I hate Hartz

Sent via email from Kami:

“I recently used hartz flea and tic drops on my dog when he began to act funny and would not settle down. He started to itch his Back continuously and when I looked I was shocked to see under his fur was bright red. After the vet shaved him we were shocked to see what this poison had done. It’s so sad this cruel company puts these animals thru so much pain and discomfort(sometimes death) just to make a buck. How is this still legal to sell after all that I have read about it?”

Please read….

I only wish i knew about this site before I bought the Hartz flea and tick shampoo. A couple days ago I notice my dog was scratching more than usual. Turns out he had gotten some fleas. I washed him in the shampoo and after that he seemed just fine. My pup was a 5 month old rat terroir/ bull dog mix. The next day I notice he was not acting the same, and he wouldn’t eat. Later on I notice he had diarrhea and he started vomiting. I had no clue what to do besides keep him hydrated. Note I’m only 18 and haven’t had much experience with pets on my own. With the way things were going I couldn’t afford to take him to the vet. Today I notice he would wag his tail as I talked to him and I thought he was going to get better. I had him laying  next to me under the blankets as I layed down to take a nap. When I woke up my heart was broken. My best friend was gone.  I desperately wish someone would of warn me of what the Hartz brand has been doing to so many companions. Never again will I buy any of their products. I hope by posting this, it will save a pets life. R.I.P Peanut<3

Almost lost my kitten

About 3 years ago my hubby and I got a gorgeous little Snowshoe kitten. Since we had a dog in the house already and my hubby is very allergic to fleas, we decided to get some fleas drops for her when she was old enough. A couple of weeks later I went to the pet store and got her some Hartz drops. Bad idea I was to find out. We put the drops on her exactly like the directions had said. About 15 minutes later she started screaming. Not meowing loudly, but screaming. I picked her up and her skin was hot where I’d put the drops on. I yelled to my hubby to bring me the Dawn dish soap (I figured since they used it on penguins, it might work on her). I ran to the bathroom and filled the bathtub. The second she hit the water and it washed over her sholders, she started a really pitiful mewing. When I poured (literally poured) the dish soap on her she went limp. I scrubbed her until I was sure there was nothing left on her and then ran more water over her. Finally, I took her out the bath, wrapped her up in a towel, covered her in a blanket (since it was winter) and curled up with her on the couch. I slept with her curled up on my chest the whole night to make sure she was okay. Seeing the pictures on the site makes me so thankful that it didn’t get worse.

Thank you for reading my little story. I hope everyone’s pets are okay.

Stomach is in knots…

Right now, I am too terrified to do anything but read this blog and watch my cats with tears in my eyes and a sinking feeling in my stomach. Midna and Sheik are 5-year-old, robust, happy-go-lucky cats I adopted as kittens. They are strictly indoor cats, and always have been; I’ve never had occasion to use tick or flea products until recently.

My husband and I moved to a new home with a screened porch in February. In the past few weeks, I’ve started letting the cats out on the porch, and they love it. When I noticed two small, flat, shiny bugs under Sheik’s fur, I guessed that they might be fleas, and an Internet search confirmed my suspicions. On my next trip to the grocery store (because, as an indoor cat person, I’d never discussed fleas with my vet to even know that better products exist), I picked up Hartz UltraGuard Plus for cats weighing five pounds or more, as both of mine weigh about 12.

Last night, at about 11:30 p.m., I put one container of the drops onto the skin on the neck of each cat, per the directions. At work today, I decided to look up the product and see how long I could expect to wait before the fleas died. I found this site and, utterly devastated at what I’d done to my best friends, drove straight home.

Neither cat greeted me at the door, which was odd, and I soon found Midna walking around, looking dazed and shaking her back feet behind her like they were wet. Horrified, I grabbed her first and bathed her the best I could – these cats do NOT do baths, and are very strong and agile for one person to try to bathe.  I scrubbed as much of her as I could with Dawn and lukewarm water. I called the vet, who advised me to bathe them if I hadn’t already and bring them in if either one developed more serious symptoms. Both were eating and talking fairly normally.

Hours later, both cats are extremely lethargic.Midna is lying next to me with her inner eyelids half shut and the tip of her tongue sticking out between her teeth. Sheik doesn’t seem more ruffled than she would be on any other day she was given a bath and a pill (they got Capstar). Midna is scaring the daylights out of me, though. She ate treats about an hour ago, but at about a quarter her normal speed, and they kept falling out of her mouth. She licked her lips for about five minutes straight afterward.  I set her on the ground, and she meowed pitifully and then jumped even more pitifully back onto the couch before promptly going back to sleep. The tremors aren’t happening now – only when she walks, which she hasn’t done in several hours.

Of course now the vet is closed, and the nearest emergency vet is an hour and a half away. A car ride nearly kills Midna on a good day… I’m honestly not sure she could handle it right now.  Fortunately, cost is not really a problem, but I just want to do the right thing for her. What’s the tipping point where I put an extremely car averse cat who’s already unwell in the car for a long ride? 🙁  How long until we’re out of the woods as far as new symptoms appearing or current ones worsening?

Hartz DeWormer Paste

April 25, 2012
About a month ago, we gave our 9 year old cat Hartz dewromer paste and since then he’s been suffering from kidney failure. We have him on medicine for his appetite and for acid control. Plus we are giving him fluids through an IV bag to help him stay hydrated. I am so devastated that we will have to put our cat to sleep. This stuff ruins lives.

Hartz product in Ukraine- flea and tick protection


I have a young laika dog aged 8 months. I recently bought in a shop a flea and tick protector from Hartz. I put the product as was mentioned in the product user’s guide. Now after 3 days I see that the fur of my dog seems fading from white to gray and at the place where I did put the product ( two tracks ) from the shoulders blade to the tail as the user’s guide  mentioned also there are now two dark lines . I cannot understand where this grey and dark color comes from. It looks like dust on the structure of the hair?

I have been looking for feedback about Hartz products and found this website. I must say I am horrified reading the stories so far and I can only pray that the effects on my dog will disappear.

The chemical product they use which is Phenotrin seems to act as a poison ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phenothrin ) .The story of Hartz seems to be well-known in the USA but nobody in Europe have ever heard about it.


Could it be possible that Hartz products have such effects on animals? If so why is this company still allowed to sell the products ? It seems completly absurd and crazy. I especially bought the Hartz product since in my eye US products are better that Eu products!

If the fur is still looking gray I will go to see the vet but here in Ukraine they haven’t big means.However I will thouroughly wash my dog before.

Zodiac Flea and Tick Shampoo for Dogs and Cats made by Hartz

My name is Lynda and I wanted to try to get the word out to small dog owners and cat owners. I purchased this product from PetSmart on April 14, 2012. I bathed my 2 chihuahuas with it on April 21, 2012. My male chihuahua threw up and was fine afterwards. However, my female did not throw up but was acting like she had an upset stomach. I tried to get her to eat and she wouldn’t. I tried to give her her favorite treat and she wanted nothing to do with it. I finally was able to get her to eat a couple of very small pieces of cheese, I thought it might help settle her stomach. The dogs went to bed that night as usual about 9:30 pm. I awoke on the 22nd at 7:30 am to find my female chihuahua comatose. My neighbor and I rushed her to her vet. He immediately started IV’s on her when he heard what I had bathed her with. 5 hrs. later she died. The vet tried cpr on her to no avail. I do not understand why any company is allowed to continue selling products that are causing deaths to animals. Even if it just makes them sick it should be taken off the market. I want as many people as possible to know about what happened to my Lila. If just one other person changes their mind about using this product, then Lilas death will not be in vain.

Hartz Ultra Guard Plus flea and tick collar and drops for cats is unsafe products.

As it is flea/tick season I went out and purchased two Hartz products which I thought would protect my pet. Unfortunately, rather than protecting it caused him harm. I arrived home from work on Friday and noticed chunks of white hair all over my apartment. I immediately found him and checked him out. To my surprise who would have thought that the Flea collar burned his hair off!!
Thank god, I immediately removed the collar off of him. I than returned the Hartz product back at the store which I purchased it from. The store personnel say that they have never had any other customers have this issue. I have called and left a detailed message with Hartz and Pet Value head office regarding the product and the damage it has caused. Some people may think its silly to be heart broken, but I love my pet, my stomach is truly turned and i feel so bad for him. He probably thinks I put that darn thing on him to punish him…
In doing research on this product over the weekend there been tons of customers who have had the same thing happen to them going back to 2000. In addition, my vet says that they have had many cases come in regarding Hartz Flea/tick products burning the hair and skin on cats and dogs. I truly cant believe that this product could still be on the shelves or the active chemical is not banned yet. Many of the pet owners stated that Hartz continuously places the blame on the owners for improper use of the product. Very Sad…..Isn’t there something we can do to get this known chemical banned? Is anyone looking out for us and our pets?

Not only is Hartz bad

Pet Armor made my cats loose hair bad im havin to apply some really stinky stuff to get the hair to grow back. Bio spot is another harzad to pets. My vet told me to only get advantage or frotnline.

I almost became a victim

I am a victim of Pet Armor already they finally agreed to give me my money abck but I almost made the mistake of gettin this for my pets. Pet Armor made 5 cats loose hair. ages 1 2 7 10 and the youngest wont be a year til may 26 hes the worst. These over the counter meds shouldbe taken off