Sometimes, no matter what length we go to in trying to save our pets it’s still not enough.  I couldn’t get my cat to the vet right away because my car wouldn’t start and I live in a very rural area.  It was 3:00 am and I simply didn’t have anyone to call for help.  Looking back, I suppose I could’ve tried to find a cab but I was in such a panic that I didn’t even think of that option.  I refuse to allow anyone to criticize me for that.  I did the best I could with what I had at the time.  No one was there that night but me, so no one will ‘tell’ me anything about what I could’ve, should’ve, would’ve done.  Please stop hurting each other even more than we’ve already suffered.  No one wants their pets to die and most especially, to die in such a horrible way as the Hartz Company is causing.  We need to support and encourage each other – not add insult to injury.  Please.

My cat almost died because of Hartz Flea Treatment

I used Hartz flea drops on my cat, Hobo and within four or five hours, he was gasping and struggling to breathe. It was horrible. I didn’t think he would make it to the vet’s office. My vet said they’ve seen many animals become so sick they died because of this product. I contacted the Hartz company and they acted as if they’d never heard of such a thing happening. They suggested that Hobo must’ve gotten into some sort of household chemical. He’s okay now, but I will NEVER use another Hartz product, including toys and other products, again. I was stunned when I saw this website on facebook. I can’t believe this company is still allowed to injure and kill animals…

Another Cat Poisoned

My cat was poisoned last night after I washed her with Hartz Gold Flea and Tick treatment I’d bought at Target. I called the emergency vet clinic when I noticed she was having trouble walking and felt her hit her head on the metal bars under my bed. Following their directions, I washed her again wit dish soap, but she was still in bad shape, so I had to take her into the clinic. Nearly $200 later, she’s home, slow moving from the fluids and muscle relaxers, tired, and still has fleas.

The vet told me about lack of regulations in this industry and I’m even more disgusted at the greed of corporations, willing to kill innocent animals at the prospect at making a buck. I’m contacting the Consumer Protection Agency about this and other deadly products, and I encourage everyone reading this to do the same. Even a phone call with a simple statement will make an impact.


Fed regularly to pets, coconut oil may have multiple benefits:

Skin Conditions

  • Clears up skin conditions such as eczema, flea allergies, contact dermatitis,and itchy skin
  • Reduces allergic reactions and improves skin health
  • Makes coats become sleek and glossy, and deodorizes doggy odor
  • Prevents and treats yeast and fungal infections, including candida
  • Disinfects cuts and promotes wound healing
  • Applied topically, promotes the healing of cuts, wounds, hot spots, dry skin and hair, bites and stings


  • Improves digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Aids healing of digestive disorders like inflammatory bowel syndrome and colitis
  • Reduces or eliminates bad breath in dogs
  • Aids in elimination of hairballs and coughing

Immune System, Metabolic function, Bone Health

  • Contains powerful antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal agents that prevent infection and disease
  • Regulates and balance insulin and promotes normal thyroid function
  • Helps prevent or control diabetes
  • Helps reduce weight, increases energy
  • Aids in arthritis or ligament problems

 Make a flea collar.
Take the pet’s collar and put on drops of eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil , citronella, lavender, or geranium. This will need to be done weekly..
Note!: Do not use essential oils on cats! While cats are extremely sensitive to eucalyptus and tea tree oils, a cat’s ability to metabolize any essential oils inhaled, ingested or absorbed through skin is considered to be weak and there is always a risk of overloading a cat’s system.

Sergeant’s Gold and Hartz Flea and Tick

What a night.  First off, my 2 year old 28 lb wire-haired doxy terrier mix is sensitive to meds and foods.  Last year he was fine with flea spot treatment.  This year I first put a Hartz spot flea item on him and he ended up going nutsy and frothed at the mouth.  Luckily it stopped in a couple hours or I would have been off to the vet.  So…..this month I decided to try something different.  I read the labels and chose Sergeant’s Gold because it had different chemicals.  I decided to get the puppy one for small dogs (thank heavens) and I only put 1/2 a tube on my dog’s back.  Almost immediately he started running around outside and rolling on the grass trying to wipe it off.  After a little bit, I decided I’d better wash it off.  I used dog shampoo which was wrong I later found out.  Supposed to have used dish soap but they say nothing about these things on the box.  B-2 (my dog) was miserable all night biting at himself and crying and not being able to move without pain. First thing in morning I called vet and made an early appointment.  I also bathed him twice. They said call Sergeant’s emergency phone number also which I did.  Cut fur off, and soak his back with Vitamin E oil and cold packs.  The Vitamin E oil works right away, thank heavens.  Forget the cold packs cause that seems to hurt.  I did cancel the vet and unless we don’t continue to improve, I’ll take him in but my dog is also frightened in the car so an unnecessary car trip is not a good thing.  Turns out, this happens all the time. They told me, what was happening is the skin is inflamed and the dog is experiencing pins and needles every time he moves and even when he’s not. Poor thing.  Unfortunately we don’t read these posts before we use some products.  Sure wish I had.