Cat not doing well at all :-(

Need prayers going out for my cat, Jaws isn’t doing well, and it is all because we put a Hartz Flea Collar on him and 3 weeks later he is drooling nonstop, doesn’t eat alot or drink alot, and he sleeps in the corner of the kitchen by our refrigerator. When he lifts his head up after sleeping along time his face seems to stick to the floor because of all of his drool, and now there is a little bit of blood involved. Not looking good at all ūüôĀ


It is incredible that they are still selling that stuff after all this death. They are a killer. Somebody please do something!!!!

Hartz ultra guard flea and tick is scary stuff

Well on Friday around 2pm I noticed some fleas on my cat Walter . So me and my GF put half a dose on my cat ¬†She seemed fine . Till the next¬†morning ,¬†she was laying in the hallway not moving and her face was twitching . I¬†immediately¬†hopped on the computer and found this site I thought she was a goner . I washed this horrible product off and prayed that my awesome cat would pull threw . She¬†wouldn’t¬†eat¬†wouldn’t¬†move ¬†looked¬†miserable . We had to feed and give her water with a baby syringe¬†¬†for four days in a row¬†and shes finally back to normal . It was four days of hell . I hope my story gives some people some hope that their animals can pull threw this poisoning flea¬†medicine ,and yes my girl cats named Walter .

Horrifying experience! Still scared to death!

I used Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Flea and Tick Spray for Cats on my cat Bella yesterday morning before work. She is a two year old perfectly healthy active kitty. When I came home around 3pm, she was hiding in my room and very lethargic. Immediately thinking of the flea spray, I took her and bathed her. After I dried and combed her I started looking online and came across all of this and other horrific stories. Scares me to death! I hardly slept last night; she seemed to perk up a bit after the baths (I bathed her again with the dish soap after I found out all of this stuff), and I made sure she had plenty of water last night that I had to administer with a syringe. She was not strong enough to even get up, let alone go drink some water. As of now she is still not as active as she usually is, but for the moment (with the vets advice) we’re just keeping an eye on her to see if she has any more symptoms. No tremors or seizing…but I see stories where it takes days to happen! All I have to say is this is a horrible thing to go through, and I feel so sorry for everyone who has lost a pet this way. Truly horrific. I’m hoping Bella will be ok. Hard to think trying to help her almost killed her. I wish I would have researched this before instead of after. ūüôĀ

Our cat was dead in 6 hours

He died today,bless his little heart.If only i had known it was toxic.I got a nebule of flea medication from my girlfriend and applied it to his upper back,but he was able to reach it with his tongue….my mistake((…now hes gone…6 hours later.The vet tried to save him but to no avail.His name was Tac and he was almost two years old.We will miss him dearly….we re in shock,don’t let this happen to you.

Hartz flea drops killed both my dogs!

We had two shih tzu dogs, Butter was 10 and Apple was 5, and they were both healthy. We live on the water and the fleas here in Florida are horrible! My husband had lost his job so we were not able to buy frontline or any other good named brand flea meds. So my husband picked up a three pack of the hartz flea medicine for a month until we got back on our feet! Butter was our first baby we got him a month after getting married and he traveled across country with us while my husband served in the navy. So Butter was always there to keep me company!
When we put the flea meds on him he was gone in a week. He became very thirsty and stopped eating. Within three days he stopped being able to pee. On the fifth day in the morning he seemed happy and was begging for a treat before we left, and I thought he was getting better. We were gone for about three hours and when we came home I found him laying on the flood almost lifeless breathing very slowly. I noticed he was covered in fleas so I gave him a bath and wrapped him in a blanket. About an hour after this he pooped all over him self so I had to clean him up again. Then I laid him in his bed and watched him for a while. We decided we needed to take showers and get ready for bed. When I went to check on him he was gone! I wrapped him in a blanket and rocked him while sobbing my eyes out while my husband dug his grave. I had to wake up my boys they were 7 and 8 so they could say good bye. That had to be one of my hardest days! It was April 10th 2011.
A week after Butter was gone Apple started having seizures! She had at least one a day for a year. At first after she had one she seemed okay and went about her day. Although it was so scary to watch her have them, she would just fall over and start yelping! This would last any where from 5 seconds to a minute, and we were helpless while this was going on all we could do was pet her and try to get her going after this. Over the year you could tell it was wearing on her brain and she got more confused as time went by. In the middle of March she wasn’t eating much anymore and would just sit and stare off into space, I don’t think she even knew what was going on anymore. The seizures were lasting about 2 minutes now on a bad day. The first week of April she became very thirsty and stopped eating just like Butter. On April 7th she was not well and lost so much weight she was almost just bone. I had to go the the ER and when we came homeat 1am¬†I found her on the floor in a position that was very odd, her neck was broken! She seized so hard that she broke her own neck, and she was barley breathing! I knew the vet wouldn’t be able to help at this point! So I found her blanket and picked her up as carefully as I could and sat with her in the rocker and held on to her while she took her last breaths in my arms! So on Easter of 2012 she died in my arms most likely very painfully!
This product should be taken off the selves and people should be heard about how painful it is to lose a family member and watch them suffer! I didn’t lose one dog I lost both! The worst part is that my children had to watch her suffer as well and little boys should not have to ever watch that! There was nothing our vet could do but say they were sorry and the could put her down, but when they offered that she was still playful. It was only the last week when she stopped eating and I knew she would be gone. So thanks to hartz both of my babies were gone within a year!

Leaving stickers on Flea Products

As much as it may sound like a good idea to print up a small warning on a sticker, putting that sticker on a product can be considered to be ‘product tampering ‘, which is illegal and can land you in jail.
You can legally leave a warning flyer on a display stand. Be smart when your fighting back and keep spreading the word!!

Hartz Ultra Guard drops

Via email from Kara:

“Hello, I wanted to share our story with you.¬† Our puppy is a very lucky survivor of Hartz products.¬† Here is his story:

Our 12 week old min pin/toy poodle puppy is a VERY lucky survivor of Hartz. On May 7th I applied Hartz Ultra Guard drops on the advice of a family member who we got our puppy from (it is what she uses on her dogs, not anymore!). I followed the directions on the package, as he was over 4 pounds and 12 weeks old, and I only used HALF of a vial!

Exactly 24 hours after I applied the product, on May 8th, he started having seizures. An hour after they started he had no control over his body and was paralyzed in his back legs. His seizures were severe and violent, and while they waxed and waned in how spaced apart they are, most of the time they were 1-2 minutes apart (lasting about 30 seconds). He had them for 12 hours straight. He also lost control of his bladder, and was completely unresponsive the whole time minus a period in the middle for about an hour.

We thought he was going to die about 4 times because he wasn’t breathing well. Thankfully he was given enough drugs to break the seizures, and he had no liver or kidney damage. We still weren’t sure if he would have any lasting neurological effects because at this point he was still partially paralyzed. After sleeping for 8 hours, he woke up and sat up!!¬†¬†¬†He started out really unsteady and wobbly, but little by little he grew stronger and steadier. By last night on May 9th, he was playing again and getting back to his normal self.

When my husband tried calling Hartz to talk to them about it, he got a scripted response about our vet doing an autopsy on our dog and if they could PROVE their product is what killed him, then MAYBE they would reimburse us for our¬†vet bills. When my husband then got upset (NOT rude or mean, simply upset as our puppy that we were already bonded to was suffering b/c of their product) THEY HUNG UP ON HIM! When he called back, they transferred him to a “vet” in their poison control line, and she was surprised our dog was still alive.

They were extremely rude, and proved that they know their products have this effect on pets, but they don’t care.We are so thankful that he survived, and so far has no lasting effect of his ordeal.¬† We are doing our best to spread the word about how bad Hartz products are.”

Hartz: Put warnings on products petition

I have stated a petition to get Hartz to put a warning on their products. please go to the link and sigh the petition
Thank you

Save your pet not money

Fleas are bad here in North Texas but my daughters cat died after a Hartz flea bath and a friend of mine in San Antonio lost their cat too. Pass the word on to everyone you know. Do not use Hartz